Letter to Trent Reznor by Anonymous


24/07/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

The following is a letter to NIN`s Trent Reznor by a former fan. This former fan passed this on to me in hope TR will read it as he seems to have read my blogs in the past. I was also asked to publish this anonymously because the person who wrote it doesnt want the kind of psychotic TRolling by NINtards that I get. Fair enough.

Let it be known I wasnt going to blog this until next monday. But due to the recent amount of attention and free promo a few psychotic NINtards have generated, I thought I might as well use it to my advantage. Call it “spin”. So as much as I have no time for these NINtards and their hero worship, I have to now thank them for hype being created by their pre-pubescent TRolling. Couldnt have worked out better for me 🙂

NOTE: I wrote this before Trent Reznor & Mariqueen deleted their accounts so any Twitter references can be ignored.

Dear Mr Reznor,

I still think you’re a big fat douche bag. And your actions / behavior sure have proved that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to throw out insults every other sentence (however much you rightfully deserve them) because I’m going to be the bigger, more mature person.

As much as I never wanted to get involved in all the drama around you lately, well, let’s just say it’s a change of mind. You treat your fans like shit when they don’t agree with you, just like you call them out on Twitter or nin.com for voicing their opinions. And what about the suspension of REAL people’s accounts because they don’t kiss your, or Mariqueen’s ass? Harassment? Some of them, most likely. But all of them? No. If that’s the case, then your account should be suspended as well for violating the Twitter TOS. Because you’ve done plenty of harassing towards others. Giving out Angela’s location? That alone should have been enough reason for your account to be suspended. You might not have directly given out her address, but anyone with half a brain would know they can easily search her name in ‘Worcester, MA’ and it would be given to them. “blocksunday” is also a fucking joke. And others (I’m not going to give out names because, I’m not going to bring more unnecessary shit to them) were and still are so fucking right about you.

But what really made me turn away from not only you but nin was your suicide tip. So again, YOU’RE A BIG FAT DOUCHE BAG. It doesn’t matter not only to me, but a lot of others who you directed that at, because it was universal in every sense of the word. Telling someone to cut along the length of vein, not across. Bigger payoff. Fucked up move, regardless of how pissed you are, when there’s always that chance that your fans on nin.com have been in a situation where they thought that was their only option. Yes, I’m talking about myself here, for for a much more serious reason. But of course, you don’t give a shit. And the obvious reason is that in your apology over at nin.com, you never once mentioned that part of your post. Only your reason why you used the word ‘plump’ and your feelings on said persons. So apparently, you don’t care how hurtful (not to mention wrong) that comment was and you don’t care about your fans. You care about the money they put in your pocket, and that’s all.

And while I’m still on the suicide tip / encouragement, it sickens me to know I was apart of a fan base where people actually thought it was FUNNY! What sickens me even more is that some of the people I read those comments from were people whom I thought seemed like interesting fun people. So in conclusion to that, I feel I have every RIGHT to be personally insulted and to take that personally. But maybe, maybe that’s because I had PMed you thanking you for your music saving my life and what happened to me when I was a teenager and thought suicide was my only option (even if my method was different from cutting along the length of vein). And reading that (again, I must express ‘regardless of who it was aimed towards’) from someone you looked up to so incredibly much is a hurtful thing. Oh wait, it’s not like you give a shit so I don’t know why I mentioned that.

You need to get your shit straight, and frankly I don’t care how much you want to out me on twitter and call me a cunt and every other name under the sun, because you do. Just because you’re in love doesn’t give you the right to lash out at the people who made you and act like a total prick. Because when your engagement / marriage doesn’t work out, you’re not going to get sympathy from a lot of people and they won’t feel bad for you in the least. As for me, I’m as stubborn as they come, and will probably just shake my head saying “I knew it”. I used to be a huge fan who would support / defend you but from now on, never again. Then again, I never knew just how you really were.

And by the way, the excuse of ‘trolls’ pissing you off about Mariqueen and you soooo badly, is getting old. I would think that a man as intelligent as yourself (or what I thought anyway) would realize that the way to STOP IT (sans lashing out at fans, telling them to kill themselves) is to SHUT THE FUCK UP about it. You learned your lesson and you STILL talk about the two of you. Because you love the attention and being about to spout whatever at people? Yes. Don’t you think it’s just a bit ironic that after you “leave” Twitter because of the people who fucked it for you (when really, it was yourself who fucked it up) and then come back, you decide to throw out how the two of you are such an ‘unstoppable force’? Apparently, because in some sick way you love the shit you’re getting. Stop being a drama queen, Trent, it doesn’t go well at all with a man of your age. If anything, it makes you look incredibly lame and like a fucking baby.

And Trent, I must state the obvious:

1) I am NOT / was never jealous / pissed over your engagement.
2) I am NOT jealous of Mariqueen marrying you.
3) And I most certainly never WANTED to bang you.

Why would I be jealous or pissed if someone else is genuinely happy? Everyone deserves happiness, although you seem more hateful now than anything. Not happy, not in love.

I pretty much hate all men (you’re no exception), so why would I be jealous?

Again, refer to the second part of this. As hard as you might find it to believe, not everyone wants to get in your pants.

And as far as Mariqueen is concerned? Judging her based on the way she presents herself online, if I ever saw you and her (or just you) on the street, I’d still say that she seems like an immature, ignorant insensitive bitch. And, I’d be perfectly prepared for you to punch me in the face or my “tits”. Actually, I think that would be quite humorous. After all, I am just giving my opinion which you should understand. I mean, you’ve been doing enough of it lately.

But I’ve wasted enough time and energy on you (which I’m going to kick myself in the ass for doing later I’m sure) so I’m ending this here. You’re really not worth it, but giving my opinion was.


