Google+ is a sinking ship


10/06/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox is a sinking ship and the first rats have just announced they are bailing out. In their blog they say all is well. It`s just time to move on. Yeah right! That is why The Guardian Tech reports they “struggled to generate significant revenue”.
This comes after weeks of turmoil with many changes within the site such as more advertisement, redesign of the music player, pushing their paid subscription (which, as a former subscriber, I can guarantee is a waste of money), etc.
I find the timing for this announcement of particular relevance. Wasnt just a few weeks ago being accused of passing on user details such as IP to RIAA? Wasnt not facing a user scrobbling strike due to charging for the radio, not inc.UK,USA and Germany, infuriating and rightly so users from other countries? Wasnt defending and protecting their Neo-Nazi forums, hiding behind “freedom of speech” while silencing with threats and bans anyone who dared stood up to them?

The list of mistakes, lies, bans is almost endless. From pissed off artists to disgusted users, is no doubt a sinking ship and you are forgiven for abandoning it before it sinks for good.

Told you so!

Told you so!


One thought on “ is a sinking ship

  1. carolyn says:

    just so you know, the IP to RIAA accusations were completely discredited and false, as acknowledged by the original blog poster.

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