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02/08/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox


The following is information I received a while ago regarding the #Eric campaign:

I tracked the IP address (removed due to censorship) for “Storey Dreams Foundation” which is actually lifegiversfoundation.org – it is registered under domainsbyproxy.com, a service specifically used to “hide” any registrant details – in other words, a way to be anonymous. The statistics of the site are so little, that it barely has any info. In the last three months, 7.1% have visited the site through a search engine (which is only Veronica De La Cruz’s site). Also, it should be mentioned that this not a foundation that Veronica turned to, she made the foundation and from my perspective, it would seem that the money went to her rather than to any registered charity. Top keywords used to search this site: (in this order)
lifegiver project
eric de la cruz
tim storey nin
“eric de la cruz (note: there is no quotation at the end of this)
“storey dreams foundation”
“tim storey” “trent reznor”

Daily percentage of traffic is less than 0.00002% of all traffic, ranking the site as # 4,268,872. AND…
it appears that the site is only registered for one year and it was created 15 May 09.

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 15-May-09
Expires on: 15-May-10
Last Updated on: 14-May-09

I don’t know if that clears anything up for you regarding where the donated money went to…to me sounds like Veronica has it. Also, it should be noted that I have a screen shot that suggests that the donation is tax-exempt

Kind of seems fishy in all, considering has anyone received a receipt for their donation? How badly does it hurt those who donated when the family used the transplant funds to pay for Eric’s funeral? How would NINtards react to that info when they were told by TrentGod that the money would be going to others who are in of a transplant?…sheeple! Jeesh!

Personally I think this raises more questions than it answers. Questions which have been asked directly to Veronica and duly ignored.

Why Veronica not clarifying and answering the questions posed to her? Surely as a journalist she can see why this is of public interest and should be the first to want and practice “transparency” of information. Were there receipts issued to those who donated? How come no one seems to be able to produce a screecap of such receipts? Why contract the services/help of a marketing company director? Why was it implied that the donations would be tax exempt and doesn’t appear to be so? What was the total amount of donations? How much of it was spent on Eric during his life? Are there receipts/accounts? If so, why are these not being made public? How much of the money was spent on his funeral? How much of it is still left (if any)? Why is the money which is claimed to be left from caring for Eric being turned over to a Beverly Hills televangelist? Is it fair on those who donated and aren’t religious to have their money now used by what some have described as “fundamentalist Christians”? Who approached saint Trent Reznor and asked for his backing? What is his actual involvement with the fund? Has he ever met any of the De La Cruz? Did he know or bother to visit Eric? Questions questions and more questions…and no forthcoming answers

Last but by no means least, let it be known to the readers and to Mr.Reznor that this blog wasnt going to be published but due to the relentless TRolling & the free publicity these NINtards created lately, it would be a shame not to spin it my way. So again, Thanks to the NINtarded psychofans for all the threats & harassement…I carry on BECAUSE of YOU

To see Eric`s obituary click HERE
Lifetime of anti-rejection meds post transplant can exceed the surgery cost-why not put unused funds into a trust for that-why Tim Storey? Why not give the money to National Transplant Assistance Fund?
For further updates please read comments

NOTE – I have been asked what is my angle and what I hope to achieve with this blog. The answer is simple: I want transparency, answers to the questions.

I had, have and will always have a problem with rich people helping other rich people with poor people`s money

UPDATE 03 Sept

Seems Tim Storey travels a lot and in style

Seems Tim Storey travels a lot and in style

UPDATE 6 Sept – Tweets to Veronica

tweets to Veronica Sept 6

tweets to Veronica Sept 6

UPDATE 14 Sept – Screencap from The insider forum
#eric scam 3

UPDATE 15 Sept – very interesting

more interesting info

more interesting info

UPDATE 11/01/10 VIA Wren1123 on http://wavegoodbye.foren-city.de/viewtopic.php?p=1962#1962 – Sure smells fishy to me

This might not mean anything, but I just noticed: http://veronicadelacruzonline.com/ domain expired 12-11-09 on GoDaddy.com
http://www.lifegiversfoundation.org/ domain is registered till 5-15-10 also from GoDaddy.com but hasn’t been updated since 9-9-09.
http://blog.weloveeric.com/ Other than linking the Glamour Mag(Nov. issue) to the site the most recent entry is 9-1-09. Something is so not Kosher here. I check in on these sites every couple of months now. I just would have thought with all the healthcare reform debate over the holidays more would have been done. Hell I expected at least some new entry because most charities ramp up their efforts during the holiday season.

64 thoughts on “#Eric – Questions go unanswered

  1. Rosie says:

    Have you called the IRS to confirm their status?

  2. @ Rosie

    No I havent. Now that you mentioned it I will ask my USA contacts to do so.
    As far as I know the last tax return filed by this foundation (and which can be seen online) dates back 2007

  3. marnie says:

    Did you see any info on Storey foundation itself? Tim Storey I know is on Twitter and NEVER tweeted once about #Eric which I found odd. Also, the Storey foundation has NOTHING to do with providing heath stuff, another red flag.

    FYI, in the US, a receipt really is not dispositive of whether something is tax deductible or not. HOWEVER, the donations should be tax deductible for the amount that the donation exceeds the value of the donation. Thus, if meeting TR is worth $10 and osmeone gave $300, @270 should be deductible. However, it is unproffesional to not give receipts.

