Trent Reznor waves Twitter goodbye, again – The Full Story (updated)


18/07/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

It is with a heavy heart and a guilt ridden conscience that I have to inform my readers that Trent Reznor and his fiancé Mariqueen have deleted their public accounts on Twitter on July 17th.

HA! Had you going there! Although it’s true that both have deleted their accounts, my heart is as light as a feather and my conscience hasn’t stopped me having a great night sleep. Thanks very much!

I’m not saying I’m happy it happened. Their accounts were of great value. Reznor provided us with hours of amusement. It was like watching a train crash unfolding in slow motion. While Mariqueen gave us an insight into how flakey, superficial and cheap her life is. So yes, I will miss them. I will miss Reznor`s ill advised rants and outbursts as I will miss Mariqueen`s pre-pubescent and grammatically flawed tweets.

To say, like some are already saying, that they quitted Twitter because of my blogs is giving me too much credit. As much as I appreciate being given such credit, one cannot forget those who also questioned Reznor`s motives and attitudes which ultimately led to his Twitter demise. How can one forget Fred Garrett (of the #fuckfred fame) with his blogs which are now legendary? How can one forget my followers on Twitter for their support and loyalty? My girls (too many to mention by name) who havent just been supportive but have also been caring and gave me their time, loyalty and lots of laughs? How can one forget all those, who from behind the scenes provided me with information and photos? Each and every one of you stars! I thank you all.

Still on the point of “who to crucify” for Reznor`s Twitter departure, look no further than Reznor himself. Don’t be naïve (or stupid) to think it was a hand-full of “trolls” that led a grown up man to crash and burn. Reznor has been online his entire career. He used it, manipulated it and made a pretty good living out of it. People “trolling” him, shouting at him, verbally abusing him should therefore have no impact on him. Why pick on and blame me (and a few others)? Because we didn’t actually “troll” him. We asked questions. We asked difficult questions. We were those “pesky kids” that wouldn’t let go until we got proper answers. Answers which were never forthcoming.

Thx to Perez Hilton for this improved photo - see http//

In my case, this whole thing started back in March when I posted a blog on Myspace about ticket pricing for gigs and festivals. You can read that blog HERE, just gotta scroll down. At the time I was not only asking/pressing Reznor for answers regarding this issue. I did direct the same question to many others in the music biz. However, Reznor was the only one who took my questions personally and went on the defensive with me. Why so pissy? Why not just answer the questions? Those questions rang alarm bells. Could have Reznor got all pissy because I was on to something? I asked him that and from that point on I was blocked. I WAS on to something….

Almost 3 months went by. I had just about dropped the whole ticket price fixing issue when I read/saw somewhere he was engaged to Mariqueen. If Twitter wasn’t so damn impossible to scroll back on posted tweets, I did even congratulate him, but that is irrelevant. What is relevant is that I was having a chat with a mate on twitter (note-rebelrebel666 who was duly banned from Twitter at Reznor`s request, or so I’m led to believe) about Reznor`s sudden engagement to someone half his age and of dubious personal and professional credentials when I jokingly said I thought she looked like a ladyboy. Which in my humble opinion she does! Anyway, little did I know that Reznor still stalked my page and read my tweets. His retaliation wasn’t clear to me until I started to get abusive and downright vicious NIN psychofans trolling me. As we all now know, Reznor said and I quote: “@andreaurbanfox you know what sucks, YOU”. Ha! I couldn’t help myself, it was too easy, and so I replied: “I suck and swallow. How about you? Any cock action lately of just Mariqueens?” I thought and still think it was a damn good reply and it still tickles me. The problem is that at the time Reznor had ½ million followers. Most of which are angry, depressed, emo, starry eyes, arse licking fans who took upon themselves to “protect” their 45yr old idol from me. The backlash of my comment/reply is well documented in mine and Fred Garrett’s blogs.


Bla bla bla time went on…Reznor carried on making a fool of himself on Twitter. Saying how mellowed out and in love he was just to turn around and rant about this and that, diss the odd fan or celeb….the usual. Then came the Eric story. At the time I was pretty pissy with all the NIN psychofans that religiously pestered me and was also very concerned about the floods in Brazil. I must admit I approached Reznor a bit “all guns blazing” and asked him why help 1 individual whose chances were minimal and not help ½ million displaced and starving people in Brazil. Again, this part of the story is well documented. His reaction was the usual name calling so typical to him (and his sheeply). This time I took this and turned to my advantage as it did help raise awareness of the problems I was then actively campaigning for. I even thanked him for his outburst on my blog on Myspace titled “Act Now” HERE.