My opinions, my thoughts. Disagree? Good for you, I’m not asking anyone to agree with what I’ve said. And I’m certainly not going to sit back and not stand up when I feel the need to.

59 thoughts on “Letter to Trent Reznor by Anonymous

  1. Yawner says:

    Who cares?

  2. JJPaul says:

    That is so sad, someone who really looked up to him and now she hates him so much. I know a lot of people who feel the same way and will never ever waste their hard earned money just to make him richer. Obviously now he is only in it for the money. I feel bad for the other guys in the band, the deserve better.

  3. @ JJ

    I read so many letters like this, some sent to me directly others in forums. I also have seem so many disappointed and betrayed fans (ex fans now) in comments all over the internet. From comments on my blogs, on Rolling Stone and even some on nin.com (although they get deleted pretty quick by mods). It is indeed a shame TR had to end his career in such a low. I also feel somewhat sorry for the musicians touring with NIN. They are great and all this bad press TR has generated for the past half year cant be good for them but, hey ho, such is life. Thanks for commenting

  4. mojo says:

    Wow… just wow. I’m at a loss for words. Great Letter!

  5. diva_ludmi says:

    What a great letter!! So sad for her but I agree on what she says.
    He was acting like a teen (even worst), I mean I understand mariqueen comments, she is in her 20’s, inmatured in a way, shallow and all.
    But TR, he is in 40’s, hello are you a kid or a men??
    Maybe he allways was like these, but when he start to be with mariqueen he got worst. Like the 40 something men crisis, been with a girl half your age and start to act like her just for feel more young and all that.

    TR cross the line for me with the suicide tips and the plump comments, he even got to take back what he says about plump girls coz nin.com fans feel bad about those comments. But like he says, he wasen’t talking about his nin.com fans he was talking the “metal slunge” girls, yeah right, when you talk like that about one women you are talking about what you really think about all “plump” women. Again a lot of nin fans that I know they have eating dissorder. So yeahh epic fail TR!

    And like she says in the letter a lot of fans have suicide problems in the present or in the past, and even TR says that he did have that problem and when you say those think like that is just not right! epic fail 2!

    Even that I wasen’t like a huge fan of nin, i did love tr and nin, and it’s sad that a lot of huge fans of nin get these from him. So sad!

    PS: sorry for the english.

  6. @ Diva_ludmi

    Your English is way better than some of the NINtards I`ve had the misfortune to come across. Sometimes when I`m reading the forums on nin.com I cringe in RL.
    As for TR owening an apology for things he said, yes he does but he will never do it. It takes a bigger man to admit when he is wrong. Reznor is not that kind of man. Period. He suffers with what we call “shortarse syndrome”, topped with his obvious out of control bi-polarity and the bad company he keeps, there is no way will he ever say sorry to those he hurt :-/

  7. @ Mojo

    indeed it`s a great letter. I wish the writer could be named because he/she deserves all the credit. Shame he/she feels the kind of threats and TRolling I get isnt what he/she wants right now.

  8. BlockFriday says:

    Trent Reznor is the biggest troll of them all. He’s made countless twitter accounts like twitcoward to harrass fans he doesn’t agree with on twitter. It’s amazing how a 44 year old millionaire who is touring the world right now finds the time to troll twitter comments 24/7. It’s pathetic really. His looks are going downhill too. Must be from staying up late all those nights trolling the comments and worried about what his girlfriend is doing. Trent is a very unhappy, miserable person. It’s a shame he has to act out on his fans, the same ones who paid money that bought his mansion and expensive cars. Finally the fans are beginning to see him for the ahole that he is, undeserving of anyone’s money.

  9. BlockFriday says:

    Wanted to add that I also think his leaving twitter had to do with him wanting media attention. He sure picked a great time, he got all sorts of press just in time for his new tour. He most likely did it to be a media whore rather than because of any one person. If he was a mature person, he would have really made his twitter one way and ingored the responses.

  10. ashley says:

    What is more important in life?: making a post about Trent Reznor constantly and how much of an ass he was to you/others, or moving on to bigger and better things and getting over it?

    I respect why you have a problem with Trent, in fact, I would be offended too, but, you made the decision to voice your opinion with negative connotation towards him. Shit happens, and karma is a bitch. So, if you think you don’t deserve all the negative feedback from the “NINtards”, maybe you should leave things alone and move on.

    Nothing is ever going to be solved, you and Trent aren’t “buddies” or “friends” in real life. He’s a musician, he’s been worshipped by crazy fans for over 20 years, he’s got an ego..what more do you need to prove to people that we don’t already know?

    You’re only feeding the flames by continuing on your Trent bashing. Sure you’ve got followers who find it hilarious and amazing, but honestly, is Trent REALLY worth all the attention and hate glamour that you give him?

    I just don’t get it..you’re an intelligent person, but all the Trent shit seems completely childish. And you know, it was childish for Trent to pick fights with you or anyone, but you are continuing on, even when he’s non-existent in the twitter world..

    I’m sorry if you get pissed off with this, I’m just trying to figure out why it’s such an obsession. If you’re trying to convert all NIN lovers into hater’s, it’s just not going to work..

    I appreciate you reading this, if you do.


  11. Celebritylife.org tracking back – Letter to Trent Reznor by Anonymous…

    Celebritylife.org tracking back – Letter to Trent Reznor by Anonymous…

  12. Kim says:

    Being the one to write this letter, I want to say a huge thank you to Andrea for posting this, as well as those who commented! The reason I had wanted to be listed as anonymous at first is because the trolls are just down right annoying and as Andrea said, not something I really want to deal with right now. But I’d rather know that Trent could possibly come across this and be able to link me to it. The way I see it, it doesn’t really seem like getting “my” voice / opinion out there being an anonymous person.

