Trent Reznor – Doh!


11/06/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

I had no intention of blogging again about His Holiness Trent Reznor but since his last tweet directing his minions to his latest rant at where he pours his heart (?) out, sitting trolls & cyber bullies for giving up his “social networking experiment“, I feel I must say something.

It is unfortunate that His Holiness handles his PR himself and happens to suffer from “foot in mouth” syndrome. In his latest rant he plays the victim (butthurt) at first but not long after goes on to offend a large proportion of his own fans by saying and I quote “mainly by unattractive plump females who publicly fantasize about having sex with guys in bands. Kind of like a role-playing game where people NOBODY will fuck make up stories about their incredible sexual encounters with people they WISH they could fuck.” Well, it might have escaped him but there are LOTS of BEAUTIFUL and very successful plump people in this world and as you will see from the screen shots I`m going to post here, a lot of his own fans are plump females who do fantasize about him and others. Doh! #1 Also, lets be honest here, Reznor is pretty plump himself! Doh! #2

Then his rant progresses into a ill advised “piece of advice” to his fans that and I quote: “Cutter’s tip for my friends there: remember to cut along the length of vein, not across. Bigger payoff.” I`m sure he failed to see the consequences of that friendly tip. Baring in mind a large number of his most loyal fans are troubled people (no offence intended here) who were first attracted to Reznor and his music because it spoke about these said troubles and troubled feeling, giving them “tips” on how to best commit suicide is utterly reproacheacble. Doh! #3

That rant was then a double edge sword: he got the “love” aka brown nosing he so desperately craves for from his adoring fans BUT it also angered many who saw through him. As I see it, more and more people are starting to wake up to the fact that he isnt G-d`s gift to wo/menkind and that he is a very flawed human being (like the rest of us). People are starting to speak out against his playground bullying antics.

Yes he was a great musician but that does not entitle him to alienate his “plump” fans, does not entitle him to bully and victimise those who stand up to his bs nor does it entitle him to entice a hand-full of blindly devoted/loyal fanatics to take revenge on those who disagree with him.

Reznor`s male insecurity, mid-life crises, emotional/mental breakdown and foot-in-mouth syndrome are destroying his once cool guy image and good reputation. And he is doing it all himself. Doh! #4

TR comments backfire on him

TR comments backfire on him

Backlash goes on

Backlash goes on

Screen Shot from

Screen Shot from



and it goes on....

and it goes on....



An old sage once said: “You know what else sucks?”
Reply : “…sucks that it aint over until the fat bird sings”

Attack on “plump” fans & suicide tips from Trent Reznor HERE


49 thoughts on “Trent Reznor – Doh!

  1. Athena says:

    I would like to thank you for speaking your mind, regarding Trent’s latest “I’m the victim/misogynist” rant. I find this entire situation appalling that seems to build a new layer of disgust as it progresses. Yes, Trent I do agree please shut up your twits for a while. Until you had some time to really think. As for you Andrea keep going.

  2. Claire says:

    I am fat. I am ugly. I come from a troubled background – but I am true to myself. We can’t all be like Trent’s skinny fiancee now, can we? And why would we want to be? There has to be more to people in this world than looks and conventions – Trent above all people should know this, and yet he insults the people who have kept him living his luxury life, drugs, booze and all. I used to feel bad about pirating his stuff – but it sure feels good now.

    Am I the same person I am in 1994? Well, no, obviously. I was in nursery, had curly hair and my favourite word was bogey. THAT WAS 15 YEARS AGO TRENT. Is that meant to justify his behaviour? He’s turning into a sad, pathetic old man, and he should be ashamed of himself.

    I would like to thank you and the excellent Fred for showing the world exactly who Trent Reznor is – a sad, shallow bully who needs to remember where he came from.

