Trent Reznor`s European Tour of DOH!


08/07/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

And so it is…The blog I said I wasn’t going to write is being written. I don’t feel as I have gone back on my word as I feel that due to changes in circumstances a blog is called for.

First of all I want to express my dismay & utter disgust at WP for suspending* Fred. I have read their terms of service and for the life of me I can’t see what Fred is supposed to have done wrong or what excuse WP used to suspend him. Second, I want to once again stress the fact that people like Fred and I must have our own .com (whatch out for soon) therefore bypassing the bs from networks – networks which change their rules as they go along, to suit them and not their customers and without any prior concern or consideration to the fact that it is due to our custom that they are what they are: successful networks.

But, enough of the network bashing. Let us focus on what is ultimately the reason why I’m writing this blog: gobshite Trent bloody Reznor and his latest hissy fit.

There I was, minding my own business as usual; writing puns having a dig of the daily news when I am alerted that Mr. Self Destruct tweeted about some girl and yours truly. This time he didn’t say I “suck” or that I am “plump”. Oh noes. This time he calls me a pig. Knowing very well I am Jewish, he surely knew this would or potentially could be more offensive than calling me a c*nt like he did to some other former fan who happened not to kiss his ass. Unfortunately for him and fortunate for me I happen to find pigs rather cute and therefore will not report him for abuse on the grounds of Anti-Semitism.

Like a pig searching for a truffle, I went through all my tweets for the past 2 days to see if it would shed some light on why Mr.Reznor was/is so pissy with me, again. All I found, which is possibly the reason for his anger, is a tweet I sent Veronica Cruz regarding the untimely death of her brother Eric and asking a genuine & legit question: What will happen to the money donated? Will it be returned to the donors or donated to a worthy cause? As far as I am concerned that is a valid question but obviously our “champ” doesn’t agree.

His mantrum therefore got me thinking…Did I hit a nerve? Was I not meant to care where thousands of dollar will end up? Was I raising the issue of this being just a calculated publicity stunt where Reznor was in a win win situation? Why is money still being collect in the name of Eric if he is no longer with us? Furthermore, wtf is he still doing stalking my page and reading my tweets if he hates me so? With my mind racing with questions, answers started to materialize…

I had indeed hit a nerve. No one is meant to question Reznor`s decisions, no matter how ill advised or misguided those decisions might be. His involvement with the Eric campaign was far from altruistic. He knew it was a win win situation because had Eric survived Reznor would be hailed as his savior, the one who stepped in, publicized and helped raise almost 1 million dollars to save Eric’s life. He also knew if Eric died, which he did I`m sorry to say, Reznor would get the sympathy from his brown nosing fans as well as the so called “Eric army”. He knew that! Don’t you be fooled! And if you believe he is that good altruistic soul, that this was no a calculated move, you are doing him a discredit and undermining his intelligence therefore going against him and opening yourself up for his nonse & abuse.

As for why Reznor & trophy geisha still read my tweets I have this explanation: He reads them because they are fun & informative. I tweet/blog about celebs based on information which is publicly available or, in case of my gig reviews, I was actually there so I’m tweeting/blogging about my own views based on my own experience. As for why his trollop of a fiancé reads my tweets, I’m at a slight loss. I mean, my material is sharp, witty, sarcastic…all of which requires a certain level of intelligence to understand and IMHO I don’t think she is the “sharpest tool in the box” or the “brightest light in the harbour”. This, again, is my opinion which is based on what I have seen of her public displays of stereotypical Californian flakey air-head with some major issues, aside from grammar that is 😉

