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  1. Hamster Wheel of Outrage 2017

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    31/05/2017 by AndreaUrbanFox

    Bogus “org” @Efemico_Online, run by Jason Schumann, known for assaulting a police officer (see below, open source), took to Twitter …
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  2. Your Business and Social Media

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    18/10/2015 by AndreaUrbanFox

    If you are a small or medium sized business this may help growth. Twitter has proved to be a prolific …
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    22/07/2014 by AndreaUrbanFox

    Evelyn Cook aka @offcentrenews (former @nemesisrepublic @yappyapuk @yappyyapworld  @TheFabledAesop etc)  and Alison J Tyrer-Chabloz aka @alichabz and @AJCTMusic (former @alison_chabloz …
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  4. Tips for Trolls & eStalkers – Revisited


    15/12/2011 by AndreaUrbanFox

    As you are all aware, I have got myself a stalker/troll. This lowlife has stalked/trolled me for a while now. …
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  5. Protected: Are you on Twitter?

    24/07/2011 by AndreaUrbanFox

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  6. ©AndreaUrbanFox All Rights Reserved

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    15/09/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

    IMPORTANT NOTICE- UK Copyright  “Copyright in any work that you have created and digitized (apart from that whilst employed – …
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  7. “one-stop” profile

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    20/05/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

    I have created a "one-stop" profile page with Google where you can find the links to all my active profiles. …
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