Then something came to light. Actually, make that someone. Andrea Mulrain, Reznor`s ex-sweetheart approached me. She had a lot to say. Most of which remains private but one of her many emails to me was blogged on Myspace, but can be seen HERE, because I thought it was of public interest and necessary to make clear to his fans that he was/is NOT the philanthropist he claims to be. At the time I raised many questions regarding his motives for helping Eric and that can be found HERE.

True to form, nothing was answered. All I got was more ranting and raving from him. Then came the “I’m quitting Twitter” bluff and the long winded rant he posted at blaming “plump & ugly” Metalsludge users for his decision. Again, there he was playing the victim and manipulating his minions. Totally unable to take responsibility for his actions. Unfortunately it backfired on him big time! His lack of eloquence topped with his lack of humanity made him, apart from alienating his more hefty fans, he went on to give suicide advice to his fans (and we know that if they aren’t emo, they are pretty fucked up and/or angry fanbase). The backlash of that can be seen HERE and I also wrote a parody of it which you can see HERE.

We carried on antagonizing each other, playground style. Oh! The joyous days of puerile bunter! I shall always remember those fondly!

Let us go back to the oh-so-evil blogs. In mid June I went to Southside festival. No to just see NIN. I was actually more interested in seeing Nick Cave, Pixies, Fleet Foxes etc. But it so happened NIN was the headlining act on Saturday night. As I was going to write about the festival, I couldn’t help but write about NIN. You can read that review HERE. And yes, I did enjoy their gig. I actually thought I wasn’t going to because of my now tainted view of the utterly flawed singer (I use the word singer loosely). I DID see him drinking of what looked to be a can of beer. I DID see him slip and almost fall onstage. I DID think his performance was a let down. I can’t be blamed for what I saw and the conclusions I came to after the gig. I also reviewed Mew & NIN Luxembourg gig HERE.

So now we are at the stage where/when apart from Reznor reading my blogs/tweets I also had Mariqueendoing the very same. It is well known that many times she had a “dig” at me via Twitter but to be honest by this stage I couldn’t care less and was fully openly saying what I thought of her, him, their relationship, his behavior, the Eric story etc. I didn’t even engage in banter with her because in true honesty her ghetto lingo topped with the poor grasp of the English language meant most of her stuff was painful to read, let alone reply to.

One thing Reznor never accounted for was the fact that I am the best of friends but the worse of enemies. Don’t piss me off and expect me to drop it and let go. He also didn’t account for people from his past (and present) circle of friends were feeding me information about him. And for his annoyance and the disbelief of his more psychotic fans, I was not suspended from either Twitter or WordPress (despite their string of complaints) because all I was/am saying is MY understanding based on information which is either already in the public domain or information which was given to me and duly verified. I’m also pretty sure the networks in question here are ok with the amount of traffic and publicity all this has generated. Not being a cynic here but without these online dramas the internet would be boring and lame.

We now move on to the 4th of July. Not because it’s just “lets blow shit up” day in the USA but it’s when Eric died. Yes it was sad that after the entire circus created around him, he didn’t manage to pull through. Unexpected? No it wasn’t. He never even got the heart transplant he needed. He was never well enough. At least that was the official story and we shall never know if it’s the truth or not.

With that in mind I DID tweet Eric’s sister Veronica. I simply said it was bad news but I asked what would happen to the donated money. Would it be returned to the donors or would it go to a worthy cause. Simple. No accusations. No pestering for full accounts (which I have done since but no one is able or willing to supply them). Anyway, it seems I wasn’t the only person with questions regarding the Eric fund and the accounts for medical expenses. How this other person worded her question to Veronica I don’t know. All I know is that at this point, our uncapped crusader Reznor either read my tweet or was alerted of it and went on a verbal rampage calling me and this other girl, and I quote:” uniformed c*nts”. I sure want wearing a uniform at the time so I didn’t take offence to that. I was a bit taken aback by him calling me a pig knowing very well I’m Jewish therefore making clear his anti-Semitism. I duly went on to blog about this and you can read that HERE.

