SpongeBob Themed Birthday Party


02/04/2019 by AndreaUrbanFox

Another year, another themed birthday party for my wonderful son. It really does not feel like a whole year since the Harry Potter themed party.


For this year’s theme, he decided on SpongeBob SquarePants, a nutty cartoon by Nickelodeon. I was delighted because I love spongeBob’s “nautical nonsense” and it is an easy and colourful theme with lots of scope. So, on to the preparations!

You can get a lot of SpongeBob merchandise on eBay really cheap. If like me, you do things on a budget, I suggest buying what you can from China/Hong Kong because it works out really cheap. But buy a couple of months before you actually need it for because it can take a while to arrive. The “joblot” below can be bought for as little as £10.

SpongeBob Party tablecloth invites bunting NEW joblot eBay

I made some “jellyfish” decorations to hang from the ceiling with the balloons and “curtains” of crepe paper in different shades of blue to give a “under the sea” or “waves” look. For the jellyfish, all you need are paper lanterns, glue stick and crepe paper.


You can see from the cake table picture (above and below), that I decorated it with cupcakes, assorted small sea shells and a pineapple.

The cupcakes were homemade  and I decorated them with edible rice paper figures. The pineapple I simply carved up a hole in put a SpongeBob figure in it.


This year’s cake was very straight forward 2 tier vanilla & jam sponge decorated with light blue crème Chantilly. As always, I had it made by Juscakes in Bethnal Green. The cake was to be a “blank canvas” for me to add the SpongeBob & friends figurines I bought a couple of months earlier. 56314710_2398657406820196_3144134245010636800_n

For the party food, I made “Patrick’s” pasta shell salad (V), “Planton’s” spicy potato salad (vegan), “Bikini Bottom Sarnies” aka cheese sandwiches, “Coral bites”(fish), “Sea Urchin” aka cheese and pineapple on a stick, “Mrs Puff’s” cheese puffs, and “Krabby Patties” aka burgers.


Attention to detail is key to make any party extra special.


I hired the SpongeBob costume from Mascot Solutions. It is the first time I hired a mascot. Normally I buy the costumes. It worked out great! The costume was of good quality and it was super affordable. The service I received from Mascot Solutions was superb! Really friendly and will be using them again in future.


I hope this blog inspires you to host your little one a great party. Please check out my previous blogs for more party ideas.

Thanks to Weavers Adventure Playground for once again letting me hire the space. Huge thanks to Alex for all his help.

Huge thanks too to Tania and Alun who helped me set it all up and to all the guests for making Elliot’s day special. See you next year!



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