    Some additional info: There is no info on Story Dreams foundation (or whatever it’s called – the foundation that is sponsoring The LifeGiver Foundation) on Charity Navigator, or any other 501(c)(3) index in the U.S.

    Finally, did someone tell you they used the donation money to pay for funeral expense? I had never heard this.

    Thanks for your very informative blog.I had been wondering about a lot of these things, since I did donate (a small amount, before TR got involved).

  4. @ marnie

    Thanks for your comment. Informative and also raised more questions ref Tim Storey.
    As I said, the whole thing rings alarms bells from star to finish, imo. And I sure have more questions than answers to offer. But I am hopeful someone will come forward with some concret and documented answers for us.

  5. colourmatrix13 says:

    I have searched for any mention of a funeral and guess what no such thing. By the way what hospital did this Eric supposedly attend? That way there would be a way of verifying this. I don’t know if anyone notice but there was a picture of a hospital room with tubes and a bed however there was no Eric in that bed. Don’t you find it interesting that he died on July 4th hmmm.

    I know when my family members passed on they were buried within one week It has been over three for Eric, that corpse must be getting pretty ripe. I didn’t know funerals were so expensive what 800,000$..huh? Oh yes who did claim that the remainder of the money would go to another organization? Has this said organization made the donation public? Usually large amounts are stated publicly for PR for both parties involved

    I did check up on reporting fraud claims and yes there are forms you can fill out. Because this case stinks to high hell of fraud.

    Oh yah didn’t Trent claim he was in the middle of a renovation of his Beverly Hills home. Would that be done on the behalf of all those who donated?

    To Passerby the only one who wants to bang TR is you. Since you seem to be on a ranting obsession with defending his holiness and justifying his actions I have no such delusions You are just the poor type of delude being he likes to use because of a lack of critical thinking skills and a lack of ethics and empathy towards those who are considering suicide. By the way what are you doing on here anyway perhaps your unhealthy preoccupation with Andrea hmm

  6. @ colourmatrix13

    I also searched for the funeral details, death certificate, medical records, etc and couldnt find anything. I also cant tell you for certain the name of this hospital where he was at for the weeks prior to his death. The only mention of it is that it was somewhere in California.
    I am in no way saying Eric isnt worm food and that such details dont exist. I`m saying I cant find any online evidence. I`m also not saying that this is fraud, I`m saying it`s odd and smells fishy. Perhaps this is all just down to bad fund management and the secrecy around the details.
    Therefore I would like to ask anyone who is in the position (in the USA) to make a few informed phone calls and get back to us with any findings.

  7. Joe says:

    So it turns out that Eric never really existed? It’s all some big hoax? Why doesn’t this suprise me. We gonna be reading about this in the future about how we were all hoaxed or something?

    I’m not affiliated to anything or anyone here or NIN or whatever. I was just curious and did a search and found this and reading through this and other comments it seems that there’s alot going on around this already. So I’m not the only person who thought this may be bit hinky.

    Once again to clarify cos I don’t wanna be trolled, I’m not saying this is anything more or less than it is.

  8. Wren1123 says:

    A death certificate can take over a month to be issued and generally isn’t available online. There are numerous sites that can search the Social Security Death Index and some are free. I tried Ancestry and Rootsweb without success. Assuming the deceased had a social security number and Social Security was notified prompty and then posted promptly. Obviously there is a lot of room for bureacratic breakdown.

    UCLA Medical Center does the most heart transplants in California and they have a Cardiomyopathy Center that helps the transplant team evaluate patients for transplant. The United Network for Organ Sharing has a state data section that supports this claim. (Stanford is second in California and no one else comes even close to these two.) But before anyone contacts UCLA there is HIPAA. Basically a hospital and medical staff can’t say if a person was a patient there. The patient would have to sign a release. The hospital is bound to confidentiality even in death, unless the family opts to disclose where treatment was received and for what condition. Violating HIPAA has severe consequences-kiss your job and medical license goodbye and prepare to be fined.

    I agree the healthcare system in the US needs fixed, but doesn’t it seem odd Eric De La Cruz died on the fourth of July and the big debate on Capitol Hill is currently in regard to healthcare reform? If anyone wanted to get on a soapbox and tug at heartstrings maybe at some future Congressional hearings the timing couldn’t be better.

  9. Wren1123 says:


    I ran a search of obituaries in Nevada newspapers and found it! Funeral details etc. dated from 7/10/2009

  10. marnie says:

    I wonder if someone sent a request to @timstorey or @veronicadlcruz wanting info on how another patient could get assistance from the fund what the response would be? Has anybody tried writing to them? It would be nice if they spread the word, and would answer a lot of questions, for me at least.

  11. @ Joe

    Where did you read it was a hoax? I didnt say that and neither has anyone in their comments. As it goes you`re the first person to use that word…

  12. @ Wren1123

    Thanks so much for the comments. At last we get some info.

  13. @ Marnie

    I did tweet Veronica but got no reply and the few occasions I used the #eric and posed a question all I got was a bunch of TRolls ranting and raving

    EDIT – I have just tweeted her again. Lets see if this time she replies

  14. Kathryn says:

    Wren – As I recall Veronica de la Cruz said he wasn’t at UCLA. He was probably at USC. He was in L.A. and I think that’s the 2nd largest.