    As I had said in my letter, I can take his insults for speaking out against him. The only thing I regret about this whole thing is not doing it sooner. Again, much thanks to those who commented, especially Andrea for posting this.

  13. colourmatrix13 says:

    Diva_ludmi has said it all. The attacks were purported to be personal however it just tells me about his opinions on the matter.

    He hates women who are independent, with a mind and won’t blow sunshine up his a** Which is why he sticks with a barbie doll because no ‘real’ self-respecting woman would have him Just look at the man hate and anger belligerence seem to be pouring out of his pores not to mention he has metamorphed himself into a very unattractive (overall) individual.

    The suicide comment was his arrogance thinking that just flippant comment would be laughed away Instead because of his surface thinking he didn’t consider the ramifications and that for once his a** would not be kissed for it.

    As for the rest of his band he does not have one consideration for them or their careers. He couldn’t careless how it is effecting them. They deserve better treatment and respect then they are receiving at this moment. I can only assume that the end of the tour is not coming fast enough for them. They are great musicians in their own respects and HAVE collaborated to make NIN what was supposed to be. The height of arrogance was to claim that he was NIN Taking all credit from those that truly deserved it.

    His band is now doing damage control which is not normally part of their job description. For them I have to say appreciate and admire the experience,maturity and talent you bring to the stage you are NIN not that front man. Rock On

  14. beautifulcreatr says:

    I am a nin and TR fan, just not a psycho one. Every single person in this whole unnecessary war of words is wrong in some way. But who is ANYBODY it judge anybody else. We are all fucked up in some way and there isn’t anybody out there that is better than anybody else. It saddens my heart to read the letter above not because they were a fan and now are not, but because this person felt themselves justified in some way to attempt to degrade Trent Reznor into feeling like less of a person. He did the same thing I know. Even wrote a whole blog about it. That to saddened my heart. However in no way did I feel any of it was directed at me personally. Common sense told me those who he was talking to knew who they were. Still doesn’t make it right I know.As for him acting out like teenager, he is not the first person to do so and probably not the last. Hell your boss or friend or you yourselves probably have before in some way. He just happens to have a shit load of people watching him.I could never understand why people who dislike him so much would spend so much time around him in some way. If I don’t like somebody my first instinct is to avoid them like the fucking plague.
    As for his band members, If others are going to look down on them because of something someone, whom they associated with,said then maybe that whats wrong with the world. I don’t think they would want pity for it in any way (however I don’t personally know any of them) and they probably could give a rats ass about any of it.
    I do read your blog miss Urban but not because I thoroughly enjoy the drama, but because I believe there are two sides to every story and I knew that Trent wouldn’t be acting out like this publicly for no reason at all. Same for all the things said by others towards him. He is obviously not perfect so my attention here was merely to see that yes he is human. He says things he doesn’t really mean just like the rest of us. I probably won’t be visiting here in the near future, now that the other side to the story has quit participating, but I won’t lie and say i’ll never be back cuz I will. lol I like your style of writing. Very intelligent and intriguing. I’ll leave with a quote of very talented writer I once knew who lost his way and life by suicide.
    “If you do good things, you are a good person. If you do bad things, you are a bad person. If you do good and bad things then you are just a person.” JV


  15. KB was here says:

    To beautifulcreatr,

    Everyone judges everything daily, we on earth also have public courts. You must be a NIN ZOMBIE who believes everything Trent (exjunkie & alcoholic) says or does. It’s gross actually. As for Trent acting out like this publicly for a reason… why yes there is a reason – publicity & selling concert tickets. Remember when he faked his death, moved into the Sharon Tate House, created a faux SNUFF film – Closure, moved into a funeral home, bashed every musician under the sun? ALL FOR PUBLICITY, ZOMBIE.

  16. Jack says:

    Great letter,

    whats that old saying “Never meet your heroes… or they`ll punch you in the tits”

  17. Eric says:

    Hey, I’m also a NIN fan and a TR fan but I promise I’m not here to do any trolling. Ashley had a great way of putting her argument but I think beautifulcreatr put it beautifully. When I think about all the stupid trolling going on on BOTH sides of the NIN community it seems like such a waste of time. Just random anonymous posters who are saying things that frankly aren’t going to change anyones mind. All these people with such big ideas wasted on a computer screen. If all these people united against something that actually mattered and then spent the time actually physically doing something rather than trolling think of what they could do! Sure you probably think I’m a hypocrite and that may be true but I think it’s important to voice your opinion on an artist that makes such an impact on the person you are and like I said I’m not here to troll. I do appreciate the fact that the letter was written and I totally understand, sympathize, and even agree with the general basis of the argument but the fact that it was published online for all to read to me seems pretty conceded and to me ruins the basis of the letter. If there was some kind of call to change or a boycott then I’d understand it being so public but it’s mostly just a bunch of hatespeech that people will read and maybe some will sympathize with but everyones opinion will remain the same. Basically, there’s no reason for it to be out in public. For such a personal conflict and such personal details and for taking issue with Trent Reznor on a personal level it to me ruins the entire letter entirely and unfortunately rendors your perfectly valid argument useless. Don’t get me wrong when I say this but that was the kind of response people should expect from someone like TR. For someone who rights such painfully personal songs you should expect a painfully personal response. If I was getting 100 hate tweets a day I’d be pretty pissed too and Trent’s character (cause I obviously don’t know him I don’t know if he’s actually like that but I assume he is) should act way to harshly out of blind rage. It doesn’t make it right and I’m not saying I agree with his comments at all but it DOES make it a little more understandable. I think until one reaches that level of fame and popularity you can’t really judge people on what it’s like to be them. Sure he’s rich but he has probably waded through a lot of crap to get there and I believe for what he has done for music and musicians and his fans and for what he has done for myself as a musician he deserves all the credit in the world. I just find the whole thing immature and childish and I think if there’s personal issues with TR they should be made personally and kept personal. This letter went from something that actually might have brought change into TR’s presence in public life into a letter that becomes part of the white noise of trolling and it frankly will make people doubt its credibility. Again, I deeply sympathize with whoever wrote this but I’m sorry, I think there are thousands of better ways of getting what you want than publishing your letter on something NIN and NIN fans all know is senselessly Trent bashing and possibly part of the reason Trent made the comments in the first place. I’m trying to look at it as unbiased as I can and I hope you respect me for it but, no offense to whoever wrote this, I just see this letter being here as very hypocritical… Thanks for reading and I would appreciate as constructive comments as I tried to provide.


