Trent Reznor & The Vanishing RT


28/07/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

Oh dear oh dear…Our “champ” has done it AGAIN.

After days TRolling on Twitter using several accounts, Trent Reznor went on his own website and posted yet another long-winded rant about how misunderstood he is and how I am the sole reason for his all problems. Yes, he has actually named me as the reason he left Twitter…no mention that Twitter approached him and asked him to kindly tone down and in true prima donna style he throws a hissy fit and deletes his account.

So, when he isn’t moaning to Rolling Stone and getting bashed by ex-fans for his now notorious foot-in-mouth suicide tips for cutters, our drama queen is playing the victim to his NINtards. Anyway, I won’t post a link to his rant because I refuse to give his website any airtime.

Trent_Reznor 07/28/09 10:23 AM

Bla bla bla boring bla…..

Twitter: Yes, I deleted my account and I’ll explain why since somehow someone apparently thinks this is newsworthy.
Twitter seemed like an interesting way to quickly reach a large number of people, and people that seem to exist outside of the world of fans. For a while, I found it useful to read replies and get a sense of what people are thinking / saying, and this worked well for a while. As I’ve mentioned in other letters, the key to understanding your audience / fan-base is to engage them and understand them. The results of me doing this with NIN include the way we sell tickets on, the way we’ve distributed the last records, the multitracks available for free download for you to remix, the Creative Commons licensing, the open camera / recording policy for live shows, no fan-club fees, the tour music samplers, the open design of, etc etc etc. I could keep going because pretty much everything we’ve been doing with NIN lately has been based upon what you as an audience think would be a cool way to do it.
Most of these policies and approaches have nothing to do with Twitter, but it was another tool to see what people think about things and get feedback.
Then… around the time news broke of my engagement, a faction of troublemakers showed up whose sole intent was to disrupt, harass, insult and incite. Let me explain to you why simply blocking on Twitter was not a solution. If you are interested in someone on Twitter, you can follow their updates. I’ve noticed however many people want to see the replies that user gets to have a sense of a thread of information / thoughts. You do this by searching the user’s name you’re interested in. When I started getting relentlessly reply spammed by these few individuals with harassment ranging from hoping I overdose to calling my fiancee racist slurs hundreds of times a day, YES – I could (and did) block them, but everyone else reading my replies sees ALL of that nonsense. So, I am providing a platform for this rubbish to be broadcast to my fanbase, which I am not going to participate in. I discussed this with some friends at Twitter who acknowledged the problem with a “yeah, um, we’re thinking about doing something about that – people are complaining” response. Not good enough. As I’ve said, Twitter’s interests lie in getting the most users and hype possible, then cash in for the big sale – and fair enough, they’ve come up with an interesting product.
Last night, I had the pleasure of trying to explain this message to an understandably upset Veronica De La Cruz:
@AndreaUrbanFox someone got balls at last! Hey, can I have some of that #Eric money? The dude’s dead, he doesn’t need it lol

She saw this message because anything with the #Eric hashtag appears on I tried to explain to her this person is just a lonely, obsessed, delusional, bitter “fan” who recently posted how the celebrity she’d most like to date is ME. She spends countless hours a day obsessing over me, my fiancee and NIN resorting to ANYTHING for attention. In a reasonably moderated community, these people can be made to vanish – on Twitter, it’s a free-for-all – hence they flock there. It depresses me to think my art and life’s work can attract this kind of scum, and trying to explain to Veronica why someone would stoop to that level of ignorance for attention – and it’s someone that because of me is in her world causing her pain… well, it sucks. If that was your intention you trolling, cowardly pigs – you’ve succeeded.

Do note how His Holiness fails to mention it was an RT (ReTweet) which means I was just reposting what someone else said AND it was already an RT by yet another person. How convenient huh? Even more convenient is that he also fails to mention the said RT was dropped by HIM using HIS own TRolling account. How can one be sure it is his account? Cos a DM (Direct Message) with a bit. link was sent to him and the dumbass clicked on it which led straight to him, in France at the time.

So, what better way to get back at me then to summon his NINtarded minions and try to entice them AGAIN to go fight his fights for him. Yes, Reznor we see through you and now your fans are starting to see too 😛

Also note how he uses Veronica…pull those heart strings why don’t you? We all know he used the Eric thing to take attention off his shambolic engagement to someone he “picked up” from Twitter and after 2 weeks proposed to. Why not use the same strategy now?

Let me be clear about something here, I do NOT apologize for asking to see the accounts for the Eric fund (still not made public) and for questioning where the rest of it is going. There have been a lot more direct questions asked by others such as why donations ($1,200) to the #Eric Fund through NIN are NOT tax deductable and why not have that explained before soliciting donations…but as it wasn’t me asking no reason for TR to get upset huh?