Moving on. This blog wouldn’t be complete without me mentioned a few of Reznor`s latest foot-in-mouth Twitter shortcomings after announcing he was quitting his “social network experiment“. Doh! 1 – How can we not give him credit for, in front of a German crowd at Hurricane Festival, implying Die Arzte music is shit compared to NIN? Had he forgotten he was talking about one of the most popular & loved German rock bands of the past 20yrs or so? Doh! 2 – Not content with offending the Germans alone, our “hero” goes and tweets on the 29th of June at 3.11pm that and I quote “I’ve been spending time in the “real world” and it’s actually pretty great (even in Europe!)”. What an ass clown! Doh! 3 – On July 3rd at 9.52pm he tweets the mother of all ignorant tweets. I quote “11PM, still light out, driving to Roskilde to play at 1AM. Weird” I did LOL at that because the poor red-neck is touring Scandinavia, notorious for it’s “midnight sun” and either fails to acknowledge it or is simply really that ignorant that he didn’t know about this. Doh! 4 – On July 6th at 2.29pm he posted “Weird- just saw a European WITHOUT a cigarette.” I’d say that could potentially be offensive for the millions of Europeans who don’t smoke but that is not the reason why I brought this up. The reason is: who is he to criticize smokers when his own bit on the side is a smoker herself? Who is he to criticize Europeans when he comes from a country which gave the world, amongst many other offerings, the big tobacco giants? Someone replied to his nonse at the time with the following “Weird – just saw a Californian WITHOUT a spray tan”…most appropriate reply, methinks. Doh! 5 – Yet unsatisfied with the non stop public display of ignorance, offending EU nations & crapping on an entire continent, His Holiness goes and gives us this unprovoked attack on yet another EU country. I quote – @davenavarro6767 said “Just arrived in Poland” @trent_reznor replied @davenavarro6767 “Sorry to hear that.” I feel sorry for Navarro (and all the ace NIN musicians) for having to put up with this douche and having to turn a blind eye to the fact that Reznor is dragging them all into a mess which isn’t theirs in the first place.

So, there it is. After Doh 5 we know what happened. Someone is called a whore, I’m called a pig, NIN psychofans go on the rampage, a certain level of attention is diverted from Michael Jackson’s memorial (which was ongoing at that time), and bang! More NIN dates announced….Yeah, that wasn’t calculated either….. And as for my rebuff to Fatznor for calling me a pig, I know it`s just another one of his whines besides, let`s be honest here, he has been obsessed with pigs his entire career 😉 I just seem to be his latest obsession….Welcome back to social networking!

Thank you all for reading.
Andrea aka UrbanFox

ROFLMFAO! Just for the LULZ of it 😀

*UPDATE – Our Fred is back and he has a lot to say….HERE


54 thoughts on “Trent Reznor`s European Tour of DOH!

  1. jack says:

    `Hurt` was played at my friends funeral the other day.
    Its an awesome song that has meant so much over the years and always will (Even more so now)
    BUT… seperate the guy from the music.
    He`s a dick!
    NIN fans need to accept this.
    By all means go to the concerts,
    Enjoy the music.
    But Trent IS a dick.
    Its ok, its a perfectly natural thing for famous people to be.
    They live on another planet from us peasants with untold riches and everyone kissing their arse 24:7.
    Must be hard NOT to be a dick.
    Its sad to know that he will actually be reading this blog and this comment AND care about what is being said.
    `cause like I said he` s out of touch with reality and has became a DICK

  2. Very sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you`re ok.
    Yes, Hurt is a great song. It has been very important for me too.
    Having said that, I can separate the music from the man (or as you so eloquently put, dick). I wholeheatedly agree that he is and lives on another planet. I call that planet California. LOL. Not wanting to offend the good people of an entire state, I have to add that there`s good and bad everywhere….we just happen to hear more about the nutters in Cali because of their OTT lifestyles and their bs.
    Anyway, thanks for your comment Jack

  3. me says:

    After reading the list of DOH!’s, i think you have no sense of humor or you have the ability to take every statement as a personal insult :-).
    Maybe he should also write “today arrived in London, its sunny” and you have another DOH.

  4. @ me

    Thanks for reading it! Didnt think we`d see you here

    I never said they were personal insults. I said those comments could potentially be insulting/offensive.
    Try again babes 😉

  5. spiderborland says:

    This isn’t an attack, just a thought. Sure, Eric won’t be needing money in the future, but I can’t help but think that there was an an enormous amount of debt amassed in keeping him alive in the hopes of getting a transplant and then surviving a transplant. I have no idea how much all that costs, but I would hope if there is anything left it would be donated to a similar cause.

    And to respond to Jack and things you touched on. Trent did base an entire career over the course of 20 years on being angry. I think anyone who thinks he’s a sweet man is just a little delusional. This coming from a guy who has nothing but love and respect for Trent Reznor and everything he’s done.

