Southside Festival Germany 2009 – part two – NIN & Co


26/06/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

Southside Festival Germany 2009 – part two – NIN & Co


Saturday 20th June – After hours on the razz non-stop, I finally hit the sack at… err…don’t know the time but it was getting light. Nothing much to tell until I woke up at …err…no idea of the time but it was afternoon, my head hurt something silly and I had no voice (a blessing in disguise, I hear some of you say)

Details of the rank loo experience while hangover as fuck aside, time was flying and all of a sudden it was time to hit the festival stages again…But first some beer to ease the pain.

Gogol Bordello was on at the Green Stage at…err…don’t know. All I know is that me and my homies made it there in time to see some of his set and attempt some dancing and singalong but all we managed to do was to stand there kinda mesmerized by the energy coming from the stage while pitifully lacking any energy ourselves. It was enjoyable, the band was tight and the crowd got well into it but I must admit it wasn’t my cuppa. Still, I feel I must give them a WIN

Editors followed. Even though I had been told by a reliable source they were pretty good live, I wasn’t expecting much. I was/am dubious of bands when they show up from bloody nowhere, sign a major deal, release an album that goes straight on to number 1 after being flogged to death on TV and every single commercial radio station on the land. Call me a cynic if you must but I have seen way too many bands/artists “arrive” in the scene that way and to vanish just as quick. Having said all that, Editors were good. I was impressed with his voice, which does sound exactly the same. None or very little reverb was used. My educated guess is that there was no reverb in use. Their sound was powerful but clean. The band as a whole was as tight as a rat`s arse! WIN

I vaguely remember seeing Eagles of Death Metal perform 1 or 2 songs but I was shattered so I decided to have a nap until midnight as NIN was on at 12.30 and I wanted to be compos mentis then. It goes without saying that I didn’t manage to nap due to the anxiety which was now pretty high. Why was I anxious? Because I was about to be surrounded by NIN psychofans who could potentially recognize me and carry out some of the threats I received after His Holiness Trent Reznor flamed them and set them loose on me. But that is old news now so…

Nine Inch Nails was on at the Blue Stage. Unlike some of the other bands which came on earlier, NIN was the first (and only) band to keep the punters waiting. It wasn’t a long wait to be honest, 10 minutes tops, but it was cold and raining so it was unpleasant and unnecessary. Obviously I speak for myself but I know most punters were pissy about this because they started to boo and shouts of “oh c`mon!” were heard loud and clear. Later I was to find out by a reliable source that the band didn’t arrive at the festival site until like 20 minutes before the gig. Not a very professional approach from Mr.Perfect, is it?

Lights deemed and the stage filled with smoke. I moved my plump ass closer to the stage and managed to position myself a few feet from the shortest microphone placed in the middle of the stage. NIN came on in style! Robin Finck guitar was deafening. The drummer reminded me of Animal, in a really good way. They were both great! Then the unexpected happened: Trent Reznor started to “sing” and his deep, low voice was almost inaudible. As he struggled to mutter his own songs, at the end of each line an excessive amount of reverb kicked in. Cant blame the PA because the rest of the band was doing just fine. The reverb was there to hide the fact Reznor no longer can deliver. His voice is gone and we are left with a sweaty, bloated, old & angry looking excuse of a man/artist with moobs. All through the show Reznor looked “out of it” and there was a lot of going back and forth to have a sip at the beer can next to the drums which lead me and my companions in the crowd to assume he was legless. This assumption was confirmed when, while erratically pacing about, he slipped and almost fell to the ground. So, all things considered, it was a FAIL

bloated,sweaty,no-voice Trent Reznor

Robin Finck was the best thing about NIN

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15 thoughts on “Southside Festival Germany 2009 – part two – NIN & Co

  1. Colourmatrix13 says:

    Dear T.R. the haze has cleared from my eyes. I know the charlatan that you are. No you didn’t write the lyrics of those songs. A person who can barely string to words together and is not willing to hear anything but brown nosing & A** kissing does not contain the intel. for introspection. I wonder why he let you get away with it for decades taking the credit for his lyrics. (You know who I speak of) Then it came to me that he was not the superficial L.A front man and that he could allow his lyrics to be heard while being left mostly alone in his private life. Smart!

    If you are that pathetic that you need to to keep up with the Jones I believe Narvarro has an even better air head for you. Her name is Barbie She never thinks for herself,talks back and is totally controllable just like her counter part MQ. Whom seems to have landed her unlimited bank account with the squeeze of her legs. You’re fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

    You have become a running joke how does it feel now that the tables are turned since treating your fans like fools you consider them to be? Even though you have blocked me I know one way or the other you will come across this You can’t help yourself your ego demands it. I also knew that you couldn’t keep away from twitter either you need to be centre of attention. You were so important to me that I didn’t even know you had blocked me until I learnt about it from a 2nd source *Snort*

    I am sorry for your band mates that have to do damage control for your mouth. I am also sorry that they have to put up with a megalomaniac I wonder at their strength to hang in there. That being said I love the music of NIN but I am ashamed that I ever believed in you. Jealous I am not. Don’t kid yourself. Try listening to Carly Simone’s song – ‘Your so Vain’.

    Oh by the way I give it about 2 years or within you will crash , get a divorce, be treated like a pariah from your so call L.A friends and on top of it all I can hear you saying ‘Why did you do this to me’ Because it could never be your fault could it. No… not you Mr. perfect. By the way how is New Orleans doing since you let it slip like a hot potatoe with the fund raising project. Not enough press I guess. I could go on but I think I will just sit back and watch the rope being handed to you. Hint make sure the knot is tight.

