1. A matter of life and death


    10/06/2009 by AndreaUrbanFox

    This is an article I wrote back in Oct.o8 and has been published on several online magazines, blogs & my profile pages.

  2. Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party


    02/04/2018 by AndreaUrbanFox

    Every year I try give my son the best possible birthday party. This is because as a child, I had …
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  3. RIP Twitter AndreaUrbanFox – UPDATED


    18/01/2018 by AndreaUrbanFox

    Not something worthy of a blog but because I keep on getting asked what happened to my account I decided …
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  4. Hamster Wheel of Outrage 2017

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    31/05/2017 by AndreaUrbanFox

    Bogus “org” @Efemico_Online, run by Jason Schumann, known for assaulting a police officer (see below, open source), took to Twitter …
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  5. Super Mario themed 7th birthday party


    03/04/2017 by AndreaUrbanFox

    Like every year, I like to throw my son a themed birthday party. This year he chose Super Mario. So, …
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  6. My son’s birthday parties


    23/02/2017 by AndreaUrbanFox

      These are my son’s birthday party cakes and themes.   1yr old – We celebrated it in Brazil. He …
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  7. Alison Chabloz: “Defender of …..

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    07/09/2016 by AndreaUrbanFox

    Originally posted on 9outof10catspreferit:
    Free Speech Rape Tweets” In 2013 the “Woman on a Banknote” campaign proved successful. However an…

  8. EU Parliament Definition of Antisemitism

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    08/05/2016 by AndreaUrbanFox

    EUMC WORKING DEFINITION OF ANTISEMITISM The purpose of this document is to provide a practical guide for identifying incidents, collecting …
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