Freedom of Speech Sacrificed for Political Correctness


09/06/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

Personally I think that nowadays we (people in general, not me in particular) are far too complacent about the fact that we are slowly but surely doing away with our FoS rights in favour of the wishy washy PC trend.

Hell! Our ancestors fought and died to guarantee us our freedoms and we now take it for granted.

I place a lot of the blame for this imminent loss of our freedoms on the politically correctness of those who fail to see that even by being PC and using this argument to silence those who still believe that FoS is way more important than being PC, are actually exercising their own rights of FoS. Unfortunately when reminded of this fact the PC brigade adopt their favourite method and reasoning: labels. Yes, the PC don’t half like labelling all those who disagree with them. Dare you go against their apologist ways you are sure to be labelled a bigot, a racist, ad infinitum.

As a great believer and advocate of FoS I allow the PC brigade to label me as they please. It’s their right and I will even fight for their rights to do so. However I will not stand if the PC get offended and butthurt if/when I label them moronic fuckwits.


3 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech Sacrificed for Political Correctness

  1. For the moronic dimwits out there: As per UK law you are allowed to think and say what you want but not to publicise it. Weird as it may sound, that is the way the cookie crumbles.

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