  3. Lasse says:

    You seem to forget to mention that Trent was speaking about the Metal Sludge-crowd, a group of people devoted to making fun and post often humiliating stuff about people. So Trent calls them “plump” etc. Boo-hoo! The people at Metal Sludge have been far more offensive than that, and you only have to check their site out to know it.

  4. Lasse,

    Are you defending that rant that Reznor made on the forum?


  5. @ Athena and Claire Thank you both. I`m glad you understand and appreciate what I had to say.

    @ Lasse I`m not sure you understand that Not all Metal Sludge users are “plump” women. That comment was offensive to everyone on Metal Sludge and to every “plump” fan of his. I also think you have missed a fair bit there if you`re still sticking up to Reznor`s ill advised remarks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I find it hilarious that the mr.self destruct who created The Downward Spiral, The Fragile, Broken and Fixed is crying online about trolls.

  7. Bobby says:

    Hi Andrea, you blogged what I wanted to yesterday. I was very angry when I read his”foot in mouth disease “on plump, unattractive females”. Being a plump X fan and knowing many plump “still fans”, I thought it was pretty low of him. I see today he has tried to justify his statement. I won’t say he apologizes, cause he’s too important than that. He justifies it saying it hurt the appropriate people on Metal Sludge, well hell what about the rest of his people?

    Bottom line it didn’t make me any more convinced, or happier about his recent outbursts, temper tantrums, foot in mouth antics. He’s just acting like a dick. Tom Cruise’s PR disaster looks fantastic next to this.

    I know he’s human, but like you pointed out, being human and a celebrity doesn’t make it ok for you to say thoughtless things about fat people and more importantly, say really careless things about suicidal people.

    Giving tips on suicide really upset me.
    It made me go away and think, gee, what if someone troubled does hurt themselves tonight? Would he be technically responsible? He should be!
    It would be like Judas Priest issue, only difference his message wouldn’t be subliminal, it would be printed for all to see.

  8. @ Bobby

    Thanks for your comment.
    His Holiness jibe was directed at me. And the confirmation of that is some of the tripe his babybride mariqueen has tweeted. I have said it from the start that Reznor and I had a disagreement over ticket prices back in March and things have just been escalating ever since. I stayed quiet because in all honesty he is of no relevance to me or my life. I saw him time and again attack fans and other celebs for no good reason (IMO) but last drop came when he went off on one about me and unleashing his now notorious brown nose vicious fans on me. I asked for an apology which was not forthcoming and went on to blog about his demented rants. When I read his latest I was shocked at the way he expressed himself. Talk about biting the hand that feeds!!! In his spineless attack, without wanting to name me, he used generalisation and that was one of the most offensive things I have read from him in recent times. He goes on to, pardon my French, crap all over a large percentage of his fanbase. As for the cutting/suicide tip, words cannot express how out of order, foolish, inconsiderate that remark was. I almost feel like apologising on his behalf for that because I feel real bad for all those who suffer with those feelings. Well, said a lot now but hey! Your comment touched me.

  9. In case it has not come to your attention yet, His Holiness makes an attempt to apologise for his “plump” jibe at,731489,page=22

    Unfortunately it has come too late for him taking by the comments I`m getting on here and lets be honest, he is only “apologising” because so many people turned on him otherwise he would just carry on biting the hand that feeds


  11. That being said, Andrea, you should understand that Trent got angry when people ATTACKED him first. He just isn’t quiet and quaint enough to sit back and not take it. To question the legitimacy of Eric’s situation and to attack his relationship is a terrible thing to do.

    The ticket prices were outrageous, and my and a friend attributed it to the presence of Jane’s alongside NIN and someone like Morello. But we can afford it.

    I am fat. I did not take ANY offense to what he or Mariqueen said, because I can read. I know better, I guess.

    That is all.

    Don’t go to my blog or tell anyone about it.

  12. ANON says:

    haha you guys are losers. leave the man alone and go jerk off to furry porn.