  18. blahnik says:

    mariqueen is not 22 years old. she’s 28. i don’t have a link if you google mariqueen lies about her age and her band name you might get the page from her birthday in 2005 that had francisten saying she was “over 21 but under 25” that year.

  19. CSlovesHorses says:

    We might not be perfect and be human, but how many people have the ability to impact humans world-wide with what they say either positively or negatively,(a destructive abuse of power), including shaping attitudes and formalating minds onto future generations.

  20. @ CSlovesHorses

    Lots more people than you seem to accknowledge, thats for sure. He aint nothing special

  21. @ blahnik

    Thanks for reading & taking the time to comment. However your comment is neither here nor there.

  22. @ Eric

    Interesting comment. Also refreshing to have a NIN fan who isnt a dickwad. Much appreciated

  23. @ Jack

    Yes, our “champ” did say that, lol

  24. @ KB

    Wanna see some examples of pre-pubescent TRolling, NINzombie (aka NINtard aka psychofan) just search @andreaurbanfox on twitter. Priceless! LOL

  25. CSlovesHorses says:

    Anyway, where you drunk Andrea when you wrote your response to me because I don’t know what you are trying to say.

    Also, it was very disrespectful to Andrea Muldrain to post her name and letter after she asked you not to. My prayers are with her at this time.

    ***Good job at altering posts (eye roll,) Andrea

  26. blahnik says:


    i said that because someone here said that mariqueen’s immaturity is to be expected from someone her age (supposedly 22). apart from the stunted mental development that her behavior shows for an almost 30yo, it’s also disgusting that she would cling to the illusion of age 22 when that makes this year’s love of her life look like a gross old man taking advantage of someone’s daddy issues.

  27. Nope, I wasnt. Sorry you didnt get it.
    Andrea was and is fine about it but thanks for your concern & best wishes to her.

  28. @ blahnik

    If she is 28 she is a very childish one. I dont think she has arrested development, TR does.

  29. thirteen31 says:

    To Eric,
    I just wanted to bring up a couple of points about your comment. I understand and recognise that you are trying to be unbiased, but I found that there are certain elements that are unclear. “If all these people united against something that actually mattered…” and this point is irrelevant. Who are you to determine what “matters”? Where do we draw the line as to what “matters” and what does not? I think that if someone told me to “suck it”, it would matter to me: therefore, it matters.
    You then said this, “If there was some kind of call to change or a boycott then I’d understand it being so public but it’s mostly just a bunch of hatespeech that people will read and maybe some will sympathize with but everyones opinion will remain the same.” Could you please define hatespeech for me, I believe that I don’t have the same understanding as you, since the letter was an opposing view but a legitimate contribution to the discussion. There are no insults, there are no harassing words, etc. You get the point; this letter is not indicative of hatespeech, you believe that because that is what you heard/read Trent himself call it. It’s a basic human right to have the fundamental rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression without persecution. The problem mostly with your comment is that you haven’t discussed any of the issues brought up by the letter – no valid facts that would give anyone a reason to believe that it’s not true except for your own personal opinion, which I might add, is full of conjecture when you state “everyone” has a similar opinion as you.

  30. @ Anonymous

    Hear Hear!!!

  31. colourmatrix13 says:

    I think I need to state the entire lettre was about Trent not NIN. I still enjoy NIN’s music precisely because I can separate the music from the man which would require some who has distance for some observation.

    I am glad you did not take it personally neither did I But when a lettre starts “TO ALL YOU CUTTERS OUT THERE” it is a general statement meaning it was not a personal direct message. Though I lack the apathy of your excuses about TR behaviour, I possess the empathy to know what type of damage this type of statement can do to those in a bad spot.

    Which leads to question what ethics does Reznor truly have to indulge himself in such statements at the expense of others already fragile esteem and pain?

    As for pity why don’t we leave that for others to decide. Yes I do feel compassion for their situation and their careers Where do you think they will go after finishing the tour? How do think the musician bashing that TR’s doing will affect the amount of career opportunities they have?

    My focus is not solely on TR I think that is obvious when I mention ‘cutters’, ‘women’ and band mates. As opposed to trying to justify all TR’s motives actions and responses. The man has never apologized for actions which means he could careless as to it’s affects and his ego is to big for him to admit error. Since you consider so much an offence yes this being has my PITY.

  32. Joe says:

    You’re very full of yourself if you genuinely believe that Trent Reznor would read your blog for more than four seconds. Four seconds is all it takes to realize that you have an unhealthy obsession with the man if you genuinely believe he cares one bit about you.

    If he cared about you, he would publicly address you and your drivel. You may notice how he doesn’t mention you other than a few brief mentions. Case in point: He doesn’t care about you. Therefore, you can stop caring about him.

