Stop Cyberbullying – message to my stalker


15/11/2011 by AndreaUrbanFox



Dear stalker,

I find it very sad that even as an adult you think it’s okay to bully someone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m not under any false illusion that everyone is going to like me but you have no right to harass me as you’ve done over the past year.

You’ve set up numerous false accounts, at least 1 in my name where you slate and destroy my character. After blocking you, you still take the time to read my timeline and tweet me daily. You go as far as tweet my followers and anyone I tweet desperately trying to gain my attention. And when all else fails, you send in your lapdogs to do your dirty work. Some have even picked/perved on my child, which is totally unacceptable.

I’ve tried to ignore you but after 1 year os this relentless campaign of harassment and intimidation it’s time to stand up to you. The sad thing is you’ll probably enjoy the attention which is why I haven’t mentioned your twitter name but I know you know who you are.

There is something fundamentally wrong with you if you have been blocked yet you continue to relentlessly tweet at the blocker. Shows you have very little self respect, dignity and intelligence. A normal person would have moved on. But obviously you are not normal. I suggest you stop using Twitter as your “help in the community” crutch and seek professional help.

NOTE – Twitter @safety advice is to block/ignore and they say that trolls will give up and go away. Not always the case. As for stalking, twitter @safety advises you to set your tweets to private. In another words, penalising the person being stalked while ignoring the stalker. Twitter should stop turning a blind eye to such things and crack down on cyber bullies. Their non-action short of condones this kind of behaviour.


What do other people think of this person? Have a look:

Looks like I`m not the only person who thinks this woman is bonkers

Looks like I`m not the only person who thinks this woman is bonkers

Theres a lot more where these came from....

Theres a lot more where these came from….

UPDATE – Creepy troll strikes again…. and get a telling off.

LATEST – It`s 2013 and this obsessive degenerate is still at it. This time it stalked my Twitlonger, got hold of what was a private DM and is using it to troll me. The sickest part is that it shows my son. If it had any decency it would at least blank his face but no.

stalker using my son`s image to troll me

stalker using my son`s image to troll me

Here is an age old screenprint which my stalker and her useful idiots like to bring up……anyone can pick and choose bits of a thread and take it out of context to suit their trolling….shame they havent got the balls to post the entire thread.

disinfects pwns ewok sept

The stalker was under police investigation for its continuous harassment and for illegally postin pix of my underage son and my copyright pix. CID told me they had words hence nowadays she no longer posts pics of my son and blanks my face in her deranged blogs.

formal complaint place against evelyn cook

formal complaint place against evelyn cook


Rumours are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots

Yap Yapping Old Troll(op)

Stalking & Harassment – Definition & advice

How to document harassment and cyberstalking on Twitter – videoblog

“how to cross examine a sociopath”

Stop Cyberbullying – VIDEO



UPDATE January 2014 – My stalker`s main Twitter account has been suspended but she is back trolling under a new account. Twitter   Search   yappyapuk Andrea.

UPDATE MARCH 2014 – @yappyapuk has been kicked off twitter for harassment yap suspended

Within less than 24hrs Evelyn created another account @YappyYapWorld and is busy engaging in the exact same behaviour which saw her last 2 accounts permanently suspended from twitter. When will she learn?

OOPS! Another account bites the dust. RIP @nemesisrepublic, @yappyapuk and @YappyYapWorld

Why dont trolls post the full convo?
Because it doesnt suit their trolling agenda.
For full convo and not just the out of context segment shown on the screenie below, CLICK HERE

Click on image to enlarge.

yet another of her trolling accounts getting a warning for targeted abuse

yet another of her trolling accounts getting a warning for targeted abuse

27 June 2014 … I`ll just leave this here….for the recordevelyn edits my comment to suit her trolling. AGAIN. evelyn edits my comment to suit her trolling. AGAIN.