What followed was the usual trolling with the added threat from NIN psychofans
as well as the “Eric’s Twitter army” on the defensive. I say, for a bunch of Born Again Christians with so much love in their hearts they don’t half like swearing and bashing. But hey, their motives for donating can also be questioned as most of them did so because of their devotion to Trent Reznor, not because they genuinely cared who the feck Eric was. So that you know, up to this day no one has produced any accounts nor has any official statement has been made regarding the accounts or the whereabouts of the remaining donated money. Silence is only golden in certain situations (the one that went straight over Reznor`s head are a good example) but in this instance the less open they are about this, the more they open themselves to speculation.

Bla bla bla more playground antics and banter from both sides….more questions being asked about Reznor`s now apparent meltdown…..bla bla bla NIN touring Europe and Reznor still making a fool of himself (read about it HERE)…bla bla bla Mariqueen posts picture of her panties online…..bla bla bla London O2 gig….. That ROFL worthy photo of an overweight Reznor falling onstage (HERE) and now this. Both jokers are gone from Twitter…err….their public accounts are but their private accounts ( @noise_floor & @NEEUQIRAM )remain which means that this story is far from over…..I can predict both will be lurking around, reading our stuff as usual. Needless to say we are due an influx of newly open accounts used exclusively to troll those, like myself, got a brain, a voice and it isn’t scared to use either.

We are now up to date with this story….until his next move that is 🙂


Hours after Trent Reznor waves Twitter goodbye…

…after closing @trent_reznor (and @mariqueen) account on Twitter the tickets for the last (last?) NIN gigs go on sale. Hmm…

Think about it. Not the first time Reznor uses some drama before announcing something which needed all his minions attention. Clever PR. He knows his minions lap it up like the little sheeply they are.

A few hours later his not so private account @noise_floor (and @neeuqiram ) is also closed. At this point one is lead to believe he/they actually meant the whole privacy stuff.

But then along came THIS……

ROFLMFAO, again!!

34 thoughts on “Trent Reznor waves Twitter goodbye, again – The Full Story (updated)

  1. Trey says:

    Thought this may amuse you: A few years ago a friend of mine named Robert, told me about the time he met Trent Reznor. It was at a sort of dinner party, filled with musicians from Trent’s early 2000s peers. At this dinner, Trent kept to himself mostly and only really spoke to those seated in his area.

    However, at some point a cell-phone rings. The sound is apparently minimal, as the ring originates on the other side of the restaurant. The ring is silenced. Then a few minutes later, the ring begins again. Trent, so I was told, stood and excused himself from the table. He then marched across the restaurant towards the ringing phone.

    Across the restaurant a businessman, on the phone now with a client, suddenly finds Trent Reznor at his table. Trent says something to the man, but my friend did not hear what was said… Then Trent takes the man’s phone and drops it into a water fountain. He walks back to his table, sits and continues his conversation.

    That’s basically the story… Thought you might enjoy it!

  2. ROFLMFAO! Thank you for that! Great story! I`ve heard a fair few of these stories but this one is funny instead of “psycho” scary shit. Cheers 🙂

    Has anyone else got such like stories? Feel free to post them! Maybe we can get a better idea of the real man behind the hyped-up image

  3. Mauvais_Fille says:

    Great blog again! Bravo!

    I’m sure many more stories such as Trey’s will emerge from the murky depths…

  4. Hope so! I might just have to get authorisation from a few people to post their stories here on their behalf…Oh the beauty of some of them! Priceless!

    Did you see our “champion” already went on to play the victim? I read it at some unknown online biz mag Just his usual shouty angry bullshit, egging others to violence, threatening to punch women etc. So again, its ok for him to openly threat ppl but if anyone says a word about him and his gnome he gets pissy? Double standards or what? @kilburn rightly said and I quote:

    @Trent_reznor All my personal data is in my info. Your fiancee is a bitch and she brought it on herself. Come “punch me in my fat tits” BTW, threats and insults are two entirely different things. TR finally got a girl and has to be the stereotypical protective douchebag. And what I mean by that is: She can do all the shit talking SHE wants, but once someone makes a chip in her plastic face, she cries to TR…..who then has to be the ONLY person making real threats to anyone. Which in some states is a misdemeanor. Grow the fuck up man. And to…..quote the all-powerful TR, “Play the victim now, you miserable fuck.”