  15. CBA needs more info. says:

    I have some additional questions too regarding the #Eric campaign. Please answer these questions, anyone?

    1) Why didn’t the De La Cruz family go to the National Foundation for Transplants which offers fundraising assistance for organ and tissue transplant patients across the country, tailoring their efforts to best suit each individual? http://www.transplants.org

    2) Why doesn’t the De La Cruz family and NIN donate the remaining money (after medical bills are paid) to the National Foundation for Transplants?

    3) Did Trent donate money to the fund? Or, was his “Meet & Greets” his donation? Does Trent’s company “The Null Corporation” get a charity tax deduction? If so, how much?

    4) Is Mariqueen related to the De La Cruz family? Cousins?

    5) How many employees work for the Storey Dreams Foundation since half of the donations of 2007 went to employee salaries?

    2007 tax returns

  16. Wren1123 says:

    @ Kathryn


    This is the National Network for Organ Sharing linked to the OPTN page I used. Does it mean he was at UCLA-no. Just that since 1/1/1988 to 4/9/2009 UCLA has done 1494 adult heart transplants. USC has done 208. Cedars-Sinai has done 561. Stanford 800 but not in L.A. Being that it is a very specialized procedure a patient would want to go to the facility with the most practice and resources. Also a patient would have to be ACCEPTED into the program. If he wasn’t accepted into UCLA for whatever reasons it is possible he was at a different facility.

    What can acceptance be based on? Read :

    It’s an old article but still very relevant today. The “critical wallet biopsy” part is interesting. Plus it explains how paying for the anti-rejection meds a person would have to take for the rest of their life on a daily basis could exceed the cost of the initial transplant surgery. Which made me wonder from the beginning why any funds in excess of the monies needed for the transplant surgery would be donated to Tim Storey. I would have thought a trust fund to cover any future medical costs would be a better option.

  17. To all my readers – WordPress is trying to censor my blogs. To me that implies I am close to something…that I hit a nerve…I have contacted them but they are in no hurry to reply…usual network malarky. Make sure you take screecaps of blogs & comments.

  18. Wren1123 says:

    Would that explain why my link to the OPTN isn’t working? Anyway if you hit the link go to Data, then State, choose Transplant from the drop down box, then Heart from the next drop down box.

  19. @ Wren1123

    It is possible. But ppl know when links dont show up as hyperlinks all they have to do is copy/paste the said link into their browser.

    RIDICULOUS HOW PEOPLE ARENT ALLOWED TO ASK QUESTIONS…Wonder what year it is…2009 or 1909?

  20. CBA needs more info. says:

    Note the 50% business useage of the mercedes benz under 2007 Depreciation.

  21. UPDATE – There was a blog written about certain issues we raised here and since the first draft it has been amended with information which is positive. In another words, someone found something positive to say about this story. Click HERE to see it.

  22. Dee Williams says:

    I have a few comments. But first let me say I am neither for or against this. I have no stake in defending or attacking any party in this. I just happen to have been curious and looked into some of this myself, and found some facts, trying to answer some of my own questions. Also I speak from my own experience having worked for several and currently have my own 501c3 non-profit.

    1) I noticed that lifegiverfoundation hasn’t been used by the campaign that I can find (I may not have looked deep enough) but lifegiverproject was.

    A project is not a foundation, but is an extension of the foundation. From what I gather, Tim Storey has the foundation and helped out by creating the project under his 501c3.

    Veronica has in no way created any sort of Foundation. At least not any that was used in this campaign.

    Veronica’s tweets have suggested that Tim and Veronica have been friends prior, so it stands to reason to me that a friend with the means to collect and manage a fundraiser would help out another friend. Not unreasonable to me. They probably SHOULD have done it differently and gone through more approptiate non-profits, but having lost a family member myself (to cancer) i can also understand they may have had to act quickly and with haste. Not being in that situation, who knows what they went through.

    2) Questions asked to Veronica. How were these questions posed? If through Twitter, I can likely imagine they were ignored. She’s probably blocked, or has some sort of filter of people blocking anything negative coming at her at this time. She’s dealing with a family crisis. There is a lot of grief right now. I see a lot of questions posed on Twitter, but cmon, that’s like screaming into a crowd and hoping a single person 2000 miles away hears you. Has anyone emailed or written too or called any of the official contacts?
    If you have, then I can agree you have been ignored. I have just written to Tim Storey online and the webmaster at Veronicadelacruzonline.com We’ll see if I’m ignored. If I am, I’ll certainly post it here. If I’m not, I’ll post that too.

    3) As to the money being turned over… it appears that the money was always collected and managed by Storey Dreams. It was also stated that the donations were going to Storey Dreams which has a valid tax-id number and is a 501c3 so is most likely tax exempt.

    So I doubt Veronica has a penny of it.

    4) As to receipts, with my own non-profit (dedicated to preventing impaired drivers from getting on the road by giving them other cost effective options) we take in donations, but generally during major fundraising campaigns where we get hundreds of donations at once, it can take us up to 6 months to get receipts out. It is also common practice for some organizations to wait till closer to tax season to send out receipts so they are fresh for use to file with. So I see nothing odd about that… at least with Storey Dreams… now the donations that went to NIN on the otherhand, I have issue with.