  13. Bobby says:

    Thanks for the insight Andrea. I’ll check what MQ had to say on the twitter. She shouldn’t poke too much fun at fat people, plump or otherwise, judgeing from a high fat diet she consumes, she is a prime candidate for weighty issues when she hits her middle age.

  14. Bobby says:

    Oh wow, that was pretty low of her to take a slap at you like that. Well they suit each other.

  15. Noyagotdam says:

    Wow, you are a c@&t with WAY too much time on her hands…I found you through a random website, happen to be a fan decades long fan of Trent and am pretty much assuming you are one of the reasons he stopped using social networks. WOW, seriously? you have this much time to state how “precious” he is, when your little princess ass is the one who posted this shit?

  16. Jarvus says:

    Christ people, move on. Quit with the celeb worship and find something better to do with your lives. Take the hours dumped into “fan projects” and and funnel them into worthwhile activites like finding offline friends or the gym or something. Maybe your world wouldn’t be so rife with issues and drama. When did we become so dependant on celebrities for self esteem boosters?

  17. Jo says:

    I’ve tried to keep an unbiased view whilst following this thing for the past few weeks. I’ve never been a hardcore NIN fan, but I liked reading Trent’s original Twitter feed, his exchanges with Amanda Palmer, giving out internet hugs. It was fun. The #Eric campaign impressed me too, but I wasn’t really observing too closely.

    The thing that made me start to take a second look at it all was the outburst aimed at Eric Grant.
    How I saw it, the implied prize of the twitter competition was meeting the band. I’m sure that’s why a lot of people entered them- maybe that was the original intended prize. Then the #Eric donation packages started to come into the picture. Trent claimed they could only see the people who had paid to see them. Isn’t that the point of competitions though? To give people the oppurtunity for something that they normally wouldn’t be able to afford to do? So why not just include them in with the donaters? Anyway, my point is, the competition winners had the right to be pissed off for waiting around, being treated like crap just because they hadn’t paid. Trent re-defining what the competition tickets were, AFTER the event, and telling fans to just suck it and deal with it, didn’t justify it for me. An apology for the misunderstandings might have alienated these people a bit less.

    Trent’s mistake was letting the hate comments get to him. For someone who’s been in the business as long as he has, he should know that it comes with the territory and significant others also get caught in the crossfire. Getting upset, throwing tantrums is not the way to react.

  18. artsparkle says:

    If I can speak on behalf of my fellow posters at Metal Sludge, I’d like Trent to know that he has not hurt our feelings. His outburst gave us another good laugh at his expense. What he has done is demonstrated to the world what a cruel, immature and unthinking being he truly is. In his attempt to “hurt” us, he’s only hurt some of his fans and by extension, himself.

    Andrea, you and Fred have done an excellent job in calling Trent on his BS.

  19. @ artsparkle

    I was hoping someone from MS would comment here.
    I`m glad to hear you guys didnt take offence and actually had a good LOL ar his expense.
    And, calling Trent`s bs was easy….It would have been hard not to 😉

  20. Ludmi says:

    OMG Now I was delete and block from TR twitter coz I only send one message to fred?
    Too bad that I delete the message coz I don’t want any problem but I only say that TR (and I don’t even put the @trent_reznor) was acting like a douche when he start to bully his own fans (I understood when he was acting the love guy to defende the tranny mess he is going to marry) but actually I say when he start to respond bad to his fans (like the guy who have problems with the backstage or whatever).

    OMG the only thing that I did was send fred a message and call TR (i didn’t put the @trent_reznor) a douche for acting bad and I get deleted???
    MY GOD!! He not only delete people that talks about nin, or him and his tranny mess. He actually delete people that only send a message to fred or maybe you.

    Well fuck him, I hope he marry the tranny mess and then suck all his money.