    Quit deluding yourself. It will develop into schizophrenia if it hasn’t already.

  33. @ joe

    To answer yours questions: Yes I do, yes he does.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

  34. thirteen31 says:

    Hey Joe,
    Your comment regarding whether Reznor reads this blog is somewhat deluded, no? “If he cared about you…” and well, he has publicly addressed this – he persuaded his sheeple-fans to believe that Andrea DESERVES to be harassed because of disagreeing with his own opinion. Who has the unhealthy obsession? The ex-fan who is disturbed by the media manipulation by this self-absorbed celebrity or the self-absorbed celebrity worshipped by sheeple who refer to him as “King Reznor”? What do you think? My bet is on Andrea having a foothold on reality – fame and fortune does not excuse anyone for being an ass.

  35. Eric says:

    “and this point is irrelevant. Who are you to determine what “matters”? Where do we draw the line as to what “matters” and what does not? I think that if someone told me to “suck it”, it would matter to me: therefore, it matters.”

    Good point. Perhaps I should clarify. What I mean by something that matters is a global perspective. Something beyond schoolyard insults that will get you nowhere. Like focus your attention on idiot republicans, feed the homeless, you know, something in the real world.
    I would absolutely call all the vulgar words in there as hatespeech. In my experience to try and convince someone to change their ways you should phrase your sentences a little more carefully. This isn’t gonna make him feel bad for this person as much as it will make him pissed off for this person calling him a douche-bag. Furthermore I didn’t discuss the issues in the letter because for the most part I agree. I simply find the vulgar/ angry tone (for someone who opens up saying they won’t stoop to his level and be the better person) and the fact that it’s found on the website of someone he has called out specifically as trolling seems a bit shady. If it was worded more politely and on the NIN forums (they wouldn’t delete such a credible argument btw) I would believe it a little bit more. And if your arguing the whole freedom of speech thing perhaps the letter shouldn’t have been written in the first place. Or does free speech only apply when it works in your favor?

  36. Eric says:

    Also Thirteen31,
    I know it’s my opinion that the letter doesn’t have a lot of credibility, that’s redundant. I also did NOT say everyone has the same opinion as me, what I said was “everyones opinion will remain the same”. Nice misquote, everyones opinion as in everyones RESPECTIVE opinion. I didn’t think I needed to clarify. And I hate to bring this up again but: “It’s a basic human right to have the fundamental rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression without persecution.” I still don’t understand, so does this right NOT apply to Trent Reznor then?

    Thirteen31 you also said “There are no insults, there are no harassing words, etc.” How can you say that when the opening line to the letter is “I still think you’re a big fat douche bag.” Seriously, did you read the letter? I understand where they’re coming from and they are understandably pissed but everything you said Thirteen31 is just simply untrue. I made a great effort to be respectful of everyone’s opinions here but for you to come out with such a rude tone and with such blatant untruths and misquotes is a little ridiculous and quite unnecessary…

  37. @ Eric

    I know your comment was direct at Thirteen31 but the following is interesting…You said and I quote “such blatant untruths and misquotes is a little ridiculous and quite unnecessary…” Just wanted to ask, how does it feel when you have something you said turned into a blatant untruth and misquoted? Not nice huh? That is exactly what TR has been doing to me (and others). Sorry to butt in, just needed to say that. Also, thanks for your comments.

  38. thirteen31 says:

    Hi Eric,

    I appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. But I wanted to ask, how can you clarify your point as stating a global perspective? That would be generalising and I still stand behind my statement that one cannot assume to know everyone’s opinion and whether a letter like this will change their beliefs.

    You also offer points in how to change someone’s opinion, and that’s not what the point of this letter was about. These are observations as the author perceives them. You are erroneous to think that the intent was to change people’s opinions.

    Vulgar words as hatespeech? To define the word vulgar, the OED says that it “lacks sophistication or good taste”. Granted it would be considered vulgar if used within an essay, etc – but this is a letter to someone who has used such language toward his fans. To me, you suggest that it is not vulgar to use it when it’s a role model of yours? Hatespeech as described in Wikipedia states that it’s intention is to offend a person or group based on race, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or lack there of, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, language ability, ideology, social class, occupation, appearance (height, weight, skin color, etc.), mental capacity, and any other distinction that might be considered by some as a liability. In my opinion, Reznor pretty much fits this model more than the letter above. The letter was above was intended to give Reznor criticism, as the author perceived the situation to themselves – there is no fallacy there.

    I would also like to point out that your comment directed toward me is still conjecture. “This isn’t gonna make him feel bad for this person as much as it will make him pissed off for this person calling him a douche-bag.” You’re assuming to know how Reznor would perceive this letter. In all, you can only comment on how you perceive this letter to be – I don’t find this letter to have an angry tone, it’s not how I perceived it to be. But thank you, for telling me how I should…(and how you think Reznor should too, btw).

    “…the fact that it’s found on the website of someone he has called out specifically as trolling seems a bit shady.” Your opinion again? Were you aware that calling a person a troll is highly subjective. From my perspective, it appears that Reznor has called Andrea a troll as a smokescreen to draw away from the message. Have you taken the time to comprehend what the real issue is here? Your comment above is an ad hominem strategy – a ploy to divert away from the real issue; which is that fame and fortune does not exempt one from following the rules like the rest of us.

    “And if your arguing the whole freedom of speech thing perhaps the letter shouldn’t have been written in the first place. Or does free speech only apply when it works in your favor?” Well, as a matter of fact, I am – it’s unfortunate that you have misunderstood it. You do realise that Reznor calling Andrea a troll is exactly what you describe in the above quote, right? It’s okay for Reznor to give his opinion, but when others respond, we are called “haters”? Sounds to me that free speech only works when it’s in his favour, no?

