Hamster Wheel of Outrage 2017

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31/05/2017 by AndreaUrbanFox

Bogus “org” @Efemico_Online, run by Jason Schumann, known for assaulting a police officer (see below, open source),

took to Twitter to claim I am under police investigation for homophobia. I was alerted by 1 of my followers, because, as I have him and his several sock accounts blocked, I did not see him tweeting @ me.

After I RTed the tweet with the screencap of his accusation, my (large) LGBT following got quite upset and tweeted their support for me. Below are just a few. There were many more.


Jason was asked directly which police station was involved. He dodged the question by blocking the user (see below). Proof that this is nothing but another one of his “turns”….Which he had many! LOL! 


Now, let us get more acquainted with “it”.

The original Hamster post 

On being targeted for a harassment campaign by ‘anti-Zionists’ – by Marko Attila Hoare

A penchant for Antisemitism:

Police probe minorities advocate over anti-Semitic slurs

Latest blog regarding Jason Schumann – Efemico



Online threats

Rape threat

Threatening to cut someone’s throat

jason threatening to CUT THROAT



Drugs bender when someone is hacked to death


On the London Bridge terror attack


There is a lot more I can say about our outraged hamster but, tbh he is not at all important and his allegations are false. False not just because I am a friend of many LGBT, I also put the B in LBGT 😉


UPDATE – The hamster blogged about me but once again FAILED to provide any proof of his allegations such as which police station, or officer dealing with his claim or a crime ref number (CAD). Because I wont give him the hits on his blog, here is the web archive of his latest unsubstantiated rant  😂😂😂

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