    This also amused me greatly… 😉
    Trent Reznor dissed Gene Simmons but he doesn’t play to 90,000 fans

    Who sucks now? YOU Trent! LOL

  5. thatssomebadhatharry says:

    i fucking love you for revealing the ‘true’ reznor. ’tis soooo true and you called him on him gone 😦 boo fucking hoo. may he and his pino get what they deserve.

  6. Diva_ludmi says:

    Amazing blog!! Bravo!!

    So I have to give my personal opinion on these. When I knew about TR engagement I tough it was one of his ex, don’t remember her name but she is a model and why I though that, coz she was here when NIN come to argentina last year.
    But oh no, it was another women we never, ever saw, I was like ok whatever. Oh she did playboy, but she looks cute on those pics so nothing to say. But then Mariqueen start to put all these pics with trent, kissing, talking one an other on twitter like ohh so in love.
    I was ok but these is really WTF.

    Then in the NIN argentina forum I say she looks like a tranny mess and she was starting to look like a media attention whore(ohh look at me I’m with TR). The ex’s of TR never act like these before.
    For what?? Part of womens minions say to me “get a life”, but the guys where cool even they say to me I was a little right about what I say.

    Again in twitter I saw the TR reply for some people, like you andrea or fred, and others and that wasen’t right.
    I remember he totally insult a guy who was dissatisfied with the backstage thing he win coz he though he was meeting NIN and TR say “fuck off, stop complaining. If you want to meet us you would donate more money” (donate to the eric)
    That was it for me.
    So reply to @fredgarret like TR (and I didn’t put his name just TR)was acting like a douche for acting so bad to some fans.
    And like 1 day letter, pufff I was block, by that time I was not even following you or fred.
    I was like WTF! Even more mad about the “plump and suicide guide” situation in the NIN forum, hello mr. reznor you know that most of those people have issues and many fan girls, had or have it, for sure, eating dissorder!!!

    So conclusion I was WTF, and who is he to block me and say what people I have to follow or not. And as many people say in here: “Tell me with who you are and I will tell you who are you” (Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres).

    I still like NIN,the music, and I will love the TR from back before but now…not for me.

    Tranny mess youtube account
    Is pure gold, maybe you know about these but oh well. And ohhh she calls all her boyfriends “love of my life” not just TR.

  7. @ thatssomebadhatharry

    Thanks! I fecking love me too! LOL! It surprised me no end to find out these things about him but I cant say they werent right there, plain obvious, for anyone to see. Just took 1 gobby plump bird to say it . Thanks for commenting.

    @ Diva_ludmi

    Epic comment there! Muchas gracias! Sorry those things happen, like him blocking you, not cool. But then again “cool” isnt a word I`d use to decribe Reznor.

    Now to the general gossip & update – at, on a thread about Twitter, there are calls for an “army of troll” to be created and come after anyone who spoke ill of their master. I`ve got the screen shots so if anything like that does happen to any of you, dont hesitate to let me know so I can report & supply the relevant proof 😉 I wont post it the link to it because I dont want to advertise nutters. …. but you can click HERE for shits & giggles 😀

  8. tracking back – Trent Reznor waves Twitter goodbye, again – The Full Story… tracking back – Trent Reznor waves Twitter goodbye, again – The Full Story…

  9. art garret says:

    Based on the apparent timeline, it seems that Reznor and the Ho knew each other for all of nine days before he supposedly proposed. Within two weeks, she had moved into his house, and was posting pictures of some guy she’d
    invited over to use the pool while Trent went out on tour. Yeah, get
    engaged, and then go on tour, and leave your fiancé behind- pure fuckery. Most NIN fans feel fucking played because their hero was considered to be this intelligent, thoughtful guy but turns out to be a really stupid piece of shit who gets engaged to a cheap attention seeking bimbo. She flamed the fires with her stupid tweets and blow job photos.

  10. @ art garret

    OMFG! ROFLMFAO!! That vid is HILARIOUS! Thanks SO much for that! Full of WIN

  11. UPDATE

    So, after closing @trent_reznor (and @mariqueen) account on Twitter the tickets for the last (last?) NIN gigs go on sale.
    Think about it. Not the first time Reznor uses some drama before announcing something which needed all his minions attention. Clever PR. He knows his minions lap it up like the little sheeply they are.

    A few hours later his not so private account @noise_floor (and @neeuqiram ) is also closed. At this point one is lead to believe he/they actually meant the whole privacy stuff.