  6. Hi spiderborland

    First of all thanks for the comment. It is refreshing to have a NIN fan comment without the usual fanaticism.

    Let me address your response to Jack, if I may. We do know Reznor based his career on his teen angst and he caters exactly for that market. Having said that, he has been trying to portray this goody goody image, the charitable guy, the family guy, the down to earth and grounded kinda guy and that is the bs that stinks the most.

    As for the donated money to help “save” Eric. Yes, the entire fund-raising was based on “trying to save” his life and not “pay for his already accrued debts” or anything after his death. Let me try to illustrate this:

    Eric army soldier (@UkeJamz) tweet to me and I quote “the money will be used by the StoreyDreams Foundation
    *note how I`m given an URL to a page where there is a pic of Eric & still asking people to donate to save his life. hmmm

    My reply to this person was: “@UkeJamz will be nice to see the accounts for what was donated,spent and what is left plus proof the money is going where they say its going”
    about 2 hours ago from web in reply to UkeJamz

    He then replied and I quote: “so, i take it you’ve made a pretty large donation then?”
    about 2 hours ago from Seesmic Desktop
    *Note he failed to reply to my tweet & he seems rather defensive

    To which I replied: “I might have, have you? Still havent quite answered about the accounts. Something to hide?”
    about 1 hour ago from web in reply to UkeJamz

    Now, if you take a look at the time-line you`ll see that this person has tweeted after my last reply to him yet failed so far to come up with any answers or explainations.

    So, as you see, I can only base my opinions on what information is available to me. At this point I stand by all I have said in my blog. That is not to say I might not be corrected if/when a legit explanation comes forwards within regards to my queries.

  7. sam says:

    i have not followed the eric saga as closely as (perhaps) i should have. i did donate, under the assumption that the money raised would go towards eric’s actual heart transplant. (fyi: when the nin fan club debuted, i was not a part of that, because i thought it was a bit chintzy to ask fans to pony up cash to meet him and the band; so i rationalized that if i donated to a good cause and got to meet him, at least that didn’t line his pockets with superfluous cash). now, did eric receive a heart transplant before he died, or didn’t he? i kinda thought the money went to pay for the transplant procedure, and then his body rejected it. am i wrong?? thanks for your reply.

  8. spiderborland says:

    I’m not sure if he’s actually trying to portray himself as goody goody, or if it’s just a side effect of him being more hands on with his community. Never in his career has the world been so small. He’s “responding” to the industry by creating online communities and communicating directly with us with Twitter. Possibly it’s not so much an image, but rather what happens when a celebrity becomes more accessible. When we can “touch” someone we “love” so much, we create certain expectations of them. I know a few bands that I’m semi personally involved in have stated that they will not become active on a message board because inexplicably some fans will become angry when their questions are not answered.

    In the end, though. You have your opinions, and I have mine. I will likely always defend Trent, and your mind will likely not be changed. So it goes. 🙂

    I think your question of “what will happen to the money now” is completely reasonable, and I would be curious to know the answer too. However, implying that the money be returned to the donors might not have been the best way to phrase that question. I’ll admit that it can be construed as selfish and could warrant inflammatory statements.

  9. spiderborland says:

    To respond to Sam:
    “Supporters eventually reached their goal of having Eric accepted into a transplant program in California, where he finally underwent preparations for the new heart he had hoped to receive, but was never again healthy enough to do so.”
    This from:

  10. Colleen says:

    I guess calling someone a “trophy geisha’ isn’t offensive.

  11. @ Sam The short of a long answer is no, he never did receive a heart transplant

  12. Colleen not nearly as much as being called a c*nt, a pig or to have someone tell you in front of 1/2 million people to f*ck off etc etc.
    Try again

  13. Kilburn says:

    Ha! I see you linked the WKUK vid i sent you.

  14. Kilburn says:

    BTW, you posting the link to that vid boosted its hits ALOT. Go read the comments some of the fans have left! =P

  15. @ spiderborland

    He has tried to portray the goody goody image with his sudden phylanthroppy. Being online and “available” to fans has done him more harm than good, imho. He isnt a people`s person so why try?

