Raising Awareness About Canned Hunting


15/03/2014 by AndreaUrbanFox


A Sport That Is Bringing About Extinction

There is a global effort to raise awareness about a sport that is reducing the global population of many species to the brink of extinction, especially the lions and tigers. Canned hunting or trophy hunting facilities offer their customers the opportunity to kill exotic and native animals trapped within enclosures. Although many hunters and hunting groups are opposed to canned hunting or trophy hunting, there are no international laws prohibiting it. Many people have no idea that these heinous acts are taking place.

lion farm

Eco-Tourism That Kills

Many unsuspecting tourists and travelers pay top dollar for the opportunity to work with wildlife with an understanding that the animals they come in contact will be cared for and protected. The unfortunate reality is that many of the babies are actually sold to wild game farms where they will be killed by a trophy hunter for sport.

A Father’s Pride

A Father’s Pride by William Payne, paints a very realistic story of how the economic climate can dictate the unconscionable decisions of many people as lions, which are on the verge of extinction are killed. It is an excellent book for young people to read so that they can understand why we need to protect wildlife and have a global ban on canned hunting.

“In the South African town of Anga, William and his father live on a farm that is different to most others. Their farm is a maze of some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife. When a rare lion cub is born on the farm, William and his father cannot believe their luck. However, it is not long before William discovers that the farm holds a terrible secret, and he is forced to try and save everything that he holds dear before it becomes too late.”- A Father’s Pride.

For every book sold, 10% of the profits will go to LionAid.org, which is one of the most amazing lion advocacy organizations in the world that truly fights for the protection of lions. Please click the image of the book to purchase your copy!

A global ban on tiger bone sales has traders hunting a new prize — the majestic lions. Lions are farmed under appalling conditions in South Africa for “canned hunting”, where rich tourists pay thousands to shoot them through fences. Now experts say lion bones from these killing farms are being exported to phony ‘medicine’ makers in Asia for record profits. Trade is exploding and experts fear that as prices rise, even wild lions — with only 20,000 left in Africa — will come under poaching attack.

If we can show President Zuma that this brutal trade is hurting South Africa’s image as a tourist destination, he could ban the trade in lion bones. Avaaz is taking out strong ads in airports, tourism websites and magazines, but we urgently need 1 million petition signers to give the ads their force. Sign the petition by clicking HERE

SOURCE http://www.theorganicview.com/environment/a-fathers-pride-raising-awareness-about-canned-hunting/

canned hunting 2

It’s twilight in South Africa when a young lion is released from an enclosure that has been his home for most of his life. He is separated from his companions and confused. The man who has fed him since he was separated from his mother — when he was barely able to run — is now scaring him away. Why? He decides he must go and soon he finds himself alone in the bush. The scent of a human he is certain he has never met before is in the air. Who is the stranger? He begins to panic and turns to run when he hears the first clear hiss rip the winter’s air. The arrow pierces his side and he roars in agony. He stumbles forward against the searing pain, before a second and then a third arrow bring him down. He falls. Before he dies, he sees the African sky rage in a thousand shades of fire as the orange sun is swallowed by Earth.

The canned hunting industry in South Africa is one of the cruelest businesses on the planet. South African lion farmers have taken our majestic lion and turned it into living targets for hunters, who think that they have the right to torture and destroy for fun. The agony of an animal shot multiple times with bullets or arrows has to be witnessed to be fully understood.

Hunters call themselves conservationists. To conserve means to preserve — not destroy. And making matters worse, hunters go against natural selection by killing the biggest and the strongest animals, thus weakening the overall population. Is this conservation? I don’t think so.

Wanton cruelty to animals is offensive to compassionate people all around the world. The trophy hunting industry’s whole business model consists of an endless cycle of routine abuse of helpless animals. Cubs are ripped away from their mothers at birth. They are then exploitively used as an attraction to thousands of tourists who pet and have their photograph taken with them. When the lions are too old for that, they eventually are hunted by tourists and suffer an early and violent death. This is not farming or hunting. This is a sick business which must be stopped.

Christine Jordaan, a single mom from Durban, South Africa, conceived the idea of a global march for lions, in order to raise awareness of the ugliness of lion farming in South Africa.

In her plea on behalf of the lions, she writes:

“I like to think that most people have good hearts. We desperately need for these people to stop looking the other way, to unblock their minds to the screams of the animals. The animals cannot vote for a system that is fair to them. They are relying completely and utterly on the compassion and integrity of the human species. If people would still their minds for a second, close their eyes, shut out the deliberate stimulation of the over-consumption culture we have engineered… and imagine the world through the consciousness of the animals… bred to be shot for fun, eaten, worn, for entertainment. Living in pain and misery then dying an agonizing death.


