Super Mario themed 7th birthday party


03/04/2017 by AndreaUrbanFox

Like every year, I like to throw my son a themed birthday party.

This year he chose Super Mario. So, about 1 month before the party, I started to plan it and buy the things needed.

I booked a couple of hours at Weavers Adventure Playground. They are not expensive to private hire and they were very accommodating to my needs.

Next step was to order the cake. For the past 3 years, the cake was from Juscakes.

You can see all the other cakes at my blog


The food:

I kept it simple…

A jar of Toads. Made with radishes.


Piranha plants made of strawberries and grapes


Yoshi‘s eggs. These can be anything “round”. I opted for quail’s eggs, olives and a selection of baby tomatoes.


Cheese sandwiches cut star shape


Triple chocolate muffins decorated with more chocolate and edible figures made of rice paper.


Chocolate muffins with a hidden Easter egg inside and decorated with vanilla cream, popping candy and edible Super Mario figures made of rice paper.


Cheese muffins decorated with gold shimmer.


I wrapped sweets in this “party paper” I got from Brazil. It adds colour to the cake table.


The drinks.

Bottled water and fruit shots. All you have to do to make them special is to print out some labels.


For the party bags I added sweets and Super Mario toys.


The all important cake. Note all figurines were bought separately.

The cake table looked awesome. Kids loved it!


Now to Super Mario & Luigi! Yes. I did dress up. What is the point of a children’s party if you can’t make a bit of a fool of yourself in order to make them laugh? 



I would like to thank all who came and made Elliot’s day special.

Until next year for another awesome party!!



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