    But then, out of the blue comes a blog from an anonymous celebrity couple talking about how much they are in love, how people lie about them, etc. My cynical alarm bells rung. Could this be our “famous” couple?

    So, after careful consideration & some “snooping” around I came to the conclusion that it is more than likely these are our “champ” & his geisha. No shit Sherlock!
    I based that on these facts (but not only) 1- “home-made” PR stunt 2- The “digs” made to “liars” on their blog 3- Two notorious internet/Twitter addicts vanish & this @anoncelebcouple appears

    err… I wait to be proven wrong 🙂

  12. surethang says:

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I really don’t think that celebrity couple blog is them. “She” sounds nothing like the ghetto trash narcissist that is MQ, and “he” seems far too laid back to be the terse and uptight TR. My guess is that it’s some d-listers from a reality show or something.

  13. @ surethang

    After reading the “anonymous celeb couple” latest blog update I`m starting to think that too. Unless they go a ghost writer… I posted a blog about this and will try to keep that up to date. Check it out

    Anonymous Celebrity Couple on Twitter

  14. Kilburn says:

    Google “Kelly’s Cornhole”. Unsure of the credibility since it’s from Manson’s autobiography from back in the day. I’d type it here, but the book was “borrowed” and never returned. Very odd story. I’ve seen it appear in two official publications though. Manson’s autobio AND Tommy Udo’s bio of NIN. The “friend” mentioned in the UD definition is in fact, Reznor (according to both Manson AND Udo).

  15. Kilburn says:

    Hold up. Found an excerpts page but it is in German so I dto translate. Some words didnt come through, but you get the idea.

    Quotes from the book:

    Marilyn Manson: Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
    S. 180-83 P. 180-83

    I remember one evening in Los Angeles, Trent as his girlfriend just had to pass the course, a rich teenage bitch who is so obsessed by him was that they are his initials on the ass tattoo can be had. We went into a bar called “Smalls”, where a few girls we know that today I do not even waste my raustragen would. But then I wasted my energies to it to get into bed, because I knew no better.

    Actually we were not particularly at times of sex. We wanted to have our fun, because our friendship had only really just begun. Sometime we are with these two horrible people at his home. One of them was Keily, if I remember correctly. That was very interesting information, because her face was not sufficiently precise to detect whether it is a man or a woman. This evening should in any case be a legendary video tape that would haunt me because, unfortunately, it is lost. It goes under the name “Kelly’s Cornhole” You can imagine what it was.

    Kelly and her friend ran totally drunk on the same lawn around the front of the house that, more than twenty years ago, the Friends of Sharon Tate had been murdered. The two suddenly jumped in the pool, and for some reason I had to get intimate. So I found myself, willy-nilly with this bass, as they probably had to call in the water again from her appearance for a water monster. To contribute to the overall entertainment, I asked her: “Do you want to play a little ‘Who touched me?’ with us? We blindfold you and you guess who just touched you.” Trent and I carried the bass back into the living room. The other girl had long since passed out,

    As agreed, we blidfolded the Water Monster’s eyes. Or rather, we made it just a towel around the head and made sure that her face was obscured. That contributed significantly to our well-being even though her naked body looked not a bit more attractive. Everything on it was just terrible. If I tell it here, here will be a rising sense of shame in me.

    We played with her nipples and crotch – what have you. We both were so drunk that we could only laugh, but even in this condition we were not nearly as drunk as they are. In the background played a Ween album with the line “Push the little daisies and make ’em come up”, while the young Trent Reznor and I had our paws in her uterus (yes it would theoretically be able to demonstrate that we are inside this bizarre fish woman on one or the other varieties of caviar would be pushed.) But the most horrifying thing we found was a mysterious ball/lump in her intestinal opening. It could even be that it was only a white fuzz or a piece of cereal, but we went into this just disgusted and shocked. Nevertheless we felt it our sacred duty to these poor, unsuspecting people even more humiliation. Finally I grabbed my lighter and lit her pubic hair. She was unhurt, but the foul smell at the scene of the madness that prevailed, it has also not improved. Unfortunately, this story has no particular peak.

    It may well be that Trent screwed with her afterwards, because he has a weakness for degenerate women. But have not we all had one girl who looks totally abnormal, taken into our custody? Probably cause you secretly hope that the next morning it looks better. But mostly they will be much worse.