UPDATE 03/07/14 – Evelyn wants to silence me. Applied for a DMCA takedown notice for a screenie. Well, Google saw through her demented rant and turned down her request.



UPDATE – Ev didnt like the Cease and desist otice one bit. She filed a DMCA takedown notice of the court papers ref civil injunction against her and her puppet-on-a-string. I filled for a counter DMCA which meant unless Ev started legal process against me, the said image would be restored. She was given 10 days to comply. All she did was send a long whiny email to WP (which you can see on the screenie below. Needless to say image has been re-instated.

Nemesis whine

Click on image to enlarge. Have a good giggle at her whine to WP

DMCA Notice  42171    msasg1970   Gmail
Here is the image in question…might as well post it here too nem got injunction papers


34 thoughts on “Stop Cyberbullying – message to my stalker

  1. oleuanna says:

    NAME THEM….. !

  2. Disinfects says:

    ^ That broad generalization doesn’t help me. I know I’m not part of the insane conglomeration of people you’re describing in this blog.

  3. @ Disinfects

    No, you are not 🙂 This blog is a direct message to my stalker (the one I named and we discussed on my previous blog). Unless you are her, using yet another sock puppet account, this is not for you. x

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  5. ciberintimidation101 says:

    for more information on cyber bullying go to

  6. […] This Jewish lady has been terrorized by this scumbag. Pls help by reporting to police […]

  7. janeyenglish says:

    I reblogged this to my site. This woman has a massive history of bullying and harrassment online, I blogged her for defending paedos. Check some of the comments. Good on you for standing up to her. She should know better she’s over 60 years old. x

  8. I have no problem with you reblogging it as I think it`s important people know that cyber-bullying exists and we can`t tolerate it.
    This individual has caused me nothing but headache. It has stalked/harassed me since Nov.09 or 2010 (cant remember exactly, it has been that long!)!! It creates accounts to troll me, gets her associates to troll me, chases me all over the internet. It`s quite distressing at times but I do my utmost best to ignore her and associates.
    I don`t believe you have put me or my family in any danger. Well, not more than this woman has already done by tweeting my personal details and address.
    I am not involved with any of the groups you represent. I`m not affiliated to any such groups or political parties. There seems the lay the problem: This woman has tried for years to link me to these groups yet she can`t and that upsets her so the trolling continues.
    I have nothing but contempt for this woman. I don`t wish her harm but I do wish she`d live me the fck alone.
    I think this blog might upset her further and the trolling will intensify in the foreseeable future. I wish it wasn`t so but that is how she operates. So please, let this be the last blog entry about me and my family.
    Thank you for the understanding and interest.

  9. Jewish lady says:

    I have been harassed by this lady forces than 5 years . I came onto twitter back in dec 2008 within a couple of hours my account was messaged by her with some adverse message about Jews and Israel . I thought it was quite strange and didn’t block her . However over a period of years the harassment and bullying continued on a more personal level . My family husband and child were all fair target . She posted my address and phone number on the #edl tag where she sits constantly .
    I decided to take it to the police as it had got decidedly worse. After doing my own investigations I managed to find the person behind the @nemesisrepublic nickname. I was indeed shocked it was a lady , and more confided as she had openly put on twitter she was an ex teacher. I followed her posts and politically I then realized why I was a target, bit more shocking is that my daughter also was subject to her abuse. I had To go to the police, where I am told she received a warning . The abuse would stop ? No the abuse continued until earlier this year, she decided to target a councillor from the Conservative party . Twitter in their good mind suspended her for a few weeks but that wasn’t enough, and she came back on in a similar screen name.
    Once her account had been reinstated I noticed that she was also collaborating with hacking groups (who were in the news at the time of arrests being made).
    I also became a target of one of her connected hacking groups when I started to receive threats by email.
    The abuse continues and so does the obsession. She constantly posts references to our names our addresses, number as our children our family and this is not somebody with a differing political agenda. This is somebody who has become an obsessed stalker.
    So what do you do? Keep the evidence of her madness and try and get on with enjoying twitter knowing someone is constantly watching your every tweet on order to bully and harass you? Or leave twitter ? I decided to save every threat and anti Semitic message posted about me from her account , where hopefully one day she can see that what she is doing is not only wrong but she might get some help with her “obsession”

  10. New year, same old from this person. Its latest fad is writing blogs about me…and claiming I`m the one obsessed…Oh sweet irony! LOL!