    Sorry that you believe that if my perspective is different than yours is considered in your eyes as “untrue”. As I said before, there are no harassing words – “douchebag” is slang, but a douche is defined as a shower of water. Guess in my perspective, the slang doesn’t appear to me as harassment as much as sending minions to threaten one he subjectively calls a troll…

    So, Eric, if you primarily agreed, why respond to the letter with terms as vulgar/angry tone? Your reaction doesn’t seem unbiased, you state you agree, but attack the author by stating that it should never have been written at all, as well as tell me that responding to you was unnecessary when you subjectively responded that it was rude. Are you sure you understand what unbiased means?

  39. @ thirteen31

    touche aka game, set, match

  40. JJPaul says:

    Beautiful and eloquently put!

  41. […] This post was Twitted by trolldrama […]

  42. Sarah says:

    @thirteen31 and Eric

    Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but this whole Twitter mess HAS changed my mind about Reznor. And I really am disinclined to follow his work now that I know he’s an utter jackass and a whiner. Not that this really makes much of a difference, With Teeth blew as did his ambient-music-done-wrong album. (The Slip might be OK to people who haven’t been following ambient for years, but to me, it was derivative and pretty third rate.) Year Zero was just unlistenable. Still, I might have at least been mildly curious about his new offerings before he flipped his shit on Twitter.

    Seeing this new side of Reznor is way more entertaining than the Year Zero ad campaign. Thanks for your blog, it’s good to see someone standing up against a vindictive celeb with a legion of nutty fans.

  43. Kim says:

    I really must say that I’m astonished by the amount of comments my letter has received, so again, thank you all! Even those who disagree / NIN & TR fans. I’m only going to scratch the surface with a few of them, because personally I don’t think I really need to add to it. I hope that the people I’m replying to doesn’t take this as being attacked, it’s not my intention whatsoever so I hope you don’t take it as such.


    Not sure if you’re replying to Andrea or me, but since there was no specific names given I’m going to reply. If it’s meant for Andrea, then disregard this.

    “What is more important in life?: making a post about Trent Reznor constantly and how much of an ass he was to you/others, or moving on to bigger and better things and getting over it?”

    There’s nothing to get over, to be honest. The only thing I have against him is how much of an ass he’s proven himself to be as of late and what I mentioned in the letter. Only when he comes out with an attack towards someone will I comment, or read what he’s written. When I said at the end that I’ve already wasted too much time an energy on him, I meant it. I wanted to get my opinion out there towards him whether or not he reads it, and that’s what I did.

    Also, “maybe you should leave things alone and move on.”

    Forgive me if this sounds bitchy, but NO, absolutely not; and I don’t mean that as in from all the drama. I didn’t write this for pity or to be recognized for it, I wrote it for myself. And for more than to “bash Trent”. I’m glad I wrote this and it was published, and I wouldn’t take it back even if I could. If he reads it (( or has )), OK fine. If he doesn’t, OK fine.

    Again, I’m not trying to sound like a bitch, but that line goes a lot further than the point of this letter, at least to me.


    “but because this person felt themselves justified in some way to attempt to degrade Trent Reznor into feeling like less of a person.”

    That was most definitely NOT my intention and I don’t see how anything in my letter that would equal trying to do that. If I wanted to do that, I wouldn’t have tried to keep it on the more formal side. But that’s your opinion and if that’s how you see it, I respect it. I’m not going to try and sway anyone’s opinions.


    What I want to say would most likely be a repeat of @thirteen31’s replies so I wont bother. But, you commented on the opening being “I still think you’re a big fat douche bag.”. Here’s my reason for that.

    In my first letter to him, that was exactly how I started it. I wont lie. But, it was for a different reason which I’ve stated in the letter. I then re-wrote it minus that line. And then, the myspace comment he had left to @Stenchie truly shocked me (( not sure why though )). I had written this letter after knowing about the myspace deal, which is why I used “I still think you’re a big fat douche bag.” Which IMHO opinion he is, and I don’t see how that can be considered hatespeech or insults as it’s what *I* think. It’s fine if you want to see this as hatespeech / bashing / vulgar, but if that’s the case and this shouldn’t have been written… Reznor should never be allowed use of a computer or his iPhone again. My reasons for writing this, yes are more personal than his actions lately, but they go hand in hand. I got out it out and that’s all that really matters.

    All in all, I appreciate everyone’s comments and feedback!

  44. @ Kim

    Your letter is awesome and has received 1000s of hits. I thank you for letting me publish it and I hope you`re not being TRolled because of it. You rock girl!

  45. Kim says:


    That really means a lot coming from you! It still feels like I left something out from it. You’re more than welcome, to be honest I’d rather it be on your blog than anywhere else. I love your blogs, your opinions and the way you put it out there. Actually, I haven’t been which is a surprise. And you most definitely rock as well!!

  46. @ Kim

    I hope the good response you got here wakes the writer inside you. Let it flow, you got it in you! In future, if you ever want me to post anything for you I will gladly. Thank you again for trust me enough to let me post this letter for you. I am positive TR read it as he is still stalking me online (see Rolling Stone article http://bit.ly/YtflJ ) LOL 🙂 xx

  47. Kim says:


    I must say that it certainly has, anything I’ve written whether on a celebrity or just general blogging (( though, I don’t consider myself a blogger at all )) I’ve always gotten rid of because it never seemed good enough. Most definitely, if there’s ever anything in the future I feel comfortable enough to have posted, I’ll certainly let you know. You’re most definitely welcome again, as I’ve said I feel the most comfortable with you posting it in the first place. Well, if he has then mission accomplished, as all I wanted was for him to read it and I’m sure he doesn’t know about any of my sites / blogs. BTW, the Rolling Stone article… if that really was him, requesting IP’s was pretty pathetic. And maybe I’m confused, but he named you as being obsessed with him; he’s apparently quite obsessed with you if he’s still stalking. xxx

  48. @ Kim

    Never discard anything you wrote! It`s like discarding a part of you. Save it. You dont have to publish everything. I have 10s of 1/2 written articles which will never see the light of day but I`ll never delete them.
    Write on sister!