    5) Being quite involved with charities, I realize (after the fact, I had no idea about any of this until after the poor man had apparently died) that selling goods and services (like back stage passes and meet and greets) are NEVER tax deductable because you are PURCHASING something. You are NOT CONSIDERED DONATING.

    They should have made this abundantly clear when they did this promotion. In my opinion, they cheated a lot of people out of there money thinking it was tax deductable when in essence they really just ripped them off. That was some slimy practice right there.

    There are plenty of questions that still remain to be un-answered, but I do have this one thing to say about Veronica’s silence. The woman just lost her brother, and is dealing with a mother who isn’t in perfect health either. Her family has been through a great tragedy. As woman who has recently been through a similar tragedy, I doubt she has had the appropriate time to grieve. Let the woman grieve. A month is too short, I don’t care they are a journalist, a tv start, a politician, losing a dear loved one is hard. Give her time to grieve and heal. The questions still need to be addressed, but now is not the time. A couple of months from now I say sure, ask all the hard questions aand expect immediate answers. But don’t expect them when right now it’s very possible that you are asking someone who is probably crying in a corner somewhere because she can’t understand why her brother is gone yet. Let’s be human and caring in this society for once.

    But Trent can kiss my ass for what appears to be nothing but profiteering over the whole situation.

  23. @ Dee Williams

    Brilliant input! Thanks so much for clarifying a few things for us. Pls do let us know of anything else you come across. Many many thanks for your comment 🙂

  24. Wren1123 says:

    According to the OPTN as of 4/2009 Nevada only does kidney and pancreas transplants. Anyone in need of a heart transplant would have to go to California. Its not that Nevada is denying a procedure-it just isn’t offered there. Now I don’t know if Medicaid which is state run will cover a transplant performed in another state. This may be the crux of the problem. Another organization in Nevada that specifically helps residents of that state with transplantation is: http://www.thetransplantnetwork.com

  25. thirteen31 says:

    @ Dee Williams

    Excellent! I think the issue with the donations is more about how Reznor handled his end of the fundraising – profiteering? One question, though, is the money that was used as a “donation” that actually went towards purchasing a product, mean that Reznor/NIN be given the tax-exemption instead of the fans?

  26. Kathryn says:

    5) Being quite involved with charities, I realize (after the fact, I had no idea about any of this until after the poor man had apparently died) that selling goods and services (like back stage passes and meet and greets) are NEVER tax deductable because you are PURCHASING something. You are NOT CONSIDERED DONATING.

    This is not entirely true. Any amount that you donated over what is pereived ti be the value of what you received is considererd deductible. Hard to evaluate those ticket packages, but if they were giving more than was the value of the packages, the excess is deductible.

    Did anyone on here by one of those packages? Who was the money given go? How was it paid, what were checks made out to, etc.?

    More info would help.

  27. Wren1123 says:

    “is the money that was used as a “donation” that actually went towards purchasing a product, mean that Reznor/NIN be given the tax-exemption instead of the fans?” -thirteen_13

    Great question @thirteen_13. I would love to know the answer to that one too. Not that I bought one of those packages. Actually the day I went to buy tickets to the NIN/JA show in Pittsburgh was the day TR gave advice to cutters. Luckily I read his blog before buying. Maybe I should send him a thank you card for saving me money?

  28. Someone posted an interesting comment on NINtarded site after TR did the saintly announcement Veronica was going to DC today – dont even think about asking who is paying for the flights! 😉

    Just a copy/paste of the comment, if not deleted it can be seen HERE:

    member – dans

    I’ll probably get booed off the boards for posting this, but what the heck. I feel that the issue is getting confused. I hear Veronica complain about private insurance and preexisting condition policies and I think her energy is misplaced. Below is what I feel the real issue is.

    What is insurance? Insurance is someone taking a bet that they can get more money out of you than the policy pays out. The idea is that if they take a lot of safe bets, then they can cover the policies they lose money on. What do you get in return? You get the assurance that if something bad were to happen you are covered at least financially. That is it. Plain and simple.

    So why couldn’t Eric get private insurance? Because he applied for private insurance after he got sick. Since he had a preexisting condition when applying for insurance the insurance company won’t give him a policy because they know they will lose money on him. Think about it. If laws were passed to allow folks with preexisting conditions to obtain private insurance, no one will buy insurance until they need it. There is no way a system like that is sustainable. What if term life insurance policies allow preexisting condition? That would mean you could sign a $1,000,000 life insurance policy on your death bed, pay one month of premiums and have your beneficiaries collect the dough. There is no way that would be sustainable.

    The issue here isn’t private insurance reform or laws to allow preexisting conditions on private insurers… the issue here is why didn’t the insurance he had, Medicaid, cover his illness? This issue is about Medicaid reform… not private health care reform

  29. Ally says:

    Whether some of the comments and criticisms of how the “fundraising” (for lack of a better term) was handled could have been stated more diplomatically is beside the point of legitimacy. There are glaring issues with the sloppiness and lack of transparency. The law doesn’t allow for people to just declare the collection of money as a charity or nonprofit, or to designate “contributions” as tax-deductible, nor can the conditions of how the money is managed or where it ends up be changed at the whim of people who have no idea which rules and regulations apply.

