Bad Smell At The Florist

16/07/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

It`s official. Our once beloved, trendy, friendly local booza The Florist in Bethnal Green is no more. What we have now is a tired looking, overpriced, unwelcoming pub.

Long gone are the cool days of lock-ins with the locals and a selected few, when one could go have a power-nap until 11pm and then hit the pub by midnight in the certainty of a guaranteed bender.

Gone too are the after gig parties. I vaguely remember them (flashbacks?). The last one I went to was The Strokes back in the summer of 2003. As usual one hit the pub around 1am (a girl has got to make an entrance) and by then the party was at full swing. The place was packed with journos, hangers-on and the usual colourful locals including yours truly. I must admit to being well pickled already and as the booze & Co were flowing freely at the bar or in the loos, it didn’t take long before I was twankered (twatted+wankered) but so was everybody else. Anyway, The Strokes frontman was introduced to me. Julian was a lovely, polite and pleasant young man very much the opposite of his poodle curly hair frisky Brazilian drummer who tried to stick his tongue down my throat. As for the journos present, they were either higher than I was or they quoted a different party because somehow the next days tabloids said Julian broke one of the toilets and brought it into the main area of the pub. Utter rubbish as I was there until 7am, by which time the band had long gone back to their hotel and no loo was to be seen.

But lets come back to the present day and the pub review which this was intended to be.

Where was I? Oh yeah…gone too are all the good looking, well dressed and nice bar staff being replaced by smelly, ignorant, arrogant, intolerant nobodies who treat you like shit when they actually bother to serve you…no time to serve when they spend most of the night going into the cellar for a sneaky fag (bare in mind we the punters aren’t allowed to smoke).

And apart from the nice, “happening” peeps, Shoreditch twats & City pimps of times past, now faced with “wannabes” and “has-beens” who spend most of their time snorting bad quality coke out of the smelly gents loo.

It is very sad to see how bad its being run and what has become of this once great little East End booza.

* This is NOT immediate exposure for company & wannabes – do not be fooled
** Do note the use (overuse) of the words assume & allege

This article was originally posted on the 7th Feb 07 HERE – Nothing much has changed since…just got worse

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