  21. NotAFatChickBut PissedJusttheSame says:

    I find it interesting Andrea that the screen shots of comments you feature on your site have been removed form – I wanted to read them in their entirety but they’re gone. Not too indicative of the syncophantic cocoon that is

    I was a longtime fan and had lurked on, no more. I’m glad that my NINJA show has already passed. If I’d bought a ticket and was still waiting to see NIN today, I don’t think I’d enjoy it very much. He’s an immature Hollywood asshole – and no one’s even mentioned that his fiancee is half his fucking age! I guess he can bully her ‘cuz she’s too young, stupid and opportunistic herself to stand up to him.

    As someone advised him in his rant thread on

    I’m going back to stealing his music and boycotting shows – my hard earned money, what little I have for concert tickets, will go elsewhere in future.

  22. Now, this isn’t a case of hero worship or anything. It is a case of people constantly tearing at each other’s throats for no good reason.

    Someone insults Mariqueen and Trent’s relationship and he gets mad. Is that not justified? He did not rip at his “plump” fans by any means, just Andrea. How can people not see that? Here’s why: He has adopted a defeatist attitude toward what has happened, sure, and in that case, anti-Trents have in return taken the opportunity to twist around what he’s said.

    If someone who knew Mariqueen personally insulted their relationship, he’d be pissed, sure, but it would not be without just cause.

    None of his fans feel offended, just non-fans who are pretending. And if you are offended, and a fan, then you cannot read, apparently, or you would rather believe the delusional ramblings of bloggers who do nothing but…wait for it…blog for a lifetime.

    Drop this whole matter. Trent definitely has now. Everyone forget it, get over it.

    Shit. Why am I not as popular as Andrea? At least I make some sense.

  23. And actually, if you click my name, it has a link to my blog. It is a Blogger account, so be sure to sign up and Follower. Who knows?

    Tell your friends, bring your kids.

  24. Bobby says:

    So let me get this straight, if someone writes to Fred once, or say you Andrea, his highness immediately puts them on Block.
    I guess he can’t be mature enough to accept other peoples differences of opinion?
    For someone who wrote Year Zero and came down hard on censorship, he’s really strong on self censorship and control of what others see and hear isn’t he?

  25. Ludmi says:

    Hi bobby!!

    That happen to me, I don’t know others.

    I send a message to fred only saying what I post before and today I was block.

    And the message that I send to fred was like allmost 2 days ago!!!!!

    To bad that I delete the message but I’m telling the true and thats why is the first time I post about these situation.

  26. Bobby says:

    Hi Ludmi,
    that’s just crazy and I’m sorry to hear that.

  27. Bobby says:


    Trent has made the front page of the Metal Sludge site. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled. Check it out.

  28. @ NotAFatChickBut PissedJusttheSame
    When you hover over the link, if it doesnt show a preview, try clicking on it. I just done that and the post on appear to still be there….which IS a surprise. But in case you somehow get there too late and they have been deleted, its just some very angry fans who did not appreciated what His Holiness said.

  29. Athena says:

    Most of us that are familiar with NIN probably know about Trent’s temper, how blunt, and honest he has been in interviews and on his fan website. He’s never been an ass kisser by any means. So, if one of you so called fans were offended, get over it. Or maybe the truth hurts and you need to reevaluate your own life. He wasn’t even directing it toward his fans.

    Then I started to think about how Andrea has admitted to harassing other celebs on twitter and they never retaliated back like Trent did. So, what if this whole thing is her way of getting her 15mins of internet fame? I mean he does have over 600k followers. What better way to get more people to follow you and read your mindless ramblings and cheap shots at people? IMO, Andrea along with many other twits are just seeking attention any way they can get it. I would say most of the people that read her rants aren’t willing to verify her facts anyway. Oh and nice try by adding all these links in your blog. Of course you’re just going to post the ones YOU think should be on here. Remember people… there are two side to every story.

    As for the fans that won free tickets on twitter that claim they got “screwed” I don’t recall Trent ever saying the winner would get to meet the band. They got their free tickets and backstage passes as promised. If they were expecting more that’s their fault. But I will look into it. if I am wrong I will at least admit it.

