The Big Music Rip Off


16/07/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

Originally posted on March 9th 2009 HERE – This is how/when/why Trent Reznor and I exchanged words & we have been on each other`s case ever since

overpriced gigs/festivals

Have the artists and the people putting on gigs/festivals all got shit for brains? Are they so up their own arses that they havent noticed a global recession? The unemployment figures? Even the current suicide rate? Where do they get off charging like £15 quid or so to go to a dodgy venue to see 3 or 4 unsigned bands?(thinking of Borderline,London) How about some old codger who hit fame in the 60s/70s charging in excess of £70 quid to go see him spit out some dusty dated material (thinking Rick Wakeman forthcoming “gig” in London) What about this summer`s festivals across the UK? Well over £150 Pounds for 2 days (not including the transport to/from, camping. food, drugs/alcohol or whatever it is you`re in to, etc) to go sit in a muddy field with a bunch of spotty teens while some dot size figures try to sing over the screams of demented fans? (thinking NIN aka Trent Reznor)

Well, I hope my anger doesnt subside until I finish doing the relevant research because I fancy ripping apart this money grabbing mother f*cking bastards aka big name bands and festivals.


3 thoughts on “The Big Music Rip Off

  1. winslie gomez says:

    You are so right! Parents are paying for the teens; probably! At least it gets them out of their hair for a w/end.

  2. blame the bands for succumbing to playing at these gigs/fests which are just a fucking rip off. As for the small bands, unsigned ones like, I feel deeply sorry for them as they have these fat cat money grabbing bastards exploiting them

  3. winslie gomez says:

    Exploiting the gullible public is just business as usual!
    I tried promoting small bands with special variety events some time back, but gave up trying to get the record company rep to attend. Just was a nightmare.
    we never made any money either.
    Sighs of a frustrated bedroom guitarist!
    Keep telling the world and hopefully someone somewhere will see sense.

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