  11. Did you know Ev is still obsessing about you to this day? She spends her time writing blogs about you ( and stalking you all over the internet. Here, look at this. She admits stalkign your twitlonger DMs!! How fucking sad and deranged is that?!?!

    I know you`ll read this slug. Too late to play the victim! Grow the fuck up.

  12. sheryl2311 says:

    I think there is a long list of people she has “trolled” and harassed for simply having a different opinion to her. Every single day she tweets about a few of us.she lies constantly and what I find weird is the fact she cc,s a muslim org in a lot of tweets that have nothing to do with islam.she even stalked my youngest child on FB and put her personal details on twiiter.she complains about her details being put up on twitter when she herself as done it to. Me And my friend Ambrosine.the most vile tweet I saw was one telling Ambrosine “thank F*** you miscarried a baby” also she tweeted Ambrosines beautiful little girl “looks like there’s something wrong with it”no there’s something wrong with HER!

  13. How awful! Vile! Do you have a link to those tweets? URL on Google cache perhaps?

  14. sheryl2311 says:

    I didn’t know how to screen capture her tweets at the time those vile things were tweeted but they must be on google somewhere. I asked her before christmas to move on and Stop but no every day its the same old same old.she accused me of being fake accounts but I don’t.she plays the victim but its her who trolls us and others. Wish the woman would get a life.she spams and yet accuses others of spamming.she’s nuts!!

  15. Shame. I would certainly like to see them.
    Is it true she has been named and shamed on several other blogs? Got the link to those?

  16. sheryl2311 says:

    Her other ploy is to brand people “far right” or nazis when she is the one who behaves more like a nazi with her attitude.she constantly posts my full name, ambrosines and yours andrea and to me that’s bullying and breaking twitter rules that she claims others do.

    I will find the link to the guy who said she sent him 430 abusive emails later

  17. Bravo!

    Where do these people find the time? Why are they not safely locked away in a rubber room? It’s kind of hard to Tweet and post in one of those jackets where the arms cross at the back…

  18. Lady Andrea says:

    This woman seems to live to troll. Her entire existence consists of being on twitter trolling. She is a manipulative lying low-life who stops at nothing to achieve her trolling aims. I`m sick of it!

    Worse thing is that i`ve been sent this link to this blog expose of her where you can see screecaps of her defending paedophilia ( ) And now she is using my son`s photo on her trolling blogs too! Sick, just sick.

  19. I saw her using ur boy`s pic on her blog, she has now blanked his face and deleted the twitpic (admission of guilt). Gladto see u took screenie of it before she deleted it. I also uploaded it on twitpic but blanked the boys face cos unlike Evelyn I`m not a pervert.

    One other thing, Evelyn is still using the photo of you AND YOUR SON on her queefing blog about you. If she had any decency she`d blank his little face.

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  25. It’s somewhat… hard… for me to believe anything here when a lot of people in this particular ‘faction’ seem determined to report anyone they disagree with using whatever (inappropriate) leverage they have. Reporting tweets of bystanders asking for evidence to support claims is not likely to get them on your side.


  26. Lady Andrea says:

    Hi, Unlike the other “faction”, I dont spoon feed anyone anything. My account of events is true but you`re free to believe what you want. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  27. I just don’t agree with the tactics of some of the people on your side. Not of course that I’m blaming you at all… I have no doubt that some people in the other side are doing the same things as well, I’ve just only encountered one so far;)

  28. Lady Andrea says:

    Fair enough 🙂

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