    No matter how noble the intentions seem to be, the Trent worshippers seriously need to take a step back and look at what’s going on here. Ms. De La Cruz is reeling, I’m sure, from the recent death of her brother, but she’s culpable as well in what may be viewed by federal, state and local authorities as criminal liability. I know that here in California, and I’d guess it’s the same in the other 49 states, detailed information is required to be available to anyone who’s solicited for contributions to a charitable cause. Records have to be kept on every dollar donated, and a specific account, such as a trust, has to be set up to hold the funds. I have yet to find any information available about the nearly million dollars that was raised through NIN channels – not to mention all the other donations, and there were many – and it took a ton of digging to find out about this shadowy figure and his supposed foundation. To announce, after the fact, that the remaining funds will be used in some vaguely related way isn’t satisfactory, and the De La Cruz family is STILL asking for more donations. For what, exactly?

    Are you people straight-up fools, or just where your idol is concerned?

    I’ll always appreciate and enjoy the great music Trent created but he’s gone off the deep end and the lemmings are going right with him.

  30. Wren1123 says:

    Found this on the IRS’s website. The example they give is for a concert ticket sold for $100 with part of the proceeds say $60 going to charity. So long as it’s over $75 the seller must give written disclosure of how much is going to charity so the buyer can claim the right deduction. The seller must also give written disclosure of the tickets fair market value.

    Now the second part seems to support what @Dee Williams says about meet and greets and backstage passes not being deductible because they have insubstantial value and no written disclosure would be required.


    I’m also reading this as it is the charity (StoreyDreams)job to issue the receipts. Hopefully NIN kept good records to turn over.

  31. LB says:

    Hello Wren1123 – if/when you get a receipt, please let me know asap. I have asked about a receipt from the Storey Dreams Foundation and they claim that NIN is responsible for giving out those receipts. When I emailed NIN asking about a receipt, I was told that the Storey Dream Foundation would give out the receipts. Basically I am getting the run around. This charity drive was handled very poorly. I can’t believe when I ask important financial questions I am treated like a disruptive person. I have given money in the past to many organizations and charity drives and have always been given a receipt and other documentation.

  32. @ LB

    So far no one has come forward with a screencap of any receipts. That doesnt mean to say they arent yet to be issued. Actually I have a feeling that after all these questions being raised regarding SDF, they will most certainly issue receipts. Call it “covering their asses” kinda move 😉

    One of my main concerns now is that since we started asking questions it has transpired that NIN.com and TR have a lot more to do with this than it was previously thought. Just to give you an idea: an acquaintance of mine and NY based lawyer called the NIN business manager at Rebel Waltz management yesterday and was told that the NIN donation was already given to the SDF but on the same call was told that TR will decide what to do with the remaining funds thru the SDF and also that SDF cant decide themselves what to do with it….make of it what you will but from where I`m standing this doesnt look good.

  33. Juliet says:

    None of it looks good – all very suspect IMO.

  34. Wren1123 says:


    I should probably let it die, as this recent find raises more questions than answers. The In Care of Name of Holthouse,Carlin & Van Tright are the managing accountants. Looking at other charities listed in the 90210 zip code having an accounting firm as the in care of name seems fairly common. I was surprised to see the Boy and Girls Scouts as the #1 activity.

  35. Wren1123 says:

    @LB Getting the run around?


    StoreyDreams isn’t listed with the BBB yet nor is the LifeGiver Project. From their main page at the BBB you can request a report on a charity or file a complaint or review Tim Storey Ministries. NIN can’t issue a receipt because they aren’t a charity. I can see StoreyDreams’ reluctance to issue receipts much less mention the Lifegiver Project since they are still waiting on NIN to release funds. Keep pushing for that receipt though.

  36. Wren1123 says:

    Found a post on echoing the sound -3rd one down- saying the e-mail receipt for funds donated to #Eric should be sufficient.


    Don’t know if this is true. ASPCA and Children International always send me a form once a year for my taxes clearly itemizing my donations and their tax exempt ID.

  37. I am SO pleased that NIN fans as well as other people are starting to ask questions about the “holy man” Trent Reznor and Reverend Tim Storey and the whereabouts of the remaining #eric fund. My only fear is that people are waking up to this a bit late. By that I mean that there has been enough time for records to be made and all sorts of creative accounting to be done :-/

    Just going to copy/paste a couple of tweets I posted. Check out the links!

    NIN fans are starting to ask questions about the #eric fund. check out this thread. Be quick b4 its deleted http://tinyurl.com/larm6d

    Rev.Tim Storey is a humble man of G-d. Check this out http://tinyurl.com/ltc6n8 Trent Reznor allegedly handed the #eric money to the rev.

    I will say this 1 more time: If things were 100% kosher there would not be such secrecy surrounding it.