Lets face it, if I`m obsessed by TR as he seems to think I am, the same can be said for him who still follows me on, still reads my tweets and blogs….

Final note from me to Trent Reznor HERE

The vanishing RT

The vanishing RT

32 thoughts on “Trent Reznor & The Vanishing RT

  1. JJPaul says:

    Ha!!! Love it take that NINTards! And from the biggest NINTard of all who got called out as a TROLL TRent Reznor!!! Clicked on a link and was traced back to France HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  2. yes…(disclaimer)… or so I`m told 😉


  3. Pete_Ross says:

    Yup. DM’d a link to @probablecause01. They clicked it. Went to France. Was never confirmed that it was an iPhone. However, the ONLY 2 people to know the link was me and @probablecause01, and I’m not in France right now.

    Circumstantial maybe, but read the tweets of @probablecause01 and do the math. It’s certainly one of 2 bullying douchebags.

  4. Thanks for clarifying that Pete_Ross 😉
    Just for the record, I think you are awesome!

  5. shark_hater says:

    Sigh. I feel so cheated. Here I am, the MEANEST troll ever (heck, even the girls over at Metal Sludge agree) and no one is giving me the proper credit. In fact even Andrea told me to fuck off 😦

  6. @ shark_hater

    what happened to your twitter account? Did you delete it or did you get banned. Cos that fugly swedish trollop is saying u got banned. whats the score?

    Yeah, i told u to fuck off…but I pretty much told everyone the same last night…shit happens. But if it makes u feel better I did credit you for the #eric RT. Now, that is real badass!

  7. shark_hater says:

    No worries Andrea, I’m a fan :). I did delete my account of my own volition. Call it a moment of weakness, but I did feel a teensie bad. There. Now everyone knows there’s a heart in this sharky body of mine.

  8. JJPaul says:

    Aww sharky come back!

  9. Nasty says:

    AndreaUrbanFox, Is that true you said you wanted to date and go to bed with Trent, LOL!!!!!

  10. @ Nasty

    Yes it is true that many moons ago, way before I found out what a poor excuse of a man he is, I answered a questionaire and named him. Big fucking deal

  11. @ “Sharky”

    Good to know that fugly ikea woman is spreading bs, again.
    Do come back and set her straight.

  12. A passerby says:

    You’re just a resentful bitch and a sorry excuse for a human being

  13. Jeff C. says:

    why doesn’t Reznor write about where the money went for the Eric Fund? Why the donations are not tax deductable and why NIN did not report this before asking for donations? Also transplants are between $120,000 – $280,000 not one million dollars. Why is the Eric money going through the Tim Storey Foundation when he is a Bev. Hills millionaire TELEVANGELIST?

  14. @ Jeff C.

    I asked the same and got called a c*nt and His Holiness goes and disses me to his minions….The answer is: I dont know why. All I know is the more they hide and get defensive over valid & legit questions like yours, the more they open themselves up to speculation. Personally I know a bit more about this but I am sitting on that info for a bit longer 😉

  15. @ A passerby

    What a lovely, polite and clever lady. Mummy must be proud!

  16. E says:

    What does it matter if it was a RT or not? Posting it again was a sign that you agreed, and it was a sick, stupid thing to say.

  17. @ E

    what does it matters? My dear, its straight forward lying from your master, His Holiness Reznor. Just another one of his many lies, PR stunts and manipulation.
    An RT is NOT an indication one agrees with it. Could be the opposite. As it goes I dont deny I dont disagree with what was said. I disagree in the manner it was put. But hey, you`re the all heart, all knowing and all loving NIN fan, #Eric donating simpleton that would say that huh?


  18. CBA says:

    Since she is a reporter/journalist, Veronica De La Cruz should be able to appreciate why people are requesting transparency about the money they willingly chose to donate to help her brother. If I were her, I’d just answer the question, no matter who asked it or how. A reporter should also understand that, grief or no grief, people fill a vacuum with all kinds of projections. If you don’t answer the question honestly and promptly, they’ll start imagining the worst. The best way to prevent that is to volunteer information. Better to prevent a mess than to clean one up. If this donation thing wasn’t set up properly and they don’t administer it transparently, even if their hearts were in the right place, it’s going to turn into a big mess. They should hire a lawyer with experience in this kind of thing to manage it and issue a press release posthaste.

  19. @ CBA

    Yes indeed! But hey ho they want to make even more of a circus of it, pull on ppls heart strings, entice more NINtards to TRoll and who knows even make a few more bucks out of it. I am simply getting fed up with this whole Eric thing … and to be honest, I havent even started!

