Tips for trolls, NINtards, eStalkers, etc.


25/08/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

UPDATE Oct 2011 – this is an old blog but it`s interesting that it applies to any troll, at any time. Just skip to points 1 to 5 & read comments 🙂

I have so much to write about but so little oomph.

Since I posted the last blog real life has been keeping me busy. Good timing because I was getting truly bored of the whole Trent Reznor & his tantrums saga. Not saying I gave up on trying to find the truth behind the #Eric fund. Just saying that now I feel vindicated and truly pwnd Fatznor I am done with him…well, at least until next time he or his NINtarded psychofans rattle my cage 😉 The #Eric thing is a separate issue. Ok, it involves TR to an extent but all I’m concerned about is to make people ask questions as to the whereabouts of their donations, etc.

But since a week or so ago I have started to receive emails garnished with info regarding the #Eric ongoing saga and money begging.

Being me I tweeted a few of the links, RTed some stuff and made my views clear regarding the new info that came in. But one so much needs to mention #Eric and Fatznor once and low and behold one is a target to Trolls. I’m aware it comes with the territory. I am after all debunking a myth, pwning his ass and exposing some pretty fishy stuff.

As per my usual stance on trolls (and stalkers) I did not reply. Sure I can push buttons without having to mention names and that much I did to an extent. Gotta have a lulz at their expense 😀

There are a few things I meant to tweet though but due to it being a micro-blogging I wouldn’t get my point across as well as I can here. This isn’t direct at just 1 or 2 Trolls, it is for all of them including little missy Mariqueen & Trent Reznor (both love a little trolling). So here are my pro-tips and certain facts these moronic dimwits should know

1- Finding me online is easy. I’m not hiding behind different accounts, using fake names and photos, not using a proxy or anything of the sort. All AndreaUrbanFox accounts are legit and interlinked. So big fucking deal huh? Do you seriously think you can find my home address and phone number via my IP (assuming I have a landline and only use that to access the internet)? ROFL at your ignorance! Even if you did, what you gonna do about it? Oh please, grow up already! An example of this fanatical “lets dig up info on her” behaviour…recently I had a troll dig up an old account on some gamer site where it gave my full maiden name. LOL! Poor thing thought that telling the world that I was a video games tester back in the early 90s was either going to piss me off or degrade me in any way. Again, LOL! It served to remind me of that account (which I had forgotten existed) and simply told the world I had a fun, well paid job ages ago. Way to FAIL

2-All my photos online I uploaded myself therefore I have NOT got an issue with them. For trolls to go around posting my photos, that isn’t something which upsets me, sorry. Just ask yourselves…if I had an issue with any of those photos would I have uploaded them? Duh! So that you know though, some of them are the copyright of the photographers such as Juliett Cronk & John Horsley and I am the only one who can post them. You are taking your chances every time you post them because you will never know if/when you will get hit a copyright law suit. Now go on and have fun playing Russian roulette while raising my online profile 😉

3- As for the pre-pubescent name calling antics trolls generally apply all I have to say is: “keep talking shit, you are making me famous”. By that I mean by all means call me ugly, fat, old, cunt, bitch, whatever…it does NOT get to me. Let’s be honest here, I would have to have a very low opinion of myself to let any of those things bother me. As it goes I actually have a fairly high opinion of myself, I’m pretty happy with my life and with who I am. All trolls achieve by name calling is to weaken their position by showing the eWorld we are dealing with the lowest echelons of civilized and gentrified society.

4- Now let me address my “impersonators”. I’m flattered. I love nothing more than to think the poor trolls spent time and energy going thru all the steps it takes to create an account and pretend to be me. To a certain extent it is a shame that impersonation breaks most social networks ToS and rules and those accounts don’t last very long…specially the ones with photos of me…those seem to get banned fairly quickly, haven’t you noticed?

5- Point 4 leads me neatly to the most flattering thing a troll has ever done for me: I have now got my own page on ED! I was made aware of this recently and I must say I had a right giggle as I read it! Love it! ED being a “parody” site where the disclaimer says in so many words that “this site is for parody and satire uses ONLY”. So, I would like to thank GirlyGirl with the DE IP address (oh yes, I know who you are) for taking the time to created such a LOL parody of who I am, what I do and what I stand for. You’re the real star for helping me raise my online profile further and giving AndreaUrbanFox extra hits on Google search 🙂 I am sorry you (and trolls) thought I`d be offended by this :-/

I wont go into details but as you are aware I have received death threats from these lovely people. I cant name them nor post the screencaps as it has all been past on to twitter and the Metropolitan police. Not that I`m scared anything will happen to me, but these people need to be taken offline and there is an ongoing investigation. *UPDATE – the accounts of those who issued the threats have been removed and IP blocked. WIN for common sense, FAIL to retarded trolls mwahahahaha!

