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18/10/2015 by AndreaUrbanFox

If you are a small or medium sized business this may help growth.

Twitter has proved to be a prolific avenue for many businesses (and events) getting their name (and product) out to the general public.

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My Story

I became aware of social media over 10yrs ago. Back in the day AOL and Myspace were still a thing. I created an online persona which has given me many headaches but also a lot of fun.
Today I have in excess of 10K followers on Twitter, and from Twitter alone I have individual clients for whom I run their entire social media presence.

How I grew my followers

I am constantly asked how I grow my followers and my client’s followers and the truth is one tweet at a time. Client’s needs are different so content depends on pre-agreed parameters.
The main aim is to engage as well as being informative and fun.
My approach is simple, direct and it is important to retweet followers and then TWEET their TWEET’s with my magic touch.

I enjoy the time I spend on Twitter I have friends all over the world, many of them buy the products I endorse either for themselves or for family members and they also buy for their businesses, without-doubt Twitter has been of great advantage to me. If you are a small business wondering if to take the plunge, I recommend you take it, get a Twitter account today. If you run a business and you want to get your name across the Twittersphere talk me.

I also offer one-off “promoted” tweets at a flat rate – these include a plug on my FB & G+ pages at no extra cost.

To give you an idea of the audience I can reach, this blog alone gets an average of 30 views p/hour and a tweet from my personal account has a retweet reach average of over 2 million.



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