    I can assure you I have never had any expectations of Reznor as a person. Perhaps as a musician I did. So, I`m neither disappointed nor am I happy about who he is.

    The question I`ve raised is what happened and what will happen to the remaining donated money. I asked if it was going to be returned to donors OR donated to a worthy cause. The devil is in the detail here 😉
    Once again, thanks for taking the time to comment.

  16. @ Kilburn Too right I posted that link! Its HILARIOUS! Thank you so much for it!

    I`ll go check out the comments now…might leave a comment and all 😉


  17. artsparkle says:

    You rock, Andrea; just saying.

  18. @ artsparkle

    Thank you! I`m humbled by that, just saying 🙂

  19. Juliet says:

    Keep it up Andrea! The truth is out there!

  20. sam says:

    wow. thanks for the clarification….

  21. @ Juliet

    HA! Funny seeing you here girlie 🙂

    Thanks once more for your support. Much appreciated


  22. @ Sam

    No worries

  23. AlreadyLeftThisBlog says:

    Quite boring. I can’t see the point of all this crap. Do you at least make money out of this?

  24. @ AlreadyLeftThisBlog

    Thank you for reading my boring blog. Without champions like you it would certainly be boring, lol

    No, not making money out of it. Maybe I should seeing everybody else is. Should I start a fund-raiser?

  25. EddieMc says:

    I would like to see where ALL charity monies went

    there must be some sort of charity ofcom set up somewhere

    If so.. it needs to do more

    people are skeptical of charities which sometimes causes worthwhile causes that do such good work to go under

    Meanwhile, Celeb endorsed `dinner parties` hosted by baroness henrita pythington-tripplebarrelled-smyth is merely easing her guilt while blowing monies raised on things like distinguished butlers with traditional English tashes balancing plates of rare seeled eels and albino veals and such

    sorry for the rant. good blog

  26. Bobby says:

    I just saw that he called you a pig, and another girl a prostitute. I was wondering why, but I think you got it right. How origninal and big of him. What a small minded individual he is.

    I also just saw Perez Hilton, with his comment about TR coming back on tour after waving his last goodbye in the states? I did immediately think, competing with Michael Jackson’s Memorial.
    I got to say that his behaviour keeps making me wonder about his sanity. He trolls after you and others who say a word against him and yet has to have them blocked. He says one thing, then does another. He has to tweet publicly to get attention and create drama, cause he lives on both.
    The less I hear about his latest ventures the less I like him. His music is great, but I wish he’d stopped last year after Lights in the Sky, then I wouldn’t be wondering if he’s going to go completely bonkers. I’m def., thinking he’s not fit mentally.
    The digs at Europeans are prob, calculated to get a rise out of people, so someone will say something and challenge him and then he has an excuse to go after them and punish them.
    The less I hear about his Fiance, the less I like her too. They are well suited. She’s vapid, untalented and makes Paris Hilton look like a saint.

  27. Mauvais Fille says:

    @Bobby well said, this is what we have all been thinking ever since about April 20, you know when he and his vapid, untalented fiance hooked up. That’s right around the time he went off the rails.


  28. Mauvais Fille/Juliet says:

    And so we are also still wondering what will happen to all the “funds” raised for Eric DeLaCruz? If it goes to pay his bills that’s good and legitimate as I’m sure they are exorbitant. But don’t attack people for asking because a lot are. And don’t flame me for asking and whether or not I donated – No I did not
    1) Because I saw NIN last year and they came nowhere near where I live this tour and
    2) I reserve all of my donations for my child who is Autistic – does anyone want to give me a donation?

  29. May says:

    I’m not here to defend Trent nor am I here to call you out on your own hypocrisies , but rather I am here to, perhaps, clarify your confusion with the #Eric donations.

    And might I add, I am NOT in any way affiliated with Eric De La Cruz or the foundation or anything else that may result in my making a statement and gaining money (or anything else for that matter) from said statement.


    I looked it up and it seems donations will be, and I quote:

    “…used by the StoreyDreams Foundation to support similar projects benefiting other heart transplant patients in need.”