  49. E says:

    @Sarah Why would it make you disinclined to follow future musical work by Reznor? Imagine what the personalities of other musicians you listen to are like. Half of them are probably no better than his. He just chose to show everyone what he was really like. Does that make him any worse than a celebrity who chooses to hide the fact that they can be an absolute douche bag at times?

  50. Sarah says:


    An artist’s life isn’t separate from his art, as much as Reznor wishes that were so. When the art is so personal, there’s an assumption that the sentiment is genuine. If the artist reveals himself to be far beneath his work, I can’t help but think he’s just an accomplished liar. The emotional impact I felt is gone, now that I know it was mostly a sham.

    Many artists are much more upfront about their personalities and shortcomings. I’ve read tons of interviews where a person deliberately admits to being an asshat. I can usually say, “Well, at least he’s not suffering from a bloated ego and no one’s being deceived.”

    That’s not the case with Reznor. He carefully cultivated an image to match his lyrics. He DID hide the nastier parts of his personality for decades, and that’s a sort of restraint I find admirable. But for some reason, he threw that aside on Twitter and decided to let loose with every childish, petty, and tacky impulse he had. I’m not impressed that he let he let his real personality show through, if that’s how one can characterize his tantrums. Being a decent human being involves sacrificing one’s own satisfaction if numerous others might be hurt. I’m thinking here of his comments on fatness, suicide, and his attacks on specific fans. (If anyone’s wondering if I’m a resentful larger gal, that’s not the case, I’m slim and attractive enough.)

    In short, he’s a self-aggrandizing poser. He’s an arrogant little twat who got lucky, knew how to lie, but wasn’t smart enough to guess that his fans wouldn’t condone his bullying. Though other artists might have as many faults, they at least are courteous enough to not take their insecurities out on the public.

  51. Eric says:


    “Your reaction doesn’t seem unbiased, you state you agree, but attack the author by stating that it should never have been written at all, as well as tell me that responding to you was unnecessary when you subjectively responded that it was rude. Are you sure you understand what unbiased means?”

    Sorry I haven’t responded for a while. I don’t check this website all too often. I do realize everything I said was of course my opinion and I would never state it as fact. I would like to say the obvious that EVERYTHING I have said is a matter of opinion! Now, lets move on. I would like to point out that I never said that this letter should not have been written, I said that in response to your free speech comment jokingly. I absolutely think this letter should have been written but I’m still not sure if making it so public was the right move. IN MY OPINION (just to clarify the obvious here) there are many things I would do differently in writing to anyone that has so wronged me and I BELIEVE the most effective approach is to get them on your side rather than alienate them. I don’t need the definition of vulgar or hatespeech my point is you don’t fight fires with fire. I don’t claim to know what Reznor would do but I think I’m perfectly justified by the actions you call him out on that he would probably get defensive and angry over this letter rather than a more private and respectfully put letter. I understand that the author of this letter chose to go a different route and that’s fine and I was only providing criticism to the route taken, not the message or the author. Furthermore, I wasn’t attacking you at all for responding to me I would just rather a more respective argument less riddled with comments like it’s a game and there’s a winner. I’m not here to win a battle because at the end of the day I’m not gonna change your mind and vice versa (and I think we can see it’s certainly not going to change Trent’s) and I’ll simply forget about it in the next fifteen minutes anyways like last time. I’m only providing a secondary OPINION to the issue at hand and that’s all I’ve been doing.

    “You are erroneous to think that the intent was to change people’s opinions.”

    OK that’s fine. Well then there’s no point for the letter to be out in public. I’m just saying that if someone wrote a letter to me as a celebrity full of four letter words and calling me out for whatever (doesn’t matter if they are right or wrong) and then posted it publicly for people to read it comes across as “Hey look, I bashed a celebrity. Aren’t I cool!?” and the original point and intent of the letter becomes diluted. Again not criticizing the author or the message just the route taken.

    “To me, you suggest that it is not vulgar to use it when it’s a role model of yours?”

    Not at all, I would rather a more respectful tone when criticizing ANYONE and in agreeing with the message of the letter I obviously believe this should apply to Reznor addressing other people.

    “From my perspective, it appears that Reznor has called Andrea a troll as a smokescreen to draw away from the message.”

    This may be, but it doesn’t change the fact that this letter is here. I’m not saying I believe this or trying to discredit the letter by saying this at all but what’s to stop people from thinking that this letter was written by a friend of AndreaUrbanFox or even AndreaUrbanFox them-self? I’m not suggesting that this is true at all I’m only saying that if this letter was kept between the author and Trent than that would eliminate the possibility in Trent’s eyes that this letter wasn’t a hoax. Then the message would be more personal and perhaps more meaningful.

    “It’s okay for Reznor to give his opinion, but when others respond, we are called “haters”? Sounds to me that free speech only works when it’s in his favour, no?”