  38. Wren1123 says:

    NIN.com just deleted not only my thread, but also my account on NIN.com. The last time I checked my thread as to the progress of the LifeGiver Project around 7pm Eastern time, the number of views was nearing 400. At 9am this morning it had only received about 50 views so it was suddenly generating interest and comments. All I asked was had the De La Cruz family received money yet to offset medical and funeral expenses. I also asked if the LifeGiver Project had a mission statement and would it be an advocate/lobbying group or would it directly be assisting transplantees like the National Transplant Assistance Fund. No name calling, no trolling, just a question that was quickly censored.
    So TR, I just wanted to include a personal note to you. I was going to buy a ticket to your Pittsburgh concert on 6/10/09 when you posted your infamous advice to cutters comment. I didn’t buy that ticket. Then I watched as you trolled others and name called. I had trouble listening to your music after that, so I deleted all my mp3 files and sold all my NIN CDs. I question how the same person who wrote “Head Like A Hole” could give funds to a charlatan like Tim Storey. Trent Reznor, you disappoint and disgust me.

  39. @ Wren1123
    Sorry you got your account on nin.com deleted cos of this. Suppose in a way its good…others will now start to ask even more questions…it weakens TR, the De La Cruz camp & Tim Storey position. As a matter of fact this is becoming more and more dodgy and their reactions are leading us all to believe we are on to something here.
    Did you take any screencaps of the deleted thread? I`ll gladly add that to this blog or even write a new blog on nin.com censorship

  40. justwondering says:

    Hi, just a quick question. What’s the tax situation for those who donated $ through NIN but did not buy a package? No services/goods were purchased so it should be tax deductible, right?

    I’d also like to add, that as someone said earlier (AUF?) I object to my $ being looked “after” by any extremist religion, especially one as suspicious as Tim Storey’s Ministry. I don’t mind donating to/through a legitimate, moderate religious institution who’s views I agree with if I know BEFOREHAND. Just because it’s not my cup of tea doesn’t necessarily make religion a bad thing.

    As to Wren1123’s thread, it’s sound like the questions were respectful. A concerned person would like to know if the money had been rec’d and was helping the family, and asking for info about he LifeGiver Project’s mission statement and if it was an advocate/lobbying group sounds like someone curious to know about the project. No need to assume everyone is out to get you TR.

    I too have stopped listening to NIN. It makes me sick because I can’t listen to the music without thinking about the suicide comments etc.

    As for the issue as to legitimacy, the way this whole issue has been handled makes it irrelevant as to how I feel about it.

    Thanks for your attention

  41. @ justwondering

    Did you receive any confirmation that you donated? If so, did this confirmation clearly contains your name, amount, the cause to which you donated to and an tax exemption ID? If no, sorry but you are in the same boat as 1000s of others who have no idea where they money went, how it was spent, how much of it was/is left and how its going to be used, and forget about having any tax deductions.

    My suggestion to you would be to ring NIN business manager Eric Fermin at Rebel Waltz Management 949-499-4497 and ask him. All my lawyer got from him is that the remaining donated money had already been passed on to Tim Storey but it was down to TR to decide how that was/is to be spent (talk about something smelling fishy). Just for your info, my lawyer called and obtained this info on the 4th of Aug. but since then things could have changed…enough time for the “covering one`s ass” routine 😉

    Further to contacting NIN business manager I suggest you also contact the IRS. Explain the situation and ask their advice on how to proceed.

    Personally if I lived in the USA I would be using all available resources, actioning all government departments and I would possibly even speak to the police and ask for their advice. I would contact Tim Storey and ask the foundations position on this and as long as it is legal (UK we have freedom of information act) I would ask the foundation to provide their accounts for 2009 so far and their tax return for 2008. Basically I would leave no stone unturned. Not saying you should, just saying I would.

    As for the deleted thread on NIN.com that to me compounds the fact that something isnt right. Why such secrecy? I believe these people are either hiding something and need time to cover their tracks or they are being just plain stupid. The less openness about this the more they all look guilty of some wrong doing.

    I am sorry I cant be any more helpful. Perhaps we get a reply from someone in the USA who can be more specific and clarify things for you

  42. chaosvoider says:

    There has to be something fishy going on around here for all this secrecy to happen especially if they deleted Wren1123’s account on nin.com.

    I wish I could be more helpful. Only thing I could point out is bringing it up to the media perhaps?.. Like to some big news station on TV, not just internet. It’d be a way to spread the word around and maybe pressure them enough to give out the answers perhaps.

    I could talk to my aunt about what she knows about the law regarding charities and such. She’s just recently gone medically retired (was a cop) and IS a local resident of California.

  43. @ ChaosVoider

    It would be great if you could get your aunt to read this blog/comments and perhaps ask her how we can proceed. Also, no harm in asking a Cali cop to look into it…nothing asked, nothing gained

  44. chaosvoider says:

    I’ll definitely make sure she gets word about it. Going to send her the link right now and see if I could spread the word around to see if anyone else knows anything about the matter. 🙂

  45. UPDATE –

    It seems that someone has finally got a response from NIN.com regarding their donation. Unfortunately I Havent got screencap of it but here is the copy/paste – here is the link so you can see for yourselves

    Dra508 wrote:
    I know this is going to come across as crass, but what’s going to happen to all that money?
    nympholept wrote:
    I believe Trent has responded to that question here: http://twitter.com/trent_reznor/status/2516790067
    But I’m sure that has more to do with who is asking the question…

    Dra508 wrote L :: Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:49 pm:
    My, my, he is so eloquent. Thanks. I’ve successful avoided the black hole of the interweb that is Twitter. It’s an honest question without implying that anything underhanded would be done with the money, just what.

    trollmanen wrote L :: Mon Jul 27, 2009 2:55 pm:
    Just got the following message from NIN.com support regarding using the donation as a tax deduction:

    “Dear Customer,

    It turns out we are unable to give tax donation credit for this since you have
    received goods or services from Trent. Please be assured that 100% of the
    donation went the help Eric Fund.