Write to the S.A. Government to end this industry. All S.A. conservation authorities emails can be found here. http://www.cannedlion.org/global-march.html

Inform tourism agencies in your town why they should only send their clients to ethical locations.
Write to S.A. Embassies/Consulates in your country asking them to end this industry.

Do not engage in cub petting.
Do not engage in lion walking.
Do not volunteer to take care of lion cubs.
Do not volunteer to take care of lion cubs.
Seek celebrity action to raise awareness of the SA canned hunting industry.
Spread the word of what is happening to our wildlife heritage on social media.

SOURCE https://www.thedodo.com/community/cach/global-march-for-lions-to-stop-459398654.html?xrs=RebelMouse_tw

Canned hunt definitionhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canned_hunt

canned hunting

GREAT ARTICLE – ‘Canned hunting’: the lions bred for slaughter
Canned hunting is a fast-growing business in South Africa, where thousands of lions are being bred on farms to be shot by wealthy foreign trophy-hunters – READ MORE CLICK HERE

KALAHARI DREAM – All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Campaign Against Canned Hunting

FOLLOW Chris Mercer on Twitter


PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION – Stop the Canned Hunting of Large Cats in South Africa

19 thoughts on “Raising Awareness About Canned Hunting

  1. attie tjeerdema says:

    all this things are horrific and disgusting, gouvernements must act

  2. Lady Andrea says:

    Pls help spread the word.

  3. Mouna Martene says:

    This mother fucker who hunts he act like a hero when he just killed a innocent animal who puts in a cage and drugged … If he was a hero he will not do smthng like this … He is just a fucker he is not even a real man

  4. Patricia Martin says:

    this is cruel and inhumane and needs to be stoped

  5. Ruth says:

    Stop killing lions

  6. Aisha Réjeanne says:

    Humanity is getting worse by the minute. Time for another flood! For ALL responsible for this suffering, you will meet your maker one day and will have to answer to this. Good luck with that.

  7. Elisa Kissa-Öberg says:

    Please start a pledge of this thing. I would glady spread it. But this kind a news are making people to feel so powerless and sad that without a pledge I am not willing to share this.

  8. Kristi says:

    Why is there not a PETITION against this? I would sign it!!!!

  9. Lady Andrea says:

    TweetStorm 15th June fight poachers NO GEO-TAG Wildlife Pictures

  10. Lady Andrea says:

    Wanna see what we do to animals? Check out this FB page https://www.facebook.com/stopmelissa

  11. Lady Andrea says:

    Stop killing wild animals. Full stop.

  12. Lady Andrea says:

    You might like to check out some of the posts on my facebook page

  13. 1. Some penguins are on antidepressants.
  14. 2. A bear starved to death at the Toledo Zoo after zoo officials locked her up to hibernate without food or water.
  15. 3. A giraffe was killed and fed to lions.
  16. 4. Because a gorilla was shot and killed after escaping from an “award-winning” exhibit at the Dallas Zoo.
  17. 5. In 2003, the San Diego Zoo and Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo imported 11 captured African elephants from Swaziland.
  18. 6. In 2006 to 2009, Missouri’s Dickerson Park Zoo handed over “surplus” giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, wallabies, and exotic antelopes to questionable individuals.
  19. 7. New Jersey’s Cape May County Zoo sold two giraffes to an animal broker who then sold them to a travelling circus.
  20. 8. When baby animals who are exhibited in the Minnesota Zoo’s yearly farm display grow up and lose their youthful appeal, the zoo sends them to livestock auctions.
  21. 9. The chief of veterinary services at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has called on members of the zoo community to support the use of surplus zoo animals in medical experimentation.
  22. 10. A kangaroo at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo had to be euthanized after being struck by a train that ran through the exhibit
  23. .

  24. 11. In 2006, several accredited zoos imported 33 monkeys who had been illegally trafficked by poachers in Africa.
  25. 12. The Gaza Zoo painted stripes on these donkeys to make them look like zebras.
  26. 13. 90 percent of public aquariums studied had animals who demonstrated stereotypic (neurotic) behaviour.
  • Lady Andrea says:

    IS CACH (Campaign Against Canned Hunting) A THREAT TO CONSERVATION?


  • catoire says:

    il faut lancer une petition !

  • Lady Andrea says:

    There is 1 petition linked in the blog (just click on where it says petition) and another in 1 of my comments.

  • Lady Andrea says:

    We are petitioning the European Commission to place a complete ban on the import of Lion (canned or wild) and of all other wild animal body parts as trophies into EU Member State



  • Min says:

    It’s so wrong. It should be never allowed. It’s the crime, murder.That’s all!!

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