    Oh, and @Athena, it also saddens me that there is someone who shares my name and has no CLUE what she is talking about. I mean seriously, you agree that Trent needs to shut up for awhile? What about Andrea? What makes her so Holier than Thou?

  30. Athena, the most recent one right there…you are a logical voice of reason here. Thank you!

  31. Athena, 360 degree change there unless its another Athena, but its all good 🙂
    To address your comment, all I have to say is that I never said I your holier or better than anyone. I`m just me, love it or hate it. Take it or leave it 😉 No pretence, not hiding behind fake pics or proxys I`m me.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment though. I do appreciate it.

  32. RRR says:

    I think we are in agreement that something is horribly wrong with Reznor. The anger and resentment shouted out on his fans is heartbreaking.

    I find it very telling that Trent attacks females almost exclusively. He uses a dummy account under which he is relatively ‘anonymous’ so that he may attack others, and calls them what? Oh yeah, COWARDS for using the anonymity of the internet to attack him. Yeah. Real bright there, pal. And Q’s dummy account where EVERY attack calls someone fat. That bulimic cow is obsessed with food and fat. They both need to get lost and fade into obscurity, the sooner the better. Bet he never figured his career would go out with a fizzle instead of a bang.

    I read your blog and all the posts with an open mind. Flaming is part of the internet and lack of medical coverage is part of the United States. 56 million US citizens do not have any health insurance! So, singling out one person is a lame attempt for attention, especially since he never knew the guy nor met him.

  33. Robert Hoffman says:

    That @blocksunday crap really needs to stop. What the hell’s next? And WHY exactly is TR becoming Big Brother again? Does he think he rules the internet or something?

    I used to LOVE Year Zero, now I just think it’s crap along with everything else he’s come out with since The Fragile.

  34. @ Robert Hoffman Totally agree. about that blocksunday crap. That page in itself is spamming & harassing people and the only way for us to get rid of it is by using their own tactics which is to block them + all their followers and report blocksunday to Spam…but via DM so they do victimise you too. That page seems to be a secondary account for jarrettwold or Reznor himself. Duplicate accounts are not allowed by Twitter so you can also report blocksunday for that.

  35. the truth says:

    shut up and quit whining

  36. LOL you go first 😉

  37. thechasseur says:

    The funny thing is he could of worded that statement differently and no one would of been the wiser!By trying to sugar coat the word fat with “plump” he actually made it worse. If he would of just said fat there would of been 1000 ways he could of defended that sentence. But by blatantly trying to cover up his true meaning its obvious he knew calling his female fans “fat” probably wasn’t the best idea hes ever had.

  38. @ thechasseur

    Well, it would have been less detrimental to him if he just called me fat to my face instead, as you say, sugar coating it with “plump” and badly disguising that the pop was aimed at me. As well as calling me a c*nt, saying that I “suck” and that Im a pig to 1/2 million of his arse licking psychofans.

  39. avevoneg says:

    YOU GO FOX 🙂
    lets look on the bright side, he is the one who is creating his downfall and the only one that will fall with his is that blow up doll of his and his zombie[BRAINLESS] fans

    Gee I really miss the days where this TRoll Rez use to be cool , where he use to be a musical influence to some people, man but what happened to that guy? srly it feel that this thing(Troll Rez) and that guy (Trent Reznor) are two diferent people 0_0 … but I guess that people change

    anyways hope EVERYTHING IS good @ UrbanFoxland 😉

    with much suport

  40. @ Avevoneg

    Thanks! Really appreciate the support!

    I must say I dont share your feelings…I mean, I dont miss TR in any way, shape or form. Glad he stopped TRolling me and cant wait to finally see the back of him and his tart.