    Everyone from the NIN family thanks your for your support and response to help
    out someone in need.

    Thank you,

    NIN Customer Service

    This doesn’t seem right. If I make a donation to NPR, I get a gift of some sort depending on the size of my donation. It was also stated at one point on NIN.com that the donation could be used as a tax deduction. If I had donated $300, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but since I donated $1000 to a charity, I want to deduct it. Anyone else looking to deduct their donation? If enough of us inquire, I’m sure we’ll get somewhere.

  46. thirteen31 says:

    The point about non-profit organisations accepting donations, is that the donor has rights that include requesting financial statements, questions or complaints answered promptly, as well as it being transparent as to where the funds have been allocated. To be “assured that 100% of the donation went [to] the help Eric fund” is not enough when it is not mentioned how much was donated from the purchase – one can be fooled into assuming that 100% of the “package” that Reznor offered was donated. In fact, it is unclear how much was donated from each package, for all we know $1 from each purchase could have been donated. Under proper guidelines, those who donated should have received a receipt that specified how much was a donation as well as a proof of purchase for the product. Without this, it is only a receipt for a purchase. One who donated via NIN.con has only purchased a product – no tax-exemption since Reznor donated funds on your behalf, reaping in the profit as well as your tax-exemption. Nice role-model…Listen up NINtards, you’ve been conned – Reznor is a profiteer.

    Here’s an example of how an NPO (non-profit organisation) is supposed to be run:


    Any questions? See support@help.nin.com and raise some queries regarding your donation.

  47. Cee says:

    For those who made the $300/$1000 donations through NIN (including myself), it seems that the was it is set up is that we actually purchased the M&G/backstage service from NIN, they recorded the revenues, and they will get the tax deduction from donating to a charity.
    I don’t think it was intentional on NIN’s behalf (all that happened very fast, and the main concern was to raise the funds for Eric), but they deceived people by telling them their donations would be tax deductible.
    I’m sure people would be understanding if they just came out and stated clearly “sorry, we screwed up the tax deductibility thing, NIN ended getting the deduction, we’ll make it back to you with awesome free music in the future.” Or something along those lines…
    People understand mistakes, but hate liars…

  48. @ Cee

    I`m very sorry you were conned.
    Personally I dont think TR set out to profiteer from this monetarily when he 1st got involved. Yes, he wanted to profiteer by scoring “brownie points” with his fan base. However he profiteered and this has left a bad taste in the mouth of those who, like your good self, made the donating in good faith.
    I believe its to late for an apology. I think the authorities should be involved now cos this is nothing but “false advertisement”.

  49. Cee says:

    Sorry if it’s already been posted, but found this board/discussion on the topic: tinyurl.com/lanxlg

    A guy (LizardWiz) did some research & found this about the Storeydreams Foundation:
    “Last year it reported 780,000 in revenues; 205,000 in salary/benefits for a single person (Tim Storey), 119,000 in “travel” expenses for him, not to mention another 60,000 for other salaries/benefits, plus almost 60,000 in accounting expenses for a non-profit who “reportedly” only took in 780,000.”

    So shady!…

  50. @ Cee

    Thanks for link. Thats news to me. Very shady indeed

  51. Wren1123 says:

    Anyhow guess what I saw on Twitter? Guess who went to the last NIN show and had a table set up there? http://twitpic.com/hc5tc
    You guessed it: Veronica De La Cruz.

    Pics of: TrentReznor & Veronica, 09/10 NIN show, http://twitpic.com/hciuq
    TonyHawk @ Veronica http://twitpic.com/hc0bx
    It wasn’t all fun and pics though-Veronica cried afterwards because Eric couldn’t be there. (She had the same reaction to the NYC final NIN show she attended.) I kind of wanted to vomit after seeing Veronica De La Cruz’s twitter page.

    Then I went to the Life Giver Project to see who has been helped by this new charity made possible by donations from NIN fans. Dated Aug. 30th:
    “Want you to know I have been working with a family in Vegas, the family of Kelly Williams, a 34 year old father of 4. His mom contacted me to ask how to go about getting him into a hospital without supplemental insurance. Miraculously UCLA accepted him last week (he had the exact same condition as Eric) and his sister just emailed me to say that tonight he will get his heart.”
    When I read the whole post, and I’ve posted the majority of it minus her babbling about how Eric’s spirit was with this family, it occurred to me how was this family helped by the Life Giver Project? Did they give advice, a letter of recommendation, may be some money? Who knows?!?

  52. @ Wren I updated the blog with a screencap 😉
    Any news from the IRS?