    I found this just by clicking on @VeronicaDLCruz’s “WEB” link on her twitter profile and then going to the “Donate” page of the site. In fact, that information has been up ever since they reached their original monetary goal. So the information about where the “excess” money is going has been available for quite some time to those who want to/have donated, it hasn’t been a secret.

    I think it’s safe to say that they haven’t updated the site since Eric has passed away this past Saturday because they’ve been too busy mourning his passing and probably too busy with the funeral arrangements and such to think about updating the website. So I don’t think they’re actually “still asking people to donate to save his life.”

    Now I have to ask; are you concerned out of plain curiosity or is it that you’re worried about where your contribution is going?

  30. gail says:

    speaking of mariqueen.. dunno if u heard about it but:

    “His fiancée, Mariqueen has blow job photos of herself on the internet and created a dummy account where EVERY attack calls someone FAT.”


    i wanted to send it to you on twitter but it was too long. anyway don’t you think that finding these pics would be interesting thing ? :> i bet 100$ that someone have prtscr it :>

    and i must say that i was really big NIN fan. i listen to them since high school and i loved and cherished that band but now? i mean i still love their songs but everytime i read trent’s twitter i feel like /facepalm-all-over-again. i don’t get it why he acts like total ass, i fell sorry for him cuz he must be really frustrated person if he have to call someone ‘pig’ to make himself feel better.

    i used to think about him in therms ‘genious’ now i like everybody in NIN besides him. sometimes i wonder how someone so nice and intelligent as Robin Finck must feel when he’s around such redneck like trent.

    *sorry for poor english*

  31. happychappy says:

    why would a millionaire rockstar even be on Twitter like that?

    Its like Liam Gallagher checking his Bebo

  32. Jim says:

    How about when you said that Eric was “a pawn in a circus of drama filled with ppl peddling agendas, R.I.P” once again accusing Reznor of helping Eric just to help his image. You also called him old and bloated, and continue to harass his fiance for no good reason. Stop making yourself out to be the fucking victim, SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop whining. You’re a crazy stalker who needs help. You obviously only talk about Reznor because it gives you hits, you stupid whore for attention.

  33. Not sure you`re aware but I can see the email & IP of whoever posts here. 😉
    try again

  34. Meliza says:

    I usually just read on through these blogs for sheer entertainment and I never comment but, I think *Bobby* has hit it, dead on.

    I enjoyed following TR via twitter at the beginning. I thought it was an interesting look into his life, tour preparations and such. Then suddenly things took a turn once his engagement was announced.

    The interesting perspective I had gained into a musician’s life was just gone and I only began to see postings from a man who seemed to whine a whole heck of a lot despite being “madly in love” and “happy”.

    So, I unfollowed his account immediately and it made my twitter experience much better. I don’t want to listen to anything he has to say. In fact, he doesn’t really have anything to say. All he does is complain. And who the fuck wants to listen to someone bitch day in and day out??

    Despite this, I was excited to see the “final” performance at NIN/JA. I thought to myself, this guy isn’t who I thought he was but, his music is incredible, at least he’s got that talent. That show was possibly the WORST I’ve been to. EVER. The set list was awful, I really only enjoyed hearing “Metal”. And no offense to anyone but I despise “Hurt”. Grow the fuck up and get over it. So people made you angry and frustrated. SO WHAT?

    In all honesty, I regret spending $80 and wish I had restricted myself to see the Lights in The Sky Tour as the last because that shit was AMAZING! That and then some was what I expected for a “final” tour.

    And Eric?? Yes, his passing is sad. But, so is everyone else’s. You can’t live forever and sadly, his time came early. But, we move on. And when it comes to life or death, we have every right to question what happens next.. money, actions and all.

    And by the way, donating is a self-less act from the heart, not an exchange for getting a handshake from some angry asshole. Most of Trent’s fans, I’m sure, could give a shit about Eric. But, once he dangled his presence and dinner in front of said fans, they were all over it and really had only one thing in mind, to meet Trent, and as a bonus to help some guy who needed a heart.

    Lastly, Andrea, I commend you for standing tall and not allowing yourself to be silenced. Whether you are right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. You have every right to speak your mind and tell your side of the story.