  41. avevoneg says:

    @Andrea Urban Fox
    I mean I miss the way he was before not him XD
    I know man!!! haha wouldnt that be a bitch for him 😛

    oh yeah I know man, from what I saw, you were just curious and he answered you in a very rude way. thats f***ed up srly. he should of answered with facts instead of trolling around , he is the one who started all this madness

    maybe he wanted extra fame?
    who knows, but like I said before, all we know is that this TRoll Rez is not the same dude that created PHM

  42. @ avevoneg

    Dude, the guy is a douche and all his online impersonating accounts are run by douches

  43. avevoneg says:

    @Andrea Urban Fox
    yeah I know, haha wait, wait I need to correct you on something

    those stupid accounts he makes arent run by others, they are runed by the TRoll himself (or maybe his dumbass d*ck sucking fans)
    yeah but you are right for sure, that guy is an asshole and a douche! by the way nice update on the eric topic! but its weird that the TRoll is not bothering at all? dont you find it weird? he could be up to something….

  44. @ avevoneg Nah, not weird ha isnt TRolling. From what I hear he is busy finding believable ways to break up with Q…. 😉 By the way, check out the updates on think you`ll find them interesting 😀

  45. avevoneg says:

    @Andrea but before that happens he needs to plant a lil seed aka impregnate her before he leaves her hah or maybe not… yeah I saw it today and I also went in to that wave goodbye forum, man from what I see it looks like everything was a total scam/act srly shouldnt she be sad(Veronica) because it hasnt been that long since her brother died :s I think they used poor Eric all along, man I feel kinda sorry for him… Trent is a heartless bastard, he gave eric all that false hope… and still nobody knows what the hell happened to all that cash well it went to some money grabing foundation but still thats not clear at all… it sucks that heartless assholes like him exist.. well I just hope Karma comes and bites him right in the ass

  46. found this on,39,120,-you-tube-invite-explained-exploited-by-genstarchild.html

    By xniner

    Look, Mariqueen (just like Trent) is a BITCH and a THIEF. These two are not going anywhere, I promise you. Trent’s career is over. Here’s the inside scoop from someone in the NIN camp.

    Remember the bullshit about NIN being the opening act for Jane’s Addition even though it was NIN’s Farewell Tour? Trent had been told by his tour investors that they were considering pulling out of funding his overseas leg, due to lack of sales and no new album (which Trent had previously promised.) The investors gave him a month to generate some publicity. But, when the ticket giveaways failed to put him on the map and unreturned phone calls to various high profile magazines failed, it was Brett who came up with the idea of announcing an engagement. Trent wanted Tila Tequila but she was too expensive and she didn’t want to go on the road for 5 months. Brett found Mariqueen on the Feb. 2009 Playboy website and called the booking agent. Trent wasn’t down for it as first because he was dating someone at the time, but Trent, being the self-centered bastard he is, dumped that girl. They went with lawyers and other friends on “vacation” to test the chemistry and decided to go through with it. Contracts were drawn up and signed.

    Since 2/3 of NIN’s fanbase went bombastic over the stunt, BB popped up, letters written, CDs broken and mailed, Trent decided to do a nonbinding ceremony so the egg on his face didn’t look so bad. The marriage isn’t real since it was a nonbinding ceremony and word is Mariqueen doesn’t live at TR’s house. In fact, Mariqueen’s parent’s weren’t at the ceremony since they disagreed with the sham. None of Trent’s professional friends were at the wedding such as Gary Numan, Bowie, Peter Murphy, etc. And yes, Trent’s grandfather “Pop” gave the vows and Trent left the reception at his house about a third into the party. Mariqueen stayed and partied with her friends.

    Karma’s a bitch and Trent is in major depression mode since the second week after the tour ended. That’s why he looked so out of it in those wedding photos – major depression meds. which have bloated his face even more. Trent never thought much of his fans, in fact he thinks they are stupid and would buy and do anything. He didn’t realize that the fans he needed to keep were the one’s who jumped off the boat first.

  47. […] To understand this trollcat see Trent Reznor`s rant HERE […]

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