    This is the premise of my argument. When people don’t present their contrary arguments in a respectful manner that’s when they come across as “haters” or “trolls”. When someone calls you an asshole what’s the point of returning with “You’re an asshole for calling me an asshole”? That’s only gonna make the original person as pissed as you were when called an asshole. Do you get what I’m trying to say? It’s an endless cycle that’s never gonna end. The only difference is Trent gets it about 1000 times more than he’s been giving it out and whether you hate him or not you know that’s true. He deleted his internet presence in an effort to stop the cycle possibly because he couldn’t be the better person and respectfully say sorry or whatever. But the appropriate response isn’t to call him a dick for not being that better person for trying stop the madness, the appropriate response is to BE THE BETTER PERSON! If everyone sent Trent emails saying “Hey, that post about cutting yourself really offended me to a very personal level as someone who has contemplated suicide before” then I think we would see an entirely different turn of events. You HAVE to see that you (not YOU personally thirteen31) have partially created what you seem to do deeply despise.

    I appreciate your comments and I’ll try to check more often to see your responses.


    PS- I don’t mean any disrespect to AndreaUrbanFox, I used you as an example because you’ve been called out specifically. I don’t think you would do that I’m just playing devils advocate to see what it perhaps looks from Trent’s perspective.

  52. Eric says:

    I just don’t understand, I suppose. It was people bugging him that made him say all these ridiculous comments. Obviously the trolling and hateful twitter messages and emails pissed him off to the point where he said these things. It’s not a “who came first, the chicken or the egg?” type deal, it’s clear there were many hateful comments to him and his fiance first. So what I don’t understand is why attack Trent’s admittedly rude and uncalled for retaliations when who you should be pissed at is the original trolls themselves!? People send he and his wife death threats and hatemail and probably said HORRIBLE things but when Reznor tries to retaliate against such assholes everyone gets pissed. True he did say things he shouldn’t have but why fuel the flames? What’s the point? Why not stop the original trolling assholes!? Why not stop trolling yourselves!? Help me understand why! You get pissed about what he says but I see people write back things as bad if not worse! It’s a circle of hypocrisy! Just stop while everybody is FAR FAR behind… It just doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

  53. Recovering Fan says:

    This whole thing sucks.

  54. anonymous says:

    R u kidding me??? This is crazy…a fanous man in a band ..we love his music n datdream of him when we r young.grow up..hes a famous guy who has more to do than be an internet addict? Maybe….its alllll childush n we have our child selves out quite a bjt lol cuz we r human beings not angels

  55. anonymous Ebarblisa, this is a 4 year old post. In internet terms it means its as old as dinosaurs.
    Nonetheless, thanks for taking the time to read it and comment.

  56. Susan says:

    He’s a bit of a fucked up person and an asshole. YES, he’s always been that way. However, some of the fans have it wrong. If you are pretending he has no right to privacy for being a rockstar, how would you like it if it were the other way around? He has the right to not feel stalked or harassed or you to be a douche over his wife. Any fan that sits there and thinks they have the right to hound him or talk shit about his wife and he’s supposed to just laugh it off or pretend to be happy about it should stop to think about how he would feel as a PERSON…not a rockstar.

    He’s a human being. Sure there are differences like…

    1. He makes more money that you.
    2. He’s famous and you’re not.
    3. You probably have had wetdreams about him and get upset that he didn’t choose a girl that looks more like you at least (in that respect you poor “innocent” victim…you’re looking like a self obsessed delusional loon.)
    4. He’s seen more places than you.

    Reznor is underneath it all still a person. A sensitive one at that. He has a pulse, he’s human, he needs money like you. It’s HIS JOB. Just because his job is being a performer and musician doesn’t give you the right to decide for him what his boundaries should be.

    If anything, Trent was probably right about whoever wrote this piss poor excuse for a sulky letter. If this is the worst he’s done to his fans, that is laughable and at least he’s honest. How many rockstars claim they “love” their fans? They don’t even know their fans. When he’s telling you to slice your wrists up and down not across…you’ve probably started some emo bullshit with him trying to play on his sympathies like a manipulative idiot.

    Before you jump to the wrong conclusion…

    I am not Trent Reznor nor any of his friends nor any of his bandmates. I don’t know this person and his music is okay but not a big fan. As a matter of fact, I could care less about him or any musician or any superstars. They mean nothing to me. I don’t know them. Not attached and couldn’t give a damn about their life story or any of that bullshit.

    I liked his older music. His newer music is just bland.

    Trent needs to collaborate with someone who isn’t a social chameleon and could bring that spark back. He seems to do best when inspired by other music. I think he lost that when becoming too famous, dealing with fans and lost his own inner fan which is why he probably hates not only fandom but himself for losing his own spark for sounds.

  57. Lady Andrea says:

    Errr… yeah…. old news, old blog, nobody cares anymore. But many thanks for the assay.

  58. S. Pineapple says:

    Wow, I don’t know if you’ll ever see this or still check this blog, but as someone who has been the target of TR’s bullying, harassment, tantrums and bullshit off and on for the past 11 years, with him even going as far using downright disturbing and stalkerish tactics, I admire both you and the writer of this letter greatly for having the courage to take on him and his insane fans publicly, something I finally gave up on years ago after being constantly beaten down, harassed and threatened by him and so many others like him from my dark days in the music industry.
    I am so sorry to see that you have been put through this, and though I’m no longer shocked in the least by his behavior, it saddens me to continually find out something new in regards to how truly awful and reprehensible he is as a person to this day.
    Many of his asshole fans may not believe you, but I most certainly do. I have seen this side of him and so much more, I pray (no offense intended if you’re not religious) that you have been able to find peace and that these insane people have left you alone in the years since this was first posted.

    Godspeed you brave ladies, and Trent, wherever you are out there, up yours PA🖕🏽🍍🍍🍍🍍

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