Trent Reznor unstable emotionally & unsteady on his feet


16/07/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

So, Trent Reznor falls onstage at NIN`s London O2 gig? *flashback* I seem to remember him almost falling at Southside festival but it was raining, I thought to myself, he could have just slipped on wet floor….

“Gotta be done… It must be done…Must post pic…”

With these and other thoughts racing through my head I`ve decided to ask the question on everybody`s mind: Was he drinking? Is he having a breakdown? Was he high on something else? Was it his massive weight making him unsteady on his feet? Or is he simply mimicking his own career, even if on a subconscious level?

To be honest, all I wanted was a reason, an excuse this photo of him falling because it made me ROFLMFAO!



Who sucks now plump c*nt?


14 thoughts on “Trent Reznor unstable emotionally & unsteady on his feet

  1. trackingback – Trent Reznor unstable emotionally & unsteady on his feet… trackingback – Trent Reznor unstable emotionally & unsteady on his feet…

  2. Joe says:

    I’m glad to see Trent Reznor has rediscovered alcohol. Hopefully he’ll rediscover drugs too and then make some relevant music. Although I guess Year Zero was pretty relevant as it outlined his plans to dominate the digital world with his army of mindless followers/apologists, which I must add he has started with Twitter.

    My Website link is the Rolling Stone article about Trent and Twitter. So many truths in there and yes, all the fans that are turning their back on him are the older ones with minds of their own. Most of his fanbase now weren’t even around when Petty Hype Machine first came out.

  3. Ah! At long last we get a music writer here! Someone who knows what he is talking about. Thanks for taking the time to read my blogs and reply.

    I dont particularly care if he is on booze or H or whatever. I just cant stand the denials. As for making more music, he`s “juiced out”. Best thing for him really is to retire and enjoy whatever life he`s got left…be it with his new fling or the old one (as in booze & drugs)

    Funny you popped in because I just read a small article at The Guardian online which I thought it was misleading as the photo they used is old and does not represent what he looks like now (overweight) and the Gene Simmons dissing was 1st published 2 days ago at Rolling Stone and no credit was given to the writer. Naughty Guardian!

  4. On further “googling” I have now discovered that the remark about Gene Simmons was 1st posted in the Inquirer…but no mention of this on Rolling Stone….no mention of either by The Guardian… Dont you just love the press?

    The Inquire article dated July 13th

    The Rolling Stone article dated July 14th

    The Guardian article dated July 15th

  5. thirteen31 says:

    This situation that TR has created for himself is similar to watching a train wreck. Thanks for sharing this, Andrea, well done, once again. 🙂

    I agree with Joe, most of his fan base is a younger generation…statistics regarding state that his fan base is primarily American, ages 25 and younger from less affluent families…

    What is tragic is that TR puts himself in the position of being a role model to this generation – he highly influences them and his behaviour as of late has not been of a good variety.

  6. N.Stewart. says:

    The only reason why TR is seen as relevant is because he’s rich enough to get attention by releasing his music for free. Which is actually a good thing, because I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would pay to listen to a mediocre piece of shit like The Slip. The only good to come out of that was Meathead’s video for Discipline. TR calls the album “A sketch”- Sketches are normally associated with real artists who put effort into their art, and no one but his brainwashed brigade of bitchy superfans would call The Slip or Ghosts art. The only thing artistic about Ghosts is Rob Sheridan’s incredible photography.Period.

    What pains older fans like us is that TR was once a true artist- I listen to The Downward Spiral and The Fragile, and they never cease to blow my mind. Now he’s just a 44 year old has-been trying to find some elixir for youth in a woman who is far too young (And don’t get mad Andrea) and beautiful for him. Of course, you could argue that her beauty makes up for his lackluster appearance, but sadly not for his lack of talent, as of late.

    Andrea, I don’t believe its right to attack his poor fiance who has signed on for a lifetime of misery, but this is your blog and you can say whatever you want I guess. But thanks for being one of the few people who see that TR is in fact, not a god.Unless of course we’re talking about his similarity to god(zilla) in that he has a gozilla-like ability to destroy the respect many fans had for him, as well as his reputation as a prolific artist.

