God is an Astronaut Gig at ICA London, Feb 17th


18/02/2010 by AndreaUrbanFox

God is an Astronaut Gig at ICA London, Feb 17th

I must start by praising the venue. The ICA is a small but hip place for a gig. The door staff were marvellous and I thank the lack of queue for those in the band`s guest list. Also worth a mention is that drinks aren’t overpriced like on most of London`s bars/venues. So, all in all I recommend you pay the ICA a visit.

Now for the supporting bands: The first was I Concur (who supported GiaA November 08 – for that review click HERE and scroll down). I personally like them and their performance (although I arrived two songs to the end) was a good one. The second band was Butterfly Explosion. They are on the UK/Ir GiaA tour. They were a good supporting act but personally I wouldn’t go see them. Don’t take me wrong, I did enjoy some of their music but they left me with a sense that they are still trying to find their ground, their niche, their genre. The tunes which had no vocals were the best ones. No point trying to sing when you cant or when the music isn’t improved by it. I also failed to see the actual role of the female eye candy keyboard/backing vocals apart from the already mentioned “eye candy”. Still, its a band worth keeping an eye out for.

Now for the main act: God is an Astronaut were brilliant. As tight as a rat`s ass from start to finish. Could have done with the volume 1 or 2 notches up and Torsten`s mic was a tad too low but that said I don’t blame the band, I blame the sound engineers (always blame the sound guy, lol). Nice to see Niels head banging like a possessed lunatic while playing magnificently. How he does that and doesn’t lose balance I don’t quite know. As for the drums…well…and forgive me for using the term again but “as tight as a rats ass”!

So, all in all a WIN gig. I look forward to their return to London next November. And a last word: If you haven’t seen GiaA live yet, DO IT! Also watch out for their new album.

Photos of last night`s gig courtesy of M.Hawkins

2 thoughts on “God is an Astronaut Gig at ICA London, Feb 17th

  1. Mikee says:

    Personally I liked the eye candy 😉
    Great gig

  2. So did I! But thats all she was….

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