The Florist pub, The Met Police & the resident evil

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01/03/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

We are all aware the East End of London has a reputation for
being rough. We are all aware of the mythical old firms and the notorious

Well, time hasn’t been kind to this part of ….London….. Sure its still rough but long gone
are the men of principals who looked after their neighbourhood being replaced by
small time petty drug dealers who are nothing but “cardboard gangsters” who
live in the shadows, operating their small business out of local pubs

The idea of dealing with things nowadays is simply not
dealing with things. One thing of the old days that still remain is that these
low lives still don’t trust the police. As a law abiding well known member of
this community, I always thought it was odd to have such a dislike for the law
enforcement but I might just have changed my mind and I might actually have to
agree with these petty criminals. I..ll explain why…

Last night I was merrily having a drink, post rugby, sitting
at the bar of my local pub when a notorious violent crackhead, who happens to
be barred, enters and launched an attack on me. As I was sitting at the bar
alone all I can think is that maybe the voices told her to randomly attack
people or maybe I looked at her “the wrong way”. I just don’t know.

All I know is that I did see red and followed this crackhead
out and was then viciously attacked by her and about 3 other women who I had
never seen before. At all times NONE of these so called gangsters bothered to
even lift a finger. Sure, it was around 10pm and business was free flowing for
them at The Florist so why should they care?

Then after this woman who goes by the name of Paula ran off
and I insisted the barman called the police. I sat down outside the pub and
calmly waited for their arrival…not exactly the thing someone in the wrong
would do, wouldn’t you say?

Anyway, 4 officers arrived. From the beginning they were
dismissive of the assault, didn’t take into account the fact I waited for them
and was willing to press charges. 1 of the officers was actually shouting at me
and threatening me at which point I said in so many words I did want them to
arrest me if that was the only way they were going to take things seriously.
They refused to do so. They also refused to give me their names and badge
numbers. By then I was livid!

I marched down to the Bethnal Green cop shop and told them
exactly what had just happened including the contempt and disdain in which the
attending officers treated my complain and guess what? The same bad attitude
was present at the police station. I begged to see an officer, was refused.
Their excuse was that I was drunk. Well, I wasn’t sober but I was far from a
gibbering drunk and was well spoken and well mannered at all times.

Cutting now a long story short I can only conclude they didn’t
want the paperwork, or they discriminated against me for being white middle
class or they are on the payroll of the local pub and/or the low lives that
deal drugs from there.

I have now placed a complaint with the IPCC and the details
of any communications between us will be made public as I find it of public
interest….and it will be an eye opener for sure….My bet is that the excuse book
will come out and they will after all look after the well being of someone:
their own

the names and addresses of all the drug dealers, local junkies, etc has
been sent to 3 close friends and in case anything is to happen to me,
so much as a scratch, these will be made public


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