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“Copyright in any work that you have created and digitized (apart from that whilst employed – subject to contract) is automatic. You do not have to register the work (indeed there is no agency to do so), pay a fee or undergo any type of bureaucratic process. You do not even have to attach the internationally recognised Copyright symbol (©).

For infringements of copyright the jurisdiction of the nation where the infringement took place applies. Images are covered by the copyright law of the country in which they were generated and would automatically be protected in most other countries of the world, as most are signatories of the Berne Convention. The Berne Convention gives reciprocal protection to other countries copyright works.”

Therefore let it be known to networks and network users that ©AndreaUrbanFox name, photos, writings, etc are the IPR of AndreaUrbanFox. Unauthorized use of any copyright material will be deal with according to UK law.

(C) AndreaUrbanFox All Rights Reserved
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