The Trent Reznor Saga – Part Deux


10/06/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

Let me add something (on top of all that has been said) to this whole name & flame campaign by Mr.Reznor and also this fund raising for Eric business.

His Holiness isnt as holy as he leads people to believe and this Eric thing, although money has been raised for him, is nothing but a PR stunt.

I ask you this: if Reznor was the philanthropic kind of person, why did he not help an ex-girlfriend a few years back when she was diagnosed with cancer and had no insurance? Why did he pick Eric over 1000s of other people in need & other worthy causes? Is it because his new fling AKA Mariqueen is Philipino like Eric? Has it been due to Qs (a talentless ladyboy lookalike known to have shagged* a large proportion of LA`s male population) request that TR embarked on this crusade? Also consider this: Is his eractic, irrational behaviour due to Qs bad influence? And before his defence lawyers (aka fanatics)come in all guns blazing, yes he did know as the person in question still has links via mutual friends.

This is the same girlfriend our “champion, hero & saviour” claimed to love so and wrote “Hurt”! Or was it “Something I can never have”?

Do note that all I have said is my understanding of the situation based on information provided & duly verified.

Anyway, here is the story in Reznors own words

I will now present you some of the evidence. Do note I have blanket out email addresses & certain info. This is to avoid “doing a reznor” & unleashing his demented, angry fans on individuals.

From:AM (septgirl@*************.com)
Sent:04 June 2009 10:27:48
Hi Andrea,

I’m writing to say kudos (again) for taking on Trent Reznor & questioning his ‘charitable efforts’ in his crusade to raise funds for Eric De La Cruz’s heart transplant. I certainly feel for the poor guy but highly doubt that Trent even knows this person and has only decided to jump on the charity bandwagon to (a) help restore his tarnished image & do damage control after all the twitter backlash and (b) because his fiancee harangued him into it since the sick bloke is a fellow Filipino. Trust me, Trent is anything but charitable and rarely, if ever, publicly supports a cause…perhaps the one exception being PETA.

I’m not sure if you even know just how accurately you hit the nail on the head. It was awesome to read your updates calling bullshit on Trent and it totally resonated with me since I have a personal history with him that completely substantiates your take on all this…that’s why I felt compelled to write to you.

Without going into too many sordid details, I knew Trent years ago — before he morphed into Henry Rollins and grew an ego the size of Mt. Everest. We had a very solid relationship and he was someone that I truly respected. Even in the early days, he had an undeniable talent that I knew would take him far. That said, I never expected him to become an uber famous rock/goth god and when that happened (mid 90’s) we sort of lost touch. Several years later, I was diagnosed with cancer and unfortunately had no health insurance at the time. Thank god for my amazing group of friends and colleagues (from years of working in the record biz), many of whom did benefit shows to help raise $$ for my treatment. During this incredibly difficult time, I didn’t hear one word from Trent. He knew of my situation since we had mutual friends and I stayed in touch with his manager but never once did he reach out to express his concern or sympathy. So you can imagine my shock when I read about Trent’s crusade to save Eric De La Cruz…he does nothing to help out an old friend in need yet embarks on a die hard mission to save a complete stranger?!! Seems questionable and highly disingenuous.
So that’s the nutshell version of my story. I haven’t told many people since I’m a relatively private person (well, I was until TR outed me a few years ago in an interview but I won’t get into that) and also don’t want to add to the twitter shit storm that Trent seems to be embroiled in. So I’d really appreciate keeping this off the record — it’s not something I’m particularly comfortable talking about (esp. in public forums or on blogs) — I just felt like sharing it with you since I found your insight quite remarkable.

Thanks for letting me vent & for keeping things real on twitter. You seem like a tireless supporter of many worthy causes so best of luck fighting the good fight & hope all your efforts help to bring about some positive change in the world.

Looking forward to following your updates…take care,


Note to AM- I am very sorry to have blogged this. I feel like I owe it to the world & NIN fans the truth about Reznor. Also, I am being bombarded by his fans with hate mail calling me a liar. I did NOT lie about anything I said about Reznor.

Note- Do click on links

Note/Disclaimer- All I have said/printed is based on information provived by various sources. If you are still upset or pissy with me please check this out!

*Not verified photograph


10 thoughts on “The Trent Reznor Saga – Part Deux

  1. […] I received after His Holiness Trent Reznor flamed them and set them loose on me. But that is old news now […]

  2. Bettie Noire says:

    Hi there!

    I love what you write about TR. He is a prick. I just love how he makes everyone out that disagrees with him as attention seeking, obsessed losers. Please send me an email. I’d like to share my story of how he had his friends stalk me while living in Atlanta.

