Suck on that Trent Reznor & NIN Psychofans


14/06/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

After what now seems like weeks of this pre-pubescent flame war between Trent Reznor and a selected few, it seems it has now come to the attention of the masses. That includes NIN psychofans, NIN normal fans, NIN non fans, NIN haters, trolls from all corners of the world, the internet patrol brigade, the clever, the gormless , the `tards, etc.

There has been blog after blog about this. But the best of them all, the one that made me think all the aggravation is/was worthwhile, is the ED entry “Trent_Reznor #Twitter_crap“. One single blog couldnt have captured and delivered what ED did. Oh how I laughed! Kinda icing on the cake.

Good thing that more people are being made aware of this and starting to see that the once cool guy that made some pretty cool tunes nowadays is nothing more than a tantrum throwing, irresponsible, self-absorbed twat who happens to not know the difference between right and wrong.

Another good thing that is going to come out of this now is that Reznor`s lynch-mob on Twitter, who go around harassing people and abusing of the Report Spam system will have a rude awakening. And let it be known now that Reznor himself is putting pressure on Twitter to suspend/ban aka silence/censor anyone who dares speaks about him or his babybride in a non brown nose capacity. Reznor`s babybride also happens to use “fake” accounts to troll when not having a dig at plump people herself at her Twitter page.

To conclude this I want to address those who ask me what I`m getting out of it all. My answer is: a headache. I refused to be interviewed, I havent “sold” the story, I`m NOT setting up a business nor am I “cashing in” on any of this in any shape or form. Perhaps I should 😉

An Old Sage Once Said: “You know what sucks?”
Plump Fox Reply: “Who is sucking now?”
Trent Bully Mouse


9 thoughts on “Suck on that Trent Reznor & NIN Psychofans

  1. clairabel says:

    I am so glad I found that page. It made my week.
    I love Encyclopedia Dramatica! They seem to be right about everything. I know the guy who made the page as well, he’s cool and by no means a troll.

    I just hope some people grow a spine and stop sticking up for this man. Until this week, I would’ve defended Trent and anything he did, then I saw what he was truly capable of – I love NIN, I hate Trent Reznor.

    You and Fred deserve knighthoods or something.

  2. That was way too funny!
    No knighthoods for me… kinda tired of fighting off Twitter`s dragons like that … LOL! Maybe I`ll do a new blog about that 😉

  3. C.R.A.P Tony Marshall says:

    only by having all the information. which has been posted in several blogs. can an answer be found. unfortunatly TR followers havn’t looked them up. i don’t get whats happened to TR since the caki jckt wearing days. i guess it may just be his fame! its not opinions that hurt me. its fact. i’m glad at least Andrea is light hearted about TR’s Opinion: TR:”Plump Trolls” untill proven otherwise my opinion is TR is bleating out offence to others without thinking of what his own actions have started. x I SHARE MY NAME WITH AN ACTOR IN HOLBY. hence denoting a pinned reference before my name, in the name field.

  4. Great blog!

    Glad to see your account is still active!


  5. LOL Thanks Fred! I`m also glad to see those hounds from hell havent silenced you either

  6. heroinmonkey says:

    LOL…. Were you blocked by trent_reznor and noise_floor too?

    Who would’ve thought someone who tried to portray themselves as angst ridden and angry was actually emo soft, but then again he does know how to use a razor so maybe that’s a telltale sign of emoism.

  7. Bobby says:

    That ED entry had me laughing so much. It was spot on.

  8. @ Bobby

    Me too! Actually, gonna go read it again cos I need a laugh.

    Btw, did you guys notice that Perez Hilton has caught on to this? Mwahahahaha!


  9. Bobby says:

    Yes I did. I noticed that today, as I dutifully visited that site.

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