  2. Wow! Well said! Good on you.

  3. BeautyIsAnimate says:

    “All through the show Reznor looked “out of it” and there was a lot of going back and forth to have a sip at the beer can next to the drums which lead me and my companions in the crowd to assume he was legless. This assumption was confirmed when, while erratically pacing about, he slipped and almost fell to the ground.”

    I do hope you’re quite sure it was beer in that can and that he was intoxicated. Otherwise, you just opened yourself up for a lovely case of libel, old girl.

  4. @BeautyIsAnimate Be interesting to see if he can prove otherwise besides I wasnt the only one who saw it and noticed his behaviour. Easy maths: trying to hide can by drummer + turning away from punters at every sip + erratic behaviour = fair conclusion 😉 But if Mr.Petty wants a libel case, bring it on. I stand by what I wrote.

  5. Erica says:

    It’s really funny hearing you calling someone else “petty.”

  6. BeautyIsAnimate says:

    And you realize the potential harm you do to those who find inspiration in his sobriety? (Eight years sober on 11 June.)

  7. @ erica I am entitled my opinions, just like you are entitled to yours. Thanks for commenting.

  8. @ beautyisanimate
    There are far better role models than someone who publicly gives advice on how better one should cut their wrists in order to kill themselves.
    Those who find the strength and courage to kick booze should just look at themselves for inspiration as there`s no better role model than one whos dry and acknowledge it was ultimately ALL down to them and their will power..
    I suggest you yourself find a bigger, better, nicer person to defend. Try someone with proper & true altruistic motives and actions 😉

  9. Colourmatrix13 says:

    Andrea, Dido well said. I like NIN’s music however when one advise someone who LOOKED UP TO HIM to commit suicide and how to do it better ‘slice lengthwise bigger pay off’ T.R. Tells me of an individual who is not being honest when he says he cares about his fans

  10. Kilburn says:

    Whoa. 1st comment is the stuff of legend. Anyway, I see one little troll made her way through.

    But @Andrea, sorry it too me so long to comment. I read it when you sent it to me cause I have dms forwarded to my phone. ANYWAY (I dunno why i’m so damn jittery at 4 AM) I’ve just been way too wrapped up in the stuff with my uncle to really spend more ten few minutes online.

    Anyway, I’m out.

  11. @Colourmatrix13 cheers

  12. @Kilburn Word. 1st comment is epic 🙂
    LOL @ you being jittery @ 4am … too many reasons for one to be like that at that time 😉
    Sorry about your uncle mate. Hang in there!

  13. Kim says:


    I’ve been following your blog since the ‘Online Communities, etc’ post over at, and I must applaud you. I was a huge TR / NIN fan for many years, but unfortunately it’s come to an end for me. And while it’s old now, his tips on suicide is what ruined it for me. Probably because I had written to him over on thanking him for his music because it saved my life when I wanted to kill myself (( let’s just say I was abused and almost raped in the past by a man who is now a former teacher )). He read my message too. I feel I have the right to take it personal, regardless of what others want to say. It’s a terrible feeling to read suicide tips from someone you looked up to so much, especially when it’s something you’ve wanted to do in the past and they know it. Your blogs as well as Fred’s have
    been incredibly insightful, and, to be honest I wish I never jumped to picking sides so soon before on what / who to believe. I won’t be supporting him or the band any longer. And to everyone who says ‘he wasn’t talking to you so don’t take it personally.’ WHATEVER. He’s in the wrong, not those who disagree with him. I’ll be both following you on Twitter (( @xoxokimm )) and linking you on my blog soon 🙂

    BTW, as far as the beer comment… if it’s true, all I’m going to say is I saw this coming.

  14. Thanks Kim. Much appreciated. I feel somewhat bad about being the one to shatter people`s illusions about Reznor. But it had to be said. I`ll follow you back on Twitter and thanks for linking me to your blog.
    All the best

  15. thirteen31 says:

    The thing about the Trent Reznor hype is that his ego has gotten the better of him. He’s publicly humiliated ex-fans and broadcast personally information across the Internet. This is not a role-model, he’s a whiner. Since he’s been tweeting on twitter, he’s only exposed himself to being another victim of fame, capitalism and egoism have taken over all sensibilities.

    NIN’s music doesn’t even have the same effect anymore as it did back in the 90’s. His music carried a lot of people through rough times – they could feel empathy for the pain that is evident in the songs; but it seems to be lost now. Trent’s tweets only opened him up to show his transparency – angry or not, it was his fans that got him where he is today, if anything, he should be showing support for them not telling them to “suck it”.

    On another note, it should be mentioned that I recently caught a show of NIN last year during the Lights in the Sky Tour. I was not disappointed in the music, the light show but I was disappointed that Trent had not shown any stage presence. He seemed to appear allusive, hiding behind the light show. Not a word was uttered to the audience – there wasn’t even an encore. I was not surprised to find the audience around me was primarily “younger” in age. In all, I’m glad that I had the opportunity to see them live, but it was Trent that prompted me to put away my CD’s.As an artist, I find that the music is no longer relevant to me. The whole ‘stunt’ with Mariqueen only closes the deal. It seemed like another celeb using bad publicity to gain in popularity…A whiny musician does NOT a hero make…

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