I trust I haven’t left anything or anyone out. If I have, feel free to troll this blog and help me increase the traffic to my pages 😉

My long standing and most avid stalker/troll

This makes very interesting reading, if you want to hear from an unbiased source.

©AndreaUrbanFox All Rights Reserved


14 thoughts on “Tips for trolls, NINtards, eStalkers, etc.

  1. Wren1123 says:

    7-If you’re a hot, young, not overly bright chickie-this means you Mariqueen-don’t let your boozed up boyfriend take pics during sex. Aaaagghhhh! Those pics will wind up as an imbedded image in text on a blog someday.

  2. avevoneg says:

    I agree with wren 100 percent! nice blog, hope is all good with you fox

  3. @ wreng1123 ROFLMFAO!

    @ avevoneg All is wonderful in Foxland 🙂

  4. stenchie says:

    hot? young? lolwut? mariqueeen is neither of those.. she’s mediocre at best..

    p.s. you mean THIS classy photo?

  5. Sarah says:

    @ Wren1123, you nailed it. Could that photo scream “midlife crisis” any louder?

    @ andreaurbanfox, Jebus, it looks like the Trent fans are out in full force to bash you on the web. Good to see you have a sense of humor about it.

    I can’t believe so many people apparently idolize Trent to the point of spending the time to create an ED page for you. Then again, he might have assigned that task to his minions. I’m inclined to think his employees created that page. I just don’t get such rabid fangirl/boy worship at this late stage of his career.

    I DO get your anti-Trent thing, though. Sell-out celebs who buy into their own shit propaganda deserve to be taken down a peg or five. Thanks for the lolz.

  6. @ Sarah

    Having a sense of humour should be compulsory for all online meme. I dont always see the funny side of things. I am human after all. But I do have a right giggle at NINtarded TRolls or other butthurt fucktards such as my stalker. All they achieve is give me more popularity therefore increase the traffic to my pages. The best lol of late was when I was told yesterday about this ED page. If the site was meant to be a serious one, factual and/or any literary relevance I might have asked the page to be taken down. BUT its ED! Its a parody site! Its for the lulz of it so I`m neither angry, nor embarrassed. I`m grateful for the attention. I`m happy with the added Google hits on my name. I`m actually loving it! Hell! I`ve got my own ED page linked to Trent Reznor`s page! Mwahahahaha!

  7. chaosvoider says:

    @andreaurbanfox LOL…. I checked out that ED page last night before bed (and school the next morning)

    This blog is made of WIN. 🙂

  8. avevoneg says:

    Cool! 😀
    oh that ED page article those peeps made of you is soo stupid (funny but stupid) seriously, like you say those trolls fail so much at life, because all of this is making you super popular! people that troll you like that need to be put in a cage and make them eat moldy bread and tap water.
    I bet in real life they are basement creeps who still live with their mom.

    well anyways keep being cool fox Miss Fox! 😉

    ps- sorry for my bad english >.<

  9. @ Chaosvoider Thanks hun

    @ avevoneg LOL its a funny page, isnt it? I giggle every time I see that pic cos it was taken when I had a good friend visit from Germany (@sistersissy) and we were at this taco place and Phil Colins came on so we packed our ears with napkins. Was a right laugh. I should maybe upload all of those pics (only uploaded 2 cos they`re pretty much the same-ish). Good night out!
    Indeed I have to thank the NINtarded TRolls for making me more popular than I already am 😀

  10. avevoneg says:

    @andreaurbanfox yes it is!!, well the trolls got all the good angle shots 😉 hahaha!I you have a cool sence of humor, why can the trolls see that? yeah but the sad thing will be when they find out that what you said was true, they will relize how wrong they were defending someone*cough*TRoll Rez *cough* that doesnt deserve to be defended

  11. mistressishtar says:

    Wow, I have watched this entire fiasco from the sidelines, both sides.

    I am getting stalked in my own personal life as well as online life, and to be honest, I dontgiveafuck.

    I am wonder why all of the young trolls out there didn’t see Trent for who he was a long time ago…

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