    ((So yeah, Trent was pretty messed up. While it may not be true, Manson got one part right. “Trent has a weakness for degenerate women”))

  16. andreaurbanfox says:

    @ Kilburn


    That story is so full of FAIL its almost a WIN, in some sick and perverse way! I cant stop LOL! Love the bit he says TR has a weakness for “degenerate women“… No shit Sherlock!

    Thanks so SO much for this!

  17. colourmatrix13 says:

    It has been my belief for sometime that TR is far from being clean his erratic behaviour is something have been around before.. Steroids

    Steroids may lead to permanent physchological damage mixed with other drugs could be fatal Having an aunt on steroids due to cancer. I witness first hand what happens to one on this drug Dr. Jeykll/ Mr Hyde I convinced her to change her medication. However when you introduce it to alcohol and perhaps some party drugs with a phobia against introspection & counselling you end up with one big mess on your hands.

    The only other options you have allowed yourself is to become Mr. Self-Destruct and running down a desperate path that usually only end in irreparable damage, death or suicide. It takes courage to face your fears.It is fear that makes you run .

    When listening to NIN’s music now Why do I now feel twinge of embarrassment? Self-concious I guess lest people would mix me up with your new found values No you are not NIN there are many talented musicians who have collaborated with you. Duped yes I would say that I am Trent. Sad that you left.. not in the least.. you can only do damage on twitter & you have proven it. Get yourself some help man A link to steroid abuse. Some damage can be permanent

  18. andreaurbanfox says:

    @ colourmatrix13

    Did you see the message he left @stenchie on her Myspace account at 4am this morning? What a nasty nasty man!
    Shouldnt he be asleep on the arms of his beloved? pfff

  19. Bevanne says:

    Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Trent, have been for years. However, I think you bring up some excellent points. I always thought it was strange that Trent all of the sudden decided to come out of hiding and share his life with us on Twitter. I think I preferred the mystery, especially in regards to his “love life”. And what did happen to the money that was raised for Eric?

  20. @ Bevanne

    I was also a fan. Ok, was never as fanatical as some but I liked him, his music and what he supposedly stood for. My perception of him has changed only because of the things I said here. My reasons are on my blogs. And yes, I`d say he isnt cut out to live amongst everyday people.
    As for the money allegedly raised for Eric, I`m still none the wiser to how much was raised in total (ball part figure was 700K), how much was actually spent and the whereabouts of the rest of the money.

  21. Tatzelwurm says:

    Now this just shows me, what TR is really like.
    I do love his music, I am a fan of his work and I appreciate him as an artist… but this!?
    In my opinion, he just fails completely in terms of human interaction. A grown man behaving like a child… and not just on one occasion! I always disliked his “outbursts”. So, thank your for this blog, it just shows me, that I should just stick to the music and abandon the person behind the artist. Not worth it.

  22. @ Tatzelwurm

    Thanks for commenting.


  23. Trent Reznor Gives Twitter The Slip After Downward Spiral says:

    […] is God, a troll is born.  Even though I disagree subjectively with a lot of the angles, I respect this post written by AndreaUrbanFox, which fully details and maps out the Reznor vs. anti-Reznor […]

  24. @ Mr. Trent Reznor gives Twitter…..

    Interesting way of plugging your blog.
    I did read your material and even though I disagree subjectively with a lot of the angles, I too respect your opinion.

    I specially disagree with 1 thing though: calling all those who happen to disagree and/or suck up to TR trolls. As you said and I quote:”You can never kill off a savvy troll’s efforts completely. They will make throwaway email addresses, they will hide behind proxies so that you can’t block their IP addresses, and they will exploit any vulnerabilities present in your database.” None of those who went on the proverbial head to head with TR created fake accounts or hidden behind proxy. And in my case I dare use my own picture and name. Why would you then have me, Fred etc classed as trolls simply because we dare to voice our opinions based on what is already out there is of poor judgement on your part.
    You either lack a total grasp of the situation or you`re being simplistic and/or biased.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment…err…spam

  25. thejellyfarm says:

    great blog, but what I feel is suspicious is what did they do with the money that all the fans donated generously to for the eric cause now that eric has passed on?

    it’s also suspicious that trent and q closed their accounts too.

    i don’t see anything on the nin forum explaining to the public what the leftover funds will be used for. i mean, not to be rude or anything but that was a LOT of money that was collected and by right, if the money was not used, it should be returned to the donors or at least donated to another cause.

    there should be transparency about this matter and a thorough follow up on the matter because it involves people’s hard-earned money – money that can be used during this harsh economic times.

    this is only the honest and right thing to do.