  53. Wren1123 says:

    If anyone is interested in protesting the #Eric Fund Raiser you can cut/paste/send some letters I wrote or get creative and make your own. Here is what I sent:

    choice #1:
    Please investigate the Eric De La Cruz fundraiser organized by Nine Inch Nails, Veronica De La Cruz, and Tim Storey. Close to 1 million dollars were raised that cannot be accounted for at this time. Fans of Nine Inch Nails donated in good faith and were told their donations were tax deductible when they weren’t deductible. Storey Dreams ID code is 95-4295220. In this current economic situation, those who strive to better their fellow person should be rewarded and not taken advantage of those with opportunity.
    choice #2:
    Please investigate the Life Giver Project. Fans of Nine Inch Nails made donations and were told they were tax deductible with Storey Dreams tax exempt code: 95-4295220. This turned out to not be true. Now close to a one million dollars is unaccounted for through this sham charity. Monies were given to help those in need.
    choice #3:
    Whatever you create. Infinitely the best of all 3. Just send it through the email on http://sites.google.com/site/faxericnow/ to the Obama Presidency.

    Yes, this web site was created by Veronica De La Cruz to lobby for healthcare reform which makes hijacking it and using her site to draw attendion to this goofy charity even more beautiful. Anyway links are provided so that emails can be sent to just about every elected official and you do have to use your real name and address.

    Someone else suggested in an online forum:”I would also copy whatever you write and mail it AND email it to the IRS Crimes & Investigations Unit. They will keep a file and investigate it and there is no time limit for this type of crime. You can contact the IRS anon or put your name on it and any $ that the IRS gains through your tip you would get a percentage on.

    Also, whatever you write ALSO mail/email the FTC

    http://www.ftc.gov/charityfraud/ .”

  54. abbie says:

    This shouldn’t be sent to the “Obama Presidency” it needs to go to the IRS. You can get contact info on IRS.gov.

  55. I found this post on a forum – its by Wren

    From: @VeronicaDLCruz
    RT @HuffPolitics http://bit.ly/2Iz7kS Reid: Public option with opt-out “the one that’s fair #ERIC #HCR
    “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced Monday that the bill he will bring to the Senate floor will include a public health insurance option that individual states could decline to participate in.”
    Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/26/reid-the-public-option-wi_n_334284.html

    Ok so if Eric was alive and his home state of Nevada chooses to opt-out of participating in public health insurance; doesn’t that leave him in exactly the same place he was before? Without insurance to pay for a heart transplant? I guess the plan is to beat the GOP filibuster and then vote out the opt-out option for states? Does anyone have any non biased factually based sources for real healthcare reform? Seriously I work in healthcare and this whole debate confuses me.

    In keeping with the theme of the forum that TR is a douche, here are various tweets of Veronica’s imploring TR to sign her petition supporting Reid’s Healthcare Reform bill (and get it named after her brother too it would seem):

    @Trent_Reznor PLS sign the petition 4 #ERIC’s law and RT. Would mean a lot http://bit.ly/s3OdO #HCR #ETA Thank you!! xo

    @Trent_Reznor PLS sign the petition 4 #ERIC’s law and RT. Would mean a lot http://bit.ly/s3OdO Thank u!

    Anyway she askes several times over several days. She has yet to get a response from TR but succeeded in getting a response from @Yoda_Reznor:
    RT @yoda_reznor Yessss, sign this I did. http://bit.ly/2dWAPc Think about it you should. Hmmmm.

  56. http://bit.ly/1mYB8g Huffington Post article on Veronica De La Cruz and Eric. Read 1st page of comments-she stops posting after she realizes not everyone will love her like the sycophantic NINtards. Welcome to the real world and the real debate on healthcare reform, Veronica.

    Posted by Wren on some forum

  57. UPDATE 11/01/10 VIA Wren1123 on http://wavegoodbye.foren-city.de/viewtopic.php?p=1962#1962 – Sure smells fishy to me

    This might not mean anything, but I just noticed: http://veronicadelacruzonline.com/ domain expired 12-11-09 on GoDaddy.com
    http://www.lifegiversfoundation.org/ domain is registered till 5-15-10 also from GoDaddy.com but hasn’t been updated since 9-9-09.
    http://blog.weloveeric.com/ Other than linking the Glamour Mag(Nov. issue) to the site the most recent entry is 9-1-09. Something is so not Kosher here. I check in on these sites every couple of months now. I just would have thought with all the healthcare reform debate over the holidays more would have been done. Hell I expected at least some new entry because most charities ramp up their efforts during the holiday season.

  58. Ed says:

    If any one person has donated $1000 you can file a report with your local police and it is considered grand larceny which is a FELONY offense. However, if you have donated ANYTHING, even $1 and you have proof it will greatly help expedite the investigation.

    First you need to go to this website: IRS – Charities. Then fill the following form: Form 13909 . You will either need to fax (214-413-5415), email (eoclass@irs.gov) or mail (address listed below) the filled out 13909.

    IRS EO Classification
    Mail Code 4910DAL
    1100 Commerce Street
    Dallas, TX 75242-1198

  59. @ Ed

    Thanks for that. Really informative and helpful

  60. @ Ed maybe she got bored of the Lifegiver Project and/or found a new way to scam ppl out of their cash

  61. Luis says:


    @VeronicaDLCruz on Twitter
    This week I’ll be anchoring NBC’s Early Today & MSNBC’s First Look tomorrow Monday & Friday morning! Sunday, July 25, 2010 7:16:18 PM via web


  62. has she already blown all the cash she conned off the NINtards?

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