    It’s Trent’s own damn fault for being so concerned with what people think of him. And for him to constantly check your account to see what else is being said about him & his troll of a fiance and to make sure to respond publicly?? Well, you must be one important lady! I think it’s pretty hilarious, I mean have some fucking dignity and at least ACT like you don’t care what people think. My how spineless he is.

    Well, jeez, after all that maybe I should just start my own damn blog.

  35. @ Gail

    I`ve all those pics you mention. As a matter of fact I tweeted those links just 2 days ago (note the photos are online at a public domain, I did not upload them from my PC)
    I feel the same. I liked NIN a lot. I think Finck should get the hell out before TR drags him down.
    Thanks for the comment

  36. @ happychappy

    LOL good question mate!

    As you mentioned Liam…I`m 99% sure the Liam on twitter isnt the real deal or at least its one of his minions tweeting for him. I “met” him (by proxy) a few years back when Oasis was recording at Ridge Farm Studio…Oh the things I know….LOL

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

  37. @ May

    Thanks for the comment. Constructive and informative.

    I`m not sure if “concerned” or “worried” cover the reasons why I ask these questions. Put it these way, these questions needed asking. It is of public interest to know how and where donated money is spent and what will help to whatever is left.

  38. @ Mauvais Fille

    Thanks for focusing a bit more on the rest of the blog. All I`m getting is Eric this and that. Surprises me that a blog with 10 paragraphs, 8 of which arent related to Eric, people just focus on those 2 about him.
    Rats! How about the DOH!s?! LOL
    Thanks for commenting girlie

  39. @ Jim

    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and for leaving us your educated/constructive comment 😉 Where would I be without my loyal readers, huh?

  40. TruthHurts says:

    “First of all I want to express my dismay & utter disgust at WP for suspending Fred. I have read their terms of service and for the life of me I can’t see what Fred is supposed to have done wrong or what excuse WP used to suspend him.”


    I think this should answer your question:

    the Content is not pornographic, libelous or defamatory (more info on what that means), does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party;

  41. @ TruthHurts

    No, it doesnt. Nothing Fred said, as far as I can remember was libellous or defamatory. He used publicly available information and quoted (giving all due credit to whoever it was that said whatever).

    As it goes, we now know his account was suspended due to a DOS attack (or so I`m informed). That being the case, the person/s behind it are the ones breaking ToS and internet laws. This is obviously pending but I trust there is an ongoing investigation by WP.

    So, many thanks for your comment but it was a FAIL. Better luck next time

  42. Chase says:

    I have to say I find a few things very interesting about his current behavior. First that before him and whats her face got together you never saw ANY pictures of him at lets say movie premiers,etc. He always used to talk about how he didnt want to be a poster boy and wanted his music to speak for its self. I admired that. It was different then what all these other bands were doing. It SHOULD be about the music and ONLY the music. With how big NIN is he didnt need to do any sort of publicity let alone get into social networking to spread the word about his tour or whatever. From where im standing [and in Trents head it must be much much lower ground then he gets to be on] that this girl swooped him and basically changed every point of view he ever seemed to pride himself on in all his interviews. Honestly, has anyone ever heard of her until she got “engaged” to Trent? Im a big underground music fan and Ive never heard of her band let alone her. She crawled out of the woodwork sank her claws in and now Trents on a rampage to defend himself,his relationship, and his causes from the all seeing eye called the internet. I dont understand why he would care what anyone thought let alone people on twitter.

    I was wondering the same thing about the money and I also believe thats a legit question. All they have to say is “We’re giving it to ______ charity to help other people with the same condition as Eric, so no other family has to go through what we have to” Thats perfectly acceptable! They say that and everyone would go away! Instead they all freak out like you called their mother a whore while stomping a cat. Its unreal. Now I know Trent may for some reason read this and have a freak out so I’m going to go ahead and address that scenario.

    You have a Grammy. A fiance you say your in love with. You r touring in Europe. You have everything you could ever want. Now, if you truly love your fiance then stop being so insecure when people talk shit about you/her/you together. Only your opinion matters when it comes to who you marry so chill out. Second, why do you care what random people on twitter think? Are you so insecure that every little thing negative written about you honestly makes you angry enough to fire back? Do you realize your just egging them on? Your giving them power while your so desperately trying to take it away from them. Your in your 40’s at some point along the line didnt you learn to pick your battles? Or at least to just shut the fuck up? Get a hobby and move on. If they all didnt matter as much as you say they dont then why do you even bother entertaining they’re opinions? Wouldnt you classify that as a complete waste of your time?