  20. Devin Raposo says:

    Jesus. You have way too much time on your hands.

  21. Luísa says:

    Você e Trent definitivamente se merecem.

  22. @ Devin Raposo

    That may be so but I spend it wisely. Thanks for the comment

  23. @ Luisa

    Eu mereco melhor

  24. blocksunday says:

    By doing this kind of behavior, he is showing more and more fans what a big deluded asshole he is. He’s losing more fans. Everything he is calling other people- unattractive, plump and pig are what he is turning into. He is unattractive plump and a pig. He said he would hit people in the fat titties if they insulted his girlfriend. The only one with moobs is him.
    Trent brought on a lot of the insults people are bringing him himself. He and his girlfriend posted pictures all over the web of them making out, when he knows he has tons of fangirls out there who follow his every move. IF he didn’t want people talking about him and his girlfriend, he shouldn’t have put all those things out there. Trent is a celebrity, he’s in the public eye, so people criticizing you is part of that. You have to realize that not everyone is going to like everything you do. Andrea saying she wanted to date you should be seen as a complement especially since you are 44 years old and bloated and plump and unattractive now. You know most people who write who they want to date on surveys never actually think that they will get to talk to that person OR that he is a lunatic and will post it on his messageboard against her. I doubt Andrea would even want to shake your hand now. Trent continues going after random fans,what’s the point of that. Like someone said, it’s “like he’s shadow boxing with ghosts.” No one, the fans who disagree with you, andrea, fred, the hundreds of other people you’ve told off or blocked,metal sludge, or any other websites is leaving. trent, believe what you will in your own mind, but life is going on without you. Remember that once you were an unremarkable person leading an unremarkable life, what you once called all of your fans, and one day you will be one once again

  25. ben says:

    you are a disgusting pig bitch. someone should douse your fat ugly face with kerosene and light your ignorant pathetic empty ass on fire. fucking crackheaded whore. you will get exactly whats coming to you…

  26. @ Ben ( IP

    It`s NINtards like you that encourage me to carry on. Thanks!

  27. Everyone. says:

    How about not using your ED page for shameless self promotion, Andrea. Edit warring there will not change anything.
    Just sayin

  28. @ Everyone. (aka @afadedlily on twitter, aka girlygirl47 on ED, Author : Everyone. (IP: , E-mail : )

    Not use it for shameless self-promo? After you spent so much time and effort creating that page? I wouldnt miss such a great opportunite to spin that in my favor!!

    PS- I would also like to thank you for all the free promo you`re giving me on twitter with your multiple accounts impersonating me and/or giving out my “personal” details. So far you have raised my profile, made yourself look even more of a psycho than your pic portrays and have led the Twitter law-enforcement division straight to your doorstep 🙂

  29. Kilburn says:

    Think you can get Ben suspended from his school for using the school’s PC’s for Terroristic Threatening.

  30. @ Kilburn

    I`ve had a string of these threats, some even straight forward death threats. I have never allowed these comments on my blogs but I decided I will from now on. I will also RT all the ones I get on Twitter. These people dont see that they are damaging and defaming their own idol by doing so. And because we`re dealing with the lowest common denominators, this will not become clear to them until their master tells them to stop IN SO MANY WORDS. And as I see it, Reznor by not denouncing these threats is actually in agreement with them in which case proves further what a deluded ass-clown lying scumbag psychotic fuck he is

  31. E says:


    I didn’t donate any money to the fund actually, so you’re wrong about me being the “all heart, all knowing and all loving NIN fan, #Eric donating simpleton.” You retweeted something and suggested that you agreed with it. It’s as simple as that. You can try to act like you had different motives or didn’t totally agree with the way it was being said, but you retweeted it and added “someone’s got balls at last.” That is a pretty straightforward comment to me. You could have just made an original tweet that said “Where is the money? I want to know,” instead of retweeting a vile comment made by someone else.

  32. awarmplace says:

    Andrea, i admire your strength. im totally with you on everything. i am a bitter ex-fan, i feel betrayed and lied to for years. i dont want to get started on that asian thing, who looks like every other 10 dollar ladyboy hooker working the streets of bangcock. Trent himself has become a mind-controlled fist-fucked zombie, his lyrics to “Everything is exactly the same”, validates my claim: “i just do what ive been told”. that asian fist-fuck puppet, is nasty, ugly, cheap, gold-digger, and Trent cant see this, its ok. i was devastated to hear Trent encourages some NINTards to come after you, and do Charles Manson style killing to you. Trent is obsessed with Charles Manson, i think you need to be very careful and inform your local authorities regarding these death threat incited by Trent. wish you best of luck, keep on fihting. love you.

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