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05/10/2008 by AndreaUrbanFox

The Leaping Cat Club.

As we all know, it is very difficult for new bands to gain exposure and earn a living from music. As good as many new bands are, there are so many to choose from, this makes it almost impossible for a new band to find their way into record collections around the world.

Here at Leaping Cat Records we believe that we have found the future of exposure and sales for unsigned bands and solo artists to both earn money from music and gain maximum exposure while giving exposure to other bands. We call it The Leaping Cat Club and here’s how it works.

Artists are free to submit songs to Leaping Cat Records for consideration for inclusion on a Leaping Cat Records compilation CD. These CDs may contain as many as 18 bands, some are uni-genre, some are multi-genre. Some bands may find themselves on both. Being on a Leaping Cat Compilation CD does not affect the rights, ownership or title to the music in any way, it simply means that the band has offered the track to Leaping Cat Records for exposure and by doing so grants Leaping Cat Records the right to sell the recording as part of a compilation.

Leaping Cat Records work very closely with Radio Basile and if a track is on a Leaping Cat compilation CD it is also being promoted on Radio Basile. There are many other stations who do accept and play Leaping Cat compilations. However, we believe that the best exposure any band can have is to be in as many CD collections in as many parts of the world as possible. To do this the compilation CDs must first be very affordable, we sell 18 track compilation CDs for £4.99 which works out at under 28p per track. By the time we produce the CD and pay for raw materials, promo costs etc there is not a lot left as you can imagine. So how can bands earn money from music sales when Leaping Cat Records Gross less than 28p per track? Conventionally they can’t, any profit made would be swallowed-up by administration, we just could not pay the bands any money at all. The most we have been able to offer so far is exposure.

Well now things have changed, we have moved on, modernised, updated, ripped-up the rule book. We have done our homework, who says that a band needs to promote only themselves? Why not all work together? Our main aim is to get these tracks to as many ears as possible, the money has not been an issue so far. Suppose there was a way that any band actively networking, as most bands around the world are, could earn money while doing what they usually do anyway? A sort of club where everyone benefits by helping each other, that’s exactly what we thought.

No secrets, no special handshakes, no mystery! Here it is, this is how it works;
First off there is a one-time set-up fee, it’s not a Kings ransom, it’s £25 or the equivalent in any currency.

We then set you into our system, you will need a Paypal account to receive your money every month.

Once you have joined we will send you the code and descriptions of Leaping Cat compilation CDs currently for sale. You can paste this into any website, myspace, facebook, anywhere that you network currently and a lot more. Every time a CD sells through you we pay you 25% of the sale price.
We take care of everything, stock, delivery etc. – everyone’s a winner!

*Mention where you saw this shout quoting ref.UrbanFox on all communications with LCR*

Direct Paypal Link can be found on:

Any further questions please email me here or the boss at quoting ref.UrbanFox


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