  43. @ Chase

    Wow! Not a lot I can say or add to your comment. Its all there, and from the heart.

    Thanks for taking the time to let us know how you feel


    ps- yup, u got it in you to start your own blog 🙂

  44. me says:

    It’s “me” again.

    I’m definitely not TR! If my IP says so, then i’ve a problem with my provider or should visit a shrink for living a second life.

    For me this war of worlds on Twitter and other sites is really stupid.
    Although, I do understand some of TR’s outburst. If the 1st comment after someones death is “whats going to happen to the money” my answer is maybe not as rude as TR but …

    The question if of course legitimate, but in the context of some other negative comments the underlying question is “Who’s gonna take the money now, or is he …?”

    The funny thing is, the entire being thin-skinned and taking some comments the wrong way on both sides, is somehow entertaining 🙂

  45. Thanks for your comment “me”

  46. Carrzy says:

    Wow. That’s nit-picking to the finest degree; calm down and shut up.

  47. @ Carrzy

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for your constructive input

  48. Jim says:

    “Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and for leaving us your educated/constructive comment 😉 Where would I be without my loyal readers, huh?”

    Way to avoid my points by being dismissive. You obviously pissed TR off because you accused him of supporting a good cause just for good PR (something you HAVE NO FUCKING PROOF OF) and you continue to harass his fiance for no good reason. I don’t think she’s ever done anything to you. Let’s not forget who started this whole thing, I don’t think Reznor randomly chose a Twitter one day and said “i’ll call this person a whore”. Sure, he may be responding in an immature way but you’re egging it on, acting even more immature by not letting the issue go. You’re the girl on the playground you beats up the boy she likes. It’s obvious and pitiful.

    People care about you only because you insult Trent and he insults you back. It’s fucking pathetic for both of you to keep it up.

  49. @ Jim

    You want me to reply to “Stop making yourself out to be the fucking victim, SHUT THE FUCK UP” ? Suppose you also want a reply to this latest educated/constructive comment too? Got to LOL @ you! Have you seen anyone else in here use that language and that amount of pre-pubescent anger? Thats my answer to you kiddo and that is way more than you obviously deserve. Let this be a lesson in manners.
    Pfff! Typical NIN psychofan
    Good bye

  50. Mauvais Fille/Juliet says:

    The DOH’s are priceless, have you seen the flaming going at that Rolling Stone article? OMG!!! DOH!!!

  51. taylormade1966 says:

    …i bet the money just paid for the upcoming wedding and honeymoon for trent and pino 🙂

  52. @ taylormade1966

    no comment 😉 LOL

  53. Just saying…..

    Kinda surprised to see Reznor`s latest tweet..ok, its an RT from Veronica..and as TRs account isnt verified he can claim anyone posted it but the tweet goes & I quote

    “RT @VeronicaDLCruz Eric Alexander De La Cruz, I honor you. I’ll love you always, Veronica”
    about 2 hours ago from Tweetie

    You follow the link to a page where it`s still asking for money to “keep Eric alive”

    Get real!

    Just saying…

  54. BLOC says:

    Trent Reznor has become a self indulgent asshole that thinks he’s got monopoly on truth. What hapened to that insecured shy guy with issues that delivered us so much good music and pointed fingers at rich and pretty vacant stars? Now he sounds like a corporate asshole with loads of money that talks only about himself, his art and success. He become as narcististic as most celebrities now. He’s meltdown on Twitter just showed uss who he really is. Is’nt that what he wanted? It seems that not only Christians are hypocrits. Example? @davenavarro6767 said “Just arrived in Poland” @trent_reznor replied @davenavarro6767 “Sorry to hear that.”, @trent_reznor “Crippled by no bus internet, but… THANK YOU POLAND! That was amazing!” That must have been a sudden change of heart. He ridiculed himself on Twitter, marring Marquueen, thanks to HTDA, and his EGO. He has’nt heard of damage control at all and he let’s himself roll. He’s really Mr. Self Destruct I can give him that.

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