    I have to also award him this year’s douchelord award for those cutting comments. I don’t know what its like to be a cutter, but I reckon they are depressed individuals who found refuge in TR’s music once. If any of them felt bad reading that, please remember that TR was once,twice a self absorbed drunk crack addict douchelord. While his addictions may be gone,that self absorbed douchelord is still there. Something tells me that effort to get a heart for Eric (RIP) was more geared to impressing his fiance than any concern for the De La Cruz family.Face the facts, TR’s been a rockstar for decades now, and NOT ONCE has he done something like this before….

  7. @ N.Stewart

    Great comment! Thanks for that. I find it refreshing to have NIN fans commenting without all the shouty anger and badly put together sentences.

    I wouldnt, nor have I ever, got angry at ppl for saying they find Mariqueen attractive. Bottom line is that its personal taste. I personally think she has a good body but an ugly face. And as for her personality, I dont know the woman so I cant judge that but imho, based on her tweets she is either very young and naive or plain stupid…maybe its a combo of all those. As for pitying her for “signing up” for a lifetime of misery with TR, sorry to say I cant pity her. She knows the deal and I`m sure she is laughing all the way to the bank…needless to say I cant see this union lasting a “lifetime”.

    Back to TR, what more can I say that I havent already said? I find him repulsive as a man, mediocre as an artist (recent works that is), manipulative, bad tempered & above all a has-been. His lies, denials, attacks, etc disgust me…even his new found “philanthropy” sickens me. Its all bogus and in bad taste.

  8. deniseml says:

    TR is unattractive except the Photoshopped pictures that Rob Sheridan issues. You have spoken a lot of truth, as I see it. My first and immediate impression of his so called philanthropy was that he was doing it for his girlfriend. This from an old fan. I don’t mean from PHM days but my age. I do not fit the demographic and am not starry eyed, young or poor. RIP NIN.

  9. @ deniseml

    I`m glad Im not the only person in this whole wide world that finds him bland. Personally I wont go as far as unattractive but he sure aint no oil painting. He`s just another bloke. He might stand out in a crowd now but that is only because he has money & fame. I dont think for just 1 minute that any good looking woman would give him a 2nd look if he wasnt “Trent NIN Reznor”. He is a shortarse, chubby, moody, sweaty, verbally inept and a “void” personality (based on what we know/see from the man)

    Him getting involved with charity work was a sham & shambles from the word go. I dont believe he ever cared for Eric. I dint see him going to visit. I didnt see him even paying tribute after Eric died. I also dont recall at any stage him putting his hand in his pocket to help. My problem with all of that always has been that I think its crass for rich people to help other rich people with poor people`s money. And besides, TR hasnt got 1 good, true charitable bone in his body…less he doesnt believe that “charity starts at home”

    Trust you me we have not heard the last of TR. The least we can expect within the next few days is a long winded rant at “explaining” how missunderstood and hard done by he is…a few direct personal insults aimed at me, Fred and whoever else might have stepped on his precious toes that morning. Actually, it wouldnt surprise me at all if this is leading up to some new, big announcement….maybe a micro-blogging style site of his own…or could this finally be his Year Zero comics…? Whatever he is doing, no doubt there will be a profitable angle to it and plenty of “sheeply” & psychofans to lap it all up.

  10. surethang says:

    look up ponder_rosa on twitter to see the real reason for the slip and fall onstage by trent in london.

  11. @ surethang

    Urban myth 😀
    But indeed it is the stuff of legend….and…. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!
    Trust me on that one 😉

  12. TR has totally lost it! Well, assuming he had “any” to start with 🙂

    UPDATE 2
    Looks like TR is still enlightening the world with his unique brand of hatred and BS. This message was left at 4:29 AM this morning for @stenchie on her Myspace account

  13. Bettie Noire says:

    Wow. I had no clue what was going on with the nefarious wretch since I last dealt with him. Glad you called him out! Your points are beyond valid 🙂 Check out the charity organization I have just started working with =)

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