Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party


02/04/2018 by AndreaUrbanFox

Every year I try give my son the best possible birthday party. This is because as a child, I had super awesome parties and I know these precious memories last a lifetime.

This year Elliot decided the theme would be Harry Potter. This has been the most difficult theme so far for me.

The party was held at Weavers Adventure Playground. This is a nice open space where kids can run free. They do private hire and I cannot recommend the place enough. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alex who was very friendly, welcoming and helpful. 29572356_10160235493855716_7318975084405146789_n

Huge space20180401_142404


Preparations started early. Props, Witches hats, cauldrons and goodies for the party bags were bought straight from China suppliers. This keeps the costs down.

Second stage was to make papier mache Dementor pinatas. Pinatas are a great way to entertain the kids and they also make great decorations. Each pinata too 3 days to make because of the drying time of papier mache.28168155_1832862476733028_166486289512019735_n

The final product was approved by Elliot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrovRVP543A

Here are the kids bashing one of the Dementor pinatas. 28468059_10160235494305716_3235704800229829723_n

Decorative cauldron filled with wrapped sweeties to make it look like smoke.29133001_1853790274640248_7011612601247334400_n

The food:

homemade chocolate truffles (brigadeiros), aka Owl droppings.


homemade cupcakes (this is the recipe I used) decorated with Harry potter characters made of edible rice paper.


homemade batata calabresa (patatas bravas) became Prof. Sprout’s Spicy Potatoes Media Tweets by 🦊 _AndreaUrbanFoX Twitter

sarnies became “witches hats” 29595565_1876591879026754_8830786003580386088_n

Hufflepuff cheese puffs 10675548_1876591939026748_8049642533721382098_n

a selection of magical sweets – the kids LOVED the worms LOL29665152_1871854896167119_5517963304819294734_o

Drinks aka Potions:29683469_1876592139026728_1856214127597576961_n


The cake – a moist chocolate sponge filled with chocolate butter cream. I chose the style, Juscakes Bethnal Green  made it for me. 29694464_10160235492000716_6664166365330973149_n

The cake table with all thedecorations looked great!


The birthday boy as Draco Malfoy with Godmother Yolanda as Bellatrix Lestrange and Paul as Hagrid. The smoke is coming from a smoke machine under the cake table.




Now for some random photos of the party



I would like to thank all who came and made my boy’s day special. Until next year!

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party

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