  26. Terry Brooks says:

    Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya

  27. kempozone says:

    Im sure many of you are like me and one of the first things you do in the morning is head here and check out the new post. Along with seeing the new posts, I’m also always checking out the blog roll rss feed and watching them grow, or shrink sometimes. In one of my past …but all in all excellent site. Keep it up!

  28. found this on,39,120,-you-tube-invite-explained-exploited-by-genstarchild.html

    By xniner

    Look, Mariqueen (just like Trent) is a BITCH and a THIEF. These two are not going anywhere, I promise you. Trent’s career is over. Here’s the inside scoop from someone in the NIN camp.

    Remember the bullshit about NIN being the opening act for Jane’s Addition even though it was NIN’s Farewell Tour? Trent had been told by his tour investors that they were considering pulling out of funding his overseas leg, due to lack of sales and no new album (which Trent had previously promised.) The investors gave him a month to generate some publicity. But, when the ticket giveaways failed to put him on the map and unreturned phone calls to various high profile magazines failed, it was Brett who came up with the idea of announcing an engagement. Trent wanted Tila Tequila but she was too expensive and she didn’t want to go on the road for 5 months. Brett found Mariqueen on the Feb. 2009 Playboy website and called the booking agent. Trent wasn’t down for it as first because he was dating someone at the time, but Trent, being the self-centered bastard he is, dumped that girl. They went with lawyers and other friends on “vacation” to test the chemistry and decided to go through with it. Contracts were drawn up and signed.

    Since 2/3 of NIN’s fanbase went bombastic over the stunt, BB popped up, letters written, CDs broken and mailed, Trent decided to do a nonbinding ceremony so the egg on his face didn’t look so bad. The marriage isn’t real since it was a nonbinding ceremony and word is Mariqueen doesn’t live at TR’s house. In fact, Mariqueen’s parent’s weren’t at the ceremony since they disagreed with the sham. None of Trent’s professional friends were at the wedding such as Gary Numan, Bowie, Peter Murphy, etc. And yes, Trent’s grandfather “Pop” gave the vows and Trent left the reception at his house about a third into the party. Mariqueen stayed and partied with her friends.

    Karma’s a bitch and Trent is in major depression mode since the second week after the tour ended. That’s why he looked so out of it in those wedding photos – major depression meds. which have bloated his face even more. Trent never thought much of his fans, in fact he thinks they are stupid and would buy and do anything. He didn’t realize that the fans he needed to keep were the one’s who jumped off the boat first.

  29. nowimnothing27 says:

    Read alot of this. Seems like it sucks. Heres what I know.

    He made alot of music. I like about 90% of it. His personal life, drugs, whatever, is kind of irrelevant. And I think once you reach a certain age, who gives a shit.

    And he’s probably gay anyway. And doesn’t come out because people like you would crucify him. Or not. Doesn’t matter either way. Long as it doesn’t keep him from putting out another album.

    (P.S. I do not follow him on Twitter, My Space, E.T.C. Why? I don’t care.)

  30. P says:

    One minute into this article I was sure I was going to call you a jerk or find some polite way to say fu.
    But the op presents himself in a cordial enough manner that no need too.
    I respect Rez and until I hear confirmation believe that what is written in comments is at best bs or at worst bad intentioned speculation.
    Nine has been good to this fan and I don’t think people who comment should portray unanswered query’s from the OP into accusations or false statements.
    or be taken seriously unless they are willing to use there real name and demonstrate facts that support.
    To do otherwise is not right.

  31. ducky says:

    youve got some good points. ive followed this stuff on TR for a while. its amazing what ppl will do. he prolly messed up his life with just jumping into a relationship with a stranger. but everything hes done in the last couple years just makes him douche. im a fan of nin not a fan of him. karma will get him sooner or later, the longer it goes the more devastating it will be. love some of these comments too.

  32. HanaPipers says:


  33. […] start with the ever so current and topical AndreaUrbanfox vs Trent Reznor twitter spat. Yes it happened, back in 2009, we blocked each other and that was the end of that. So really, if […]

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