  3. Hi Bettie

    Thanks for the comment. Why dont you share your story directly? Just go for it girl!

  4. Justathought says:

    Hey andrea,
    This isn’t directly related to AM’s plight but isn’t it funny that TR doesn’t seem to give a shit about raising funds for Haiti ? Interesting, I mean for fuck’s sake NIN fans ( Apart from their knee jerk reactions to always defend TR’s honor, they are actually quite a capable bunch when it comes to communicating, networking, etc. just look at what they’ve accomplished with the released concert footage) are all over the internet, all he has to do is post a link on the official site and the donations will come rolling in and it would help out thousands of devastated people.

    At first, I was also pretty stupid and I thought you were an attention seeker (Sorry!!) but now I realize that you do actually have a point, TR only helped Eric out because his gf tweeted about it, not out of kindness or compassion.

  5. @ Justathought did you see that he tweeted again about veronica? I think he is a douche for still go on about this, for not giving account how the $1mil was spent and not a single word about Haiti. The more I know about this man, the more he disgust me.

  6. Bettie Noire says:

    Hi Andrea! Sorry it has taken me a while to respond. I’ve been busy with my nursing school stuff.

    Vampee was a victim of TR and oddly enough when I shared my experience with her she said that he did the same thing with her. He makes us out like we are crazy obsessed fans when we tell him to fuck off. What really sucked in my case was that I had to take out a restraining order on the stalking duo, change my number because of all the strange calls I was getting ‘all of a sudden’ and move out of town. At that point I was scared that TR might do something drastically. Seriously.

    I need to take the time to write it all out. I’ve tried to come forward with this, but all of his “fans,” if that’s what you wanna’ call them, recklessly and callously made fun of me and cast me out, which was to be expected.

    A simple breakdown: I rejected his offer for a “visit.” He became extremely upset and wrote a blog about how much of a bitch I am, that I wasn’t real and, most notably he wrote, “Does it cut? Does it bleed?” This statement put me off the deep end and I sent him a detailed response which was brutal in all aspects. I don’t take abuse lightly. This was 3-4 years ago so I will do my best to recall what I distinctively said.

    “Blasphemy! You have the gall you bastard! I believe the correct quote is, ‘The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.”

    “I have no doubt in my mind that you have plenty of experience manipulating women. You alienate them, use them up and then throw them to the curb when it’s time to move on. Certified assholes like you live at the expense of others and you have no real desire to grow out of your wretched pitiful state. You think you are a god. If you were a real god you would be able to turn the skies green, the oceans blood red and move mountains, but you cannot do any of those.(I wrote in lower case on purpose for symbolic reasons at the time) A real god can show benevolent love but you do not have that capacity. You are too stupid to know what love is until it’s too late because you are the type of misogynist that confuses love with hate.” (Don’t think i’m getting all weird/obsessy freakazoid on him. He *virtually* bitch slapped me thru a blog so I decided to hit him where it hurt … his ego/pride; and he made it clear that he was all kinds of butt hurt.)

    I don’t remember exactly everything I said, but I do remember ending it with this:
    “May your blade chip and shatter.”

    Of course the original letter was 6 times as long and I wish I saved it. Oh gawd. It makes me sick just thinking about it. Meh… anyways.

  7. @ Bettie Noire

    Somehow I`m not at all surprised by what you said. I have been contacted by several people who all have similar stories. TR is a scumbag and a manipulator.

  8. Bettienoire says:

    FOr some reason, this BS was on my mind again. I don’t know why but it does haunt me from time to time.

    I remember the very last thing I said to him which escalated into TR shutting down his myspace. The final message I sent to him was:

    You are full of shit… “my reflection I don’t recognize.”

    His first profile we were communicating through was: elputo40. This was back in 2006. Then he created eraserme. After I sent the message exactly as stated above he shut his myspace down and said that he was a liar and a plagiarizing thief and that his mood was “relieved.” Now you know where Head Down comes from 🙂 which… imo, the whole album was shitty. I just hope that I changed his self-realization/actualization. Nobody had the balls to tell him half the shit that I did because I am no suck up. I don’t give a shit how much money someone has, who they are in the world…. i don’t care. *sigh* I just hope Mariqueen keeps his ass in check 🙂

  9. @ Bettienoire Its been a while since you last posted here but as always your comments are very welcome and most interesting. Do keep us posted from time to time on what is going on, if you know.

    @no one in particular – I dont know where this new interest in my blogs is coming from lately, must be the fact I`m again being TRolled by NINtards but I`